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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

30-over mark

Thus far, the pacing just about spot on... 161/2 after 30, against SL's 143/4. Wickets in hand, run rate within manageable limits.
If you were still setting targets, what would they be? 4.5 or thereabouts over the next five overs, upping to 5 in the next batch would get you around 208/2 at the end of 40... but ideally, India want to be around 220 at that point, which calls for acceleration to begin after about 35 overs. Now to see how the two out there think of pacing it


  • 50-55 in nxt ten...maybe a bit more...with hopefully RD at the other end at the end of it...then Dhoni shud come higher....

    By Blogger worma, at 11:01  

  • pretty exciting match!. i wish sehwag did not lose his cool so soon..

    By Blogger tt_giant, at 11:02  

  • now is the right time to accelerate, MA is obviously saving Murali for the death which means the part timers are going to bowl majority of the over between 30-40

    By Blogger Shams, at 11:03  

  • prem

    not watching the match. depending on bloggers descriptions. any comments on field settings ?

    By Blogger deev, at 11:06  

  • India needs a couple of boundaries to put pressure on Lankans. When was the last over India hit a boundary?

    By Blogger RolliePollie, at 11:06  

  • wish granted, Rollie :) This is great cricket, though. Can't remember last time India played the singles game with such execution.

    By Blogger Varun Kaushik, at 11:08  

  • is there such a thing as too many bowling options?

    By Blogger Avinash, at 11:09  

  • Murali and Vaas combined will bowl 20 overs for 65-70 runs. Which means 210+ runs off the remaining 30 overs. Here is where the part time bowlers have to be targeted. If India gets off to a good start in this respect, Attappattu will be forced to bring back his main bowlers.

    By Blogger Toney, at 11:09  

  • They seem to have kept their heads so far. Need to keep target below 100 at the 35 over point.

    By Blogger compulsive_fan, at 11:09  

  • RD,yuvi,kaif best 3 we have for such conditions......carry on guy...nothing to hurry

    By Blogger MAHER, at 11:10  

  • I think Attapattu will bring back Murali in the 36th/37th over for a two over spell as this is the time when Indians will really have to accelerate.

    And again for overs 46, 48 & 50 (with Vaas bowling 47 & 49).

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 11:14  

  • Bad Sign=>Yuvi gone

    By Blogger RolliePollie, at 11:17  

  • Dravid is beginning to tire. I wonder what the best course of action is, in such a situation - open out and try to get a few quick runs before the strength totally ebbs away and while you can still find the ropes? Or continue to build, deferring the choice for later and/or in the hope of getting a second wind?
    YS's dismissal perhaps decides it for him, in this instance.

    By Blogger Avinash, at 11:20  

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