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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Notice a lot of posts about the changed formula, and its presumed ineffectiveness. Before you condemn it, though, consider this -- there isn't a formula in existence that can account for three dropped catches, all easily catchable (two of them off the top scorers, what is worse) and as many missed run outs.
For bowlers to work, you need to bank on *some* support in the field, surely? Pathan looks untidy today -- but then, he should have had both Jayasuriya and Mahela, and how good would he have looked then?


  • I strongly feel who ever is making the decision of making the field placements (Dravid??) was very bad today. I would have expected a tighter field set when arnold came in with Jayawardena really working on the singles. I really cant digest the field was so defensive so early in the game.

    By Blogger yugan, at 07:38  

  • and Prem...even if we had gone for 4 bowlers..its unlikely we wud hav left out pathan...so there...we would have had 3 decent and 1 untidy bowler !..and given the way sehwag was bowling..he wud hav coppd again....so 5th bowler is working ok to some extent...

    By Blogger worma, at 07:39  

  • except for last over nehra bowled really well a captain would take 6 for 59 any day , the others just didnt support him cud have at least bowled economically even if cudnt take wickets. Healy had a good point on TV when he said thru this tour only one bowler clicks in each match so really doesnt matter if u have 4 or 5 bowlers

    By Blogger Karthik, at 08:31  

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