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Friday, August 26, 2005

Numbers three, four, five

Sri Lanka taught the team one thing -- that right now, Pathan and Nehra are their best bowlers. So, lo, the two get to share the new ball, which is all to the good.
SL also taught the team another thing -- that the bowlers who come after are, to put it kindly, pedestrian. On the evidence so far, that hasn't changed -- dropping Zaheer for Agarkar was always going to be cosmetic; JP Yadav is an honest trundler you might want to use to fill in a few fifth bowler overs, if that is he is worth the place for his batting.
Back to the drawing board, I would think -- the single biggest hole in the side's make-up right now is the bowling options after the opening spell. An early take -- Rudra Pratap, who has the pace, to play versus Zimbabwe, so the team can get a feel for how he goes, and RP can get his feet wet without too much pressure, and get the nerves out of the way before taking on the Kiwis. The man to go? Agarkar, I would think, assuming JP has what it takes to weigh in with the bat.


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