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Friday, August 26, 2005

More slips?

Ball is moving in the air and off the seam, Kiwis 5 down, wouldn't you want more than one slip in there, though? Seems to me a good chance to put some real pressure on the Kiwis and make them crumble... send the message out and see how they react.
The Kiwis still seem to be playing, at least in their minds, the Zimbabwe bowlers. Thus far, it's looked like they came out thinking, right, we missed 400 the other day, this is our chance. This is what they said about the Aussies versus England -- that the likes of Hayden needed to give the bowling a touch of respect. Thought the likes of Fleming and Styris in particular suffered a bit of Hayden-itis here, Fleming trying a back foot forcing shot to a ball climbing and seaming away; Styris plonking a foot down and trying to send another lifting, moving delivery into orbit over mid on. Not shots you want to play till you've sussed out the bowling.


  • I think they are going for their shots because they bat all the way down to number 11.

    By Blogger ClannZĂș, at 04:46  

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