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Monday, August 08, 2005

Apres the storm...

Mathew Hoggard takes you into the team dressing room -- and minds -- after the game, to showcase some of the emotional highs after such an intense encounter (another thing crickters past and present could do to good effect, but don't -- the average Joe sees what happened on the field, so there is no need for a Srinath, say, to write stuff like 'And then Pathan bowled a good spell...'; what Joe doesn't see, and what the likes of Sri and other players-turned-columnists could do for us, is take us into those places we otherwise have no access to, show us how the team thinks and acts and feels).
This bit quoted here is not the real thrust of Hoggard's column, but it's worth cutting out and pasting on the kitbags of our own bowlers:
Like all the other England bowlers, I’ve worked hard to improve my batting. You saw the results of our hard work in that first innings. Whether it’s with the bat, the ball or in the field, the team benefits if you have more than one string to your bow, and 11 people can contribute with the bat.
Even if it is just someone like me hanging around for 30 balls, that could enable someone at the other end to face 60 balls and bash a quick 70.
It’s all about partnerships, really. When you are down to your last few wickets, the opposition feel that the job is nearly done and their opening batsmen are starting to think about getting their pads on, so if you can hang around for a while, there’s no better way to get the other team’s heads down. The psychological balance can change and I think we saw that in both our innings at Edgbaston.


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