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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mid-Day, at mid-day

There's this sarcasm-laced progress report at least some of you might find yourself nodding along with.
Ian Chappell believes the key to the result was Yuvraj Singh's heroics at a time when none was required (a touch harsh, that? In context of the match situation situation (India 186/2 after 35, platform built; traditionally, with wickets in hand, it is here that you start looking to up the tempo) the shot itself -- a sweep to a delivery curling around off -- was not a wild heave; the catch is it went to hand, and in retrospect triggered a slide; had it bounced in front of the fielder, or gone for four, it would have provoked applause.
The wicket fell at the wrong time yes -- but on balance, I would think less blame attaches to the shot, than say to Rahul racing off for a non-existent run without even checking to see if his partner was halfway interested.
And Anshuman Gaekwad -- the 'man who knows', because he is the 'only coach to have helped India win a tournament in Lanka'; of such fragile material is an expert born -- believes India needs a psychologist. More so now, presumably, than when the team was losing under his watchful gaze.


  • Wow- what the hell is a 'travelling psychologist?' A shrink who has his toothbrush packed at all times?! :-)
    This is hilarious beyond words. The HT report card is just juvenile. Oh and badly written too....

    By Blogger Painfully Sinstripe, at 12:33  

  • i love the mid-day sarcasm piece. Unfortunately, it is the truth. Kumble, Ganguly and VVS should retire with grace. Guys, notice Michael Jordan does not play basketball anymore and Lance is not going to ride the bike anymore. Get it? Nothing wrong with acknowledging a fact.

    By Blogger losing now, at 14:12  

  • Prem- i too was bemused by 'experts' criticizing Yuvis' departure. i am no fan of Yuvi, but he showed a mature facet of his personality yesterday in teh way he grafted and accumulated, eschewing all risk. he had been milking tehbowling with teh same sweep shot before he fell. only this time he thoughthe could clear the ropes with the shot. this happens man. batsmen get out. but both dravid and Yuvi brought us to brink of victory. 7wkts with under a 100runs @6 is a great position and even the WI B team wouldn't have lost it from there.In the old days people wud have cried, 'match fixing'.

    and just the day before we all saw a magnificient display of spirit and determination at Edgbaston. the contest there was more unequal than the one at Premadasa, with {better} front-line bowlers holding nothing back against tailenders.

    Its not a lack of talent as VS in his short burst showed. its not the lack of motivation. no side in the world celeberates its heroes like we do. its not lack of money, exposure or resources. the BCCI is the richest.
    Discipline? now that is a grey area. professionalism? we certainly lack that in all facets of the game. But so do Pak and WI.

    No i think some of our celeberated players lack character. teh first criterion to select players shd be to find the tenacious and determined young ones and not just the artists. 4 more RDs' with half his talent will turn this team into world beaters. tis is the ingredient that makes world champions and Olympians, neither of whom we have amongst a billion people. it can't be a race thing. but it is definitely a national thing.

    the growth of 20/20 will introduce many countries to the game. these new countries, all of who have a better sporting tradition than India, will quickly assert themselves after a few stumbles and cricket in India will become liek hockey. Finally for India to not figure among the top 3 teams in field of 11 is a shame. it is even more pathetic when you consider that the game today, with the exception of Aus England & NZ is played only by developing countries.

    By Blogger suresh bala, at 14:31  

  • Agreed that India were in a good position when Yuvi got out. I won't blame him for the shot he played, after all it is one day cricket and the batsmen have to follow their instincts. Many have said it before and will agree that India lost it on the drawing board. Lankans were smart as they had Vaas, Murali and Dilshan to bowl at the death; all being very mean even less than run a ball was going to be difficult. These situations remind you of players like Madan Lal and Robin Singh who were honest bowlers and got India through with bat on many such occasions. Its time to have a rethink and get people like Bangar, Agarkar and Sodhi in, I am sure there will be many more. For die hard Indian cricket fans winning is all important but this is the time they can try these options before it is too late. Look at teams like Pak and NZ who are full of utility players. Razaaq, Afridi, Malik, Astle, Styrus etc. This is what you need for success in shorter version.

    By Blogger Team India, at 04:58  

  • It's not that only Yuvi or Dravid could have taken us to victory. There were Kaif, Dhoni, Pathan, Zaheer, Bhajji remaining after that, and it was still achievable. 6 or 6.5 runs per over is not that difficult if players were prepared to play the required level of urgency. The heartening fact was that all we could see them taking 3 runs per over when 6,7 or 8 runs were needed. I don't know what they were waiting for, One great over as veeru scored 26... I do believe that Kaif has his limitations and his strengths too. He should have taken the lead and tried to score runs in 1 or 2 if he can't score boundaries. Dhoni and Pathan needed also to do the same. Instead, we panicked... and then it was all bound to happen. It was a slow killing procedure applied and they slowly strangulated indians in their net.

    Even Yuvraj and Dravid are responsible for taking it a little easy in that partnership. When ganguly was out, the required run rate was less than 6 and it should never have been allowed to go beyond 6, considering that Indians might choke in the end. Anyway... It's all new tour again and we might again reach in final in Zimbabwe...

    By Blogger Manish, at 10:51  

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