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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Why only seven?

From G, this link to a Cricinfo story on England's 2006 tour of India.
India's -- okay, the BCCI's -- reaction to Twenty20 proposals is akin to its reaction to one day cricket when it was first introduced -- a disease the team had to be innoculated against, and quarantined from. Not for long, though -- once the BCCI sees the money there is to be made, it will reduce the number of Tests to one per series if that means it can squeeze a lot of Twenty20s into the schedule, never fear.
Then there is this line, which caught 'G's' attention:
David Morgan, the ECB chairman, told IANS that he was discussing the 2006 tour's itinerary with Dalmiya despite him not being a BCCI office-bearer.

And that surprises you why? It is actually a time-saving device, and to be applauded -- otherwise, Morgan would have to speak to Mahindra, who would speak to Dalmiya, then relay it back to Morgan, and so on. The ECB chairman, in the interests of efficiency, merely cut out the ventriloquist's dummy and went straight to the man himself, is all.
What really irks me is this bit:
He also added, according to a report in the Khaleej Times, that all seven one-day internationals would played against India only - and not form part of a triangular series. "We hope to play seven straight ODIs against India," said Carr

Seven one dayers? I would have thought India would be keen to play a full Test series against England which, after all, claims to be the number two team in the world. But no -- we'd much rather play seven ODIs.
We have to, see? Indian cricket has so many interest groups (also called votes); to keep them on your side you have to provide money-spinning international fixtures -- given that, what surprises me is why we are playing a best of seven series. Wouldn't a best of nine settle the issue of which is the better team, once for all? Or a best of eleven erase all possible doubt?
But... bite my tongue... I am guilty, as so often, of wronging the BCCI. They do this with the best of motives -- there is a World Cup coming around in 2007, and all these ODIs are to help the team prepare for it.


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