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Friday, July 29, 2005

Vaughan under the microscope

From inspirational captain of an effervescent side to 'what's this guy doing here' in 14 days -- that's Michael Vaughan for you.
In his Ashes diary of Tuesday July 26, Gideon Haigh touched on Vaughan.
This is in keeping with what Vaughan says in his diary of last year: `If I have a bad day or hit a bad shot, I'll think about what has happened, analyse everything and then work on eradicating the flaw or problem. Once I wake up the following morning I am ready to move onto the next issue.' Easy really. Mind you, one wonders why he hasn't done this already when his form for the last six months has been so erratic.

Six months? More like 30 months, is Rajesh's take, on Cricinfo -- pieces like this inter alia make me wonder what software the guys there use, and how I can get hold of it.
Oh, and now Australia is making it official -- they are going after Giles at Edgbaston; regular readers of this forum will know why this small news item makes me smile.


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