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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tuff love

Do unto the Aussies before they do unto you, Phil Tuffnell advices England fans ahead of the Ashes.
"Give them a bit of good-natured stick. Instead of saying 'Oh, Glenn, can I have your autograph, you're such a wonderful bowler', say 'F--- you McGrath, I don't want your f---ing autograph'."

Elsewhere, Michael Vaughan reads tea leaves and suggests the 9-wicket win in the first Natwest Challenge isn't an omen for what is in store in the Ashes. More interesting is this bit, in the same story, that suggests Ricky Ponting is beginning to worry just a tad about Jason Gillespie's form:
Ponting said giving the paceman a break ahead of the Ashes is now a consideration.
"We have just got to see how he feels about it, whether he wants to keep playing or whether he feels better having a game or a couple of games off going into the Test series.

Bermuda, Ireland, Scotland and Canada have clinched World Cup berths -- with due respect to the minnows, that's a good 12 or more games in the preliminary phase that will test the boredom threshold of the paying public.


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