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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

And while on that...

...how many batsmen do we need in the side to make sure our fielders hold their catches and take their run out chances?
...or even, never mind the catches and run outs, just walk into the ball, not stand there waiting for the ball to come to you?
My point being, we seem to believe that the difference between victory and defeat is formulaic... get it right, everything falls into place.
IMHO, the difference really is in these things... the lackadaisical attitude in the field... the total lack of thought, where a throw is coming in from midfield, and there is no one, not one person, in sight near the stumps to back up and make a run out happen... the tendency to lose heart and panic, when you dont even need to... and there is no formula that can innoculate a team against this stuff.


  • Isnt that where the coach GC is supposed to come in?

    By Blogger Jammy, at 12:12  

  • How Ironic India goes in with 5 bowlers and gets clobbered. Now who do we blame for this? Maybe they should toss first and depending if we are chasing or setting our target we should select the team.

    Point is how much RD must be hoping he had 7 batsmen today? Because the team bowled like they only had 4 bowlers. So guys give the team credit for earlier games when we thought we were understaffed in the bowling dept. Point is we lost from winning positions. I guess we expect RD will play like he is 2-3 batsmen himself - I'm sure as he is the only one who is in form/has the calibre to do so.

    By Blogger LAWRIE, at 12:12  

  • Prem - agree 100%. Isn't this what GC was talking after he took over? Great teams do the basics really well ALL the time. We have a long long way to go. Sad, really sad.

    By Blogger saum, at 12:12  

  • hehe dude prem ..all your rhetorical "how many batsmen.." questions seems like those tricky "How many do we need to fit a light-bulb" questions...certainly 11 indian cricketers wont be enuf to fit one!

    By Blogger riemann1, at 12:13  

  • It is really pathetic that the present team has only sehwag and gang(when in form) who can consistently play attacking shots and score freely against quality spin.

    By Blogger JD, at 12:14  

  • well we can take a year of hibernation and hone our basics and come back a decent team (i am nto saying a good one ) LOL

    By Blogger Balaji, at 12:14  

  • hmmm... wish there was a course called "Pressure Management" ...

    By Blogger The Suds, at 12:14  

  • kaif out...

    By Blogger Balaji, at 12:14  

  • after all that hype, dhoni has failed to live up to even the lowest expectations...and from the looks of it, he's performed even worse than parthiv patel in keeping.

    By Blogger dna, at 12:15  

  • MAHER said...
    when 80+ needed from 70+ balls u had 2 batter at crease and one sp bat waiting if those 3 go out making 15 runs dont worry about extra one he would have gone too on all matches in this cup if just look at last 10 overs either bat or ball team on field could have done it easily

    By Blogger MAHER, at 12:15  

  • well the one reedeming factor on that is with the substitute rule we wont have that issue .. 5/6 batters. Problem is so much more basic .. learning to bat, bowl and field

    By Blogger Karthik, at 12:16  

  • it's all over..kaif out !!

    By Blogger Ridham, at 12:16  

  • maher:
    could you use punctuations so we can understand what exactly you're saying?:)

    By Blogger dna, at 12:16  

  • Prem...GC getting a live 'sample' of the problems at hand.....ALL of them. Infact, there's a new problem....application in batting by the tailenders....I think they should have played with more 'sense'...like Lee, Warne, Kasper, Gillespie try

    By Blogger worma, at 12:18  

  • So now, what do we do? I say, stop playing till Tendulkar is full fit (which may never ever happen). After all the loud noises (from SG and every other idiot in the country) that we can win with SRT, it is back to that.
    Sure, India could win without SRT's contribution. But not consistently.

    By Blogger Toney, at 12:18  

  • life has came to full circle.
    August to aug.....we need good keeper who can bat, need allrounder,,,bowler who can panetrate on any wkts......and yeah who is skipper??

    By Blogger MAHER, at 12:19  

  • The problem is if India plans at all, which I believe they do - they somehow don't play to plan.

    RD is new at this and will take some learning before het gets it right. Same for GC.

    To compound the issue was the so-called transition.

    Obviously the think tanks were not expecting a change in leadership (the ICCban was a surprise) and have not planned. Maybe Shewag or RD should have been groomed 12 months ago under SG to get the best of both worlds.

    By Blogger LAWRIE, at 12:22  

  • Oh also for all those detractors of SG who kept saying wasted dot balls - please understand the bottom-line is the score. SG didn't convert his good start in his return match no doubt, but teh score add respectablility.

    So also should we criticise RD as he used up dot balls. I don't think so.

    Its better than scoring 4 from 1 ball. Time and again occupation is teh key word.

    By Blogger LAWRIE, at 12:26  

  • Hello Prem,

    Do we need to adopt a horses-for-courses policy more strictly. I'm not concerned we lost..I'm glad we experimented. Defeat is part of that learning curve and should be taken in stride...easier said than done.

    Specifically, should we have Saurav and VVS strictly for Test matches? Concetrate on Yuvi and Kaif for the ODIs only?

    Prem, some wisdom wanted from your end...a wrap-up of your obseravtions and suggestions would be highly appreciated.


    By Blogger Sriraj, at 15:06  

  • Saurav for test matches only ? Well ODI is where he can get some runs and confidence back. Otherwise we may as well forget him ! And Yuv, Kaif have too much potential in them to let go in test matches. From their limited chances they have proven that. Why would you want to groom totally new contenders for tests now ?

    By Blogger worma, at 05:39  

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