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Monday, August 01, 2005

Mid-Day in my mid-morning

Quite a lot of content in Bombay's afternoon paper, so figured I'd dedicate a full post to the stuff I mined from there:
1. Clayton Murzello's tour diary fills in the backdrop of this tour -- the place, the people, the conditions; something I wish more reporters would do more often; these vignettes help put the fan where the team is, and somehow make a tour all the more real.
2. In his column before the second game Sunday, Ian Chappell puts his finger on the real weakness of this Indian side -- the lack of a credible fifth bowler. Unfortunately, Chappelli's column after the Sunday game returns a server error, and needs revisiting later.
3. Clayton, in a second piece, highlights what most sections of the media missed by asking Greg Chappell cliched questions, rather than free-wheeling their way through his mind. The coach's comments on Sanath Jayasuriya, and on bats and wrists, are way more interesting than the pasteurised stuff he is forced to trot out when asked questions like 'Do you think Sachin Tendulkar will make it back?'


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