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Friday, August 26, 2005

More on JP

In response to questions in there... not tall, no. Steady, open chested run up, switches to side on in the delivery stride, medium pace, and very little lift or movement. Outside of landing it on the spot, cant see yet what he can do. Putting the ball there time after time has its uses. Against that, on a true pitch like this one, if the batsman susses out that the bowler has no real variations, and is prepared to back his ability, he can do what McMillan did there... made a bit of room, freed his arms, took a half step into the line and thumped it high over a straightish mid on. Premeditated shot that, the batsman figuring righto, the ball aint doing much so if I get my swing down the right line, I'm safe.


  • I saw JP live in Hyd Gymkhana ground...between Hyd Vs Railways in dec 2002. By that time, he played one or two ODIs. Truly, surprised, how mediocre his bowling was, his bowling does not look any intl class. I don't know, maybe it improved in last two years. I was joking at that time, probably, i could play for India too...

    By Blogger Rajg, at 05:49  

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