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Friday, August 26, 2005

More JP

When he got to 50, he had 38 of his runs in boundaries -- an impressive display of waiting for the right ball and refusing to give up his wicket trying to manufacture shots. What is really impressive here, though, is the thoughtful use of the chip -- batsmen use it, yes, but it's been a while since I've seen an Indian batsman, in a pressure situation, so consistently use the calculated chip into the middle ground to keep the runs ticking over with minimal risk.
If a bowler, and a guy who is making a comeback to the side, can bat like this, what does it tell you of the ones who went before -- and of the sort of bowling attack the Kiwis have, which without Bond is on par with India's... if not worse?


  • good morning prem,

    First up did u got my mail i sent about 10 days ago??

    By Blogger MAHER, at 10:06  

  • Prem, I think the world can pretty much see how pathetically inept our top order can be. Yadav had made them look worse by his beautifully controlled and confident innings. There's just no excuse left for Ganguly to trot out, in case India loses. Hard to believe that either Irfan or Yadav can get out at this stage, they seem to be motoring along with precision, but Bond is Bond. And I take back everything I said Yadav.

    By Blogger Howzzat, at 10:11  

  • Btw Prem, is there an option to edit comments once they're posted?

    By Blogger Howzzat, at 10:12  

  • Probably he is not burdened with those millions the other players have earned.

    Once a player becomes established and starts earning lots of money, u rarely see any discipline or sense of responsibility in him, do u? A Rahul / SRT might be exceptions but guys like Yuveraj etc know they already have their finger in the pie ... and JP knows he doesn't yet have his finger in the pie. Makes a difference in the mentality of the guys, doesn't it?

    A question not related to this match. Yuveraj and Kaif were nominated for Arjuna awards and thankfully rejected by the committee ... since the BCCI filed in court that it is a private body and does not select an "Indian" team .... so does that mean if I open up a cricket club of my own, I can nominate someone for the Arjuna award? Forget whether the guy wins ... can a batsman or bowler from my private cricket club be eligible for nomination if I continuously play other clubs from all across the world and score a lot of runs? This is just a query in case u know.

    As for the match, I am scared to keep refreshing the screeen ... coz victory is now within grasp if only these guys hold their nerve.



    By Blogger Chuck Inn, at 10:15  

  • Darn right, Chuck. You watch the media hype over these 2 if they do go on to win. Especially that noxious TOI.

    By Blogger Howzzat, at 10:20  

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