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Monday, August 01, 2005

All round view

In his latest column in Outlook, G Rajaraman looks at the three new faces in the Indian side, from the point of view of this question: Is one of them the all-rounder India is looking for?
There is a question no one really seems to be asking, though -- Is India looking for an all-rounder? Does it need to? Had some thoughts on this, which I'll reserve for a later post -- meanwhile, be glad to hear what you think.
Arjuna Ranatunga, in his Outlook column at the end of the first game, suggests that Anil Kumble should have played in the game against Lanka. The catch, though, is he does not suggest who should have been dropped, and what the balance of the side should have been.
In his second column, this one written after Sunday's game, the Sri Lankan skipper seems as puzzled as everyone else about the experimentation with India's batting order. This time, though, he has a suggestion to go with his criticism:
Sehwag and Mahendra Singh Dhoni as openers; Dravid at number three to shepherd the young Suresh Raina at number four; Kaif to go with Venugopal Rao and Yuvraj Singh to follow -- that is the kind of blend Indians should have opted for. In the end it appeared easy but we would never know the outcome of this experiment if Raina was held on the off-side while still waiting to open his account.

PS: Will be back here in an hour or two with more. For now, work calls


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