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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Virtue its own reward

There was once this lady who went around telling all who would listen that she would never go to bed with the Emperor.
Over time, she earned this reputation for virtue; became a role model for her peers. Learn from her, women told their daughters; virtue is to be preserved at all costs; look at her, she wouldn't even sleep with the Emperor himself.
Came the day a new chappie landed up in court -- and the lady launched into her usual spiel, of how she wouldn't even go to bed with the Emperor.
Really?, said the newbie, in tones of admiration. But my dear, tell me, has the Emperor ever asked you to sleep with him? No? Ah... thought so.
Was reminded of this story, when I read this news item.
Pause for applause. But my dear, has anyone ever asked you?
More to the point -- in this age of outsourcing, with the world shrinking to village dimensions, our cricketers appear to be the last bastion of 'swadeshi' as an economic concept. Where, precisely, lies the virtue in announcing that you will never coach a 'foreign' team -- except in this, that you are subliminally announcing that foreigners should not coach India, and that you are once again ready to politik for a job you failed at not so long ago?


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