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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Over for now...

Time to catch up on lost sleep, and missed work, prolly in that order.
See you guys in here much, much later in my day. Stay well all... and again, thanks much for the company.


  • sleep well ashes resumes on thursday .. with now a high probability with lee also out aussies in mighty big trouble

    By Blogger Karthik, at 12:31  

  • bunch of overpaid, pompous goons - look at them at the dressing room, smiling and looking relaxed

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 12:38  

  • did anyone notice the incident regarding ganguly; was really in bad taste

    the guy gets an inside edge and it goes for a 4, the umpire now gives it as byes; that should have ended at that, if anthing the keeper should have been hard done as byes go against him; but no gang has the gall to tell the umpire that he nicked it.
    It really shoud not matter that much as Team INDIA got the runs

    dunno about u guys, i felt he behaved disgracefully

    By Blogger JD, at 12:46  

  • This was indeed a disappointing end to what was a promising chase. What can we do keep our heads?
    What can we do to stop choking?
    What can we do to make ourselves a little more consistent in NOT losing these situations?

    GC will indeed to work on this. I think the team had the plan reasonably well worked out- they were taking the singles, hitting the odd bad ball for four and then, post over 40, it all went horribly wrong.

    I still think, with SRT back, this team is pretty good. They just need to turn the psychological corner and I think a few good wins will do it for them.

    By Blogger Mohit, at 12:54  

  • Again, I am trying to repeat something that I have often said. I just dont think the Indians are a bunch of insincere guys who love the perks and are not hurt by defeat. It is just that some of them are not mentally upto it. There are somewonderfuly exceptions, guys like RD. But most of the rest pose serious Qmarks in this regard.

    By Blogger Toney, at 12:57  

  • Alright jd. If you feel that way, then fine. Now learn to grow up and think beyond Ganguly. It's amazing that at the end of the game that India lost, instead of discussing the reasons why we lost, all you could do is point out how Ganguly behaved and what you think of his behavior.

    By Blogger Jai, at 13:05  

  • Yes, Dravid and Kumble to some extent are the only ones who have the mental aptitude, others are plain horrible in that aspect.

    By Blogger rahul, at 13:05  

  • Hats off to the lankans for beating indians three games in a row. Great stuff by SL.

    By Blogger sachin, at 13:22  

  • Prem, India lacks talented players. Dhoni or Patel or Karthick or VVS or any player they don't right temperament.
    This team is not going any where. Even if SRT played, result would have been same.
    GC, Bono or Toppis or anything will not help.
    I'll wait another 5 - 10 yrs, to see, if any U-15 players mature into intl class.

    By Blogger Rajg, at 13:27  

  • to all u blogger pals just take chill we lost a cricket match which we should have won considering the postion we were in ... no doubt but remember i dont have facts in premadasa SL keeps raking up wins left right centre (no2 in ICC) relax its just GAME NOT WAR NO ONE DIED COZ OF THIS(actually lot of people dies in tsunami in both countries some time back) relax ... if india keeps losing like this i will stop watching cricket (already too may negatives like only 8 proper teams no global audience too long of late ODI become more predictable than test) see ashes it was test match yet so much tension and fun unlike here where like last year the year before and the year before we keep going to SL but cant beat them in their pitches(the fact that SL dont win away from home should not be our problem)we just cant win so my advice direct this anger disgracefuly like star news pathetic show"match ki mujrim" i wonder where they will go next "shazye e mouth"hang players or else stop watching cricket then these superstars will come back to earth NO Ads nothing

    By Blogger sand_dunes, at 14:09  

  • Prem,
    With such a dismal series for India, do u think RD will retain the captaincy for the Zimbabwe tour? or should SG be handed back the post?
    RD showed positive intent and aggression thruout the tri-series with regards to captaincy but it appeared that the team lacked cohesion and unity which was visible under SG's leadership.

    By Blogger Jammy, at 14:30  

  • I think jai definitely makes sense. No one likes loosing and especially for this long in the finals. It is just a mentality that they are in. The llosing mentality.

    This is where GC has to come in. How many times we have seen a pumped-up Zaheer bowling a very bad 1st over. They try to do too much. They need to talk to some management guru to get things right. The fact that they are playing in the finals is really affecting their thought-process.

    Secondly, they should improve their fielding significantly. There was a time during the John Wright era that India was considered pretty good (not as good as SA or Aussies) for their fielding. The India-Australia series saw India improve by leaps and bounds and performed much better than the Aussies in terms of cathces dropped. Why is this lethargy? How can we improve.

    These are the small things that they need to improve on. Improving batting and bowling is a completely different discussion.

    By Blogger Mayur, at 15:44  

  • hey prem
    i beleive the batting can click with the same players with a few adjustments
    once sachin come back it might be worthwhile to consider this batting order


    Sachin is more inclined to build innings these so he can try and bat through; gang can try and go after the bowling; dravid steadies the batting.
    Sehwag at that pos gives us an oppurtunity to go after the spinners(espcially in the subcontinent). As we saw today even though he boosted the runrate, the middle order was shut out by the spinners. Yuvi, kaif and dravid and dhoni dont seem comfortable hitting out against them. That leaves the three best players of spin; sachin, gang and sehwah(not necessarily in that order). Sachin of late seems reluctant to dominate and gang too seems to be unsure(could be because of his horrible form) and that leaves sehwah which reduces the pressure on yuvi and the rest.

    would appreciate your thoughts
    any thoughts

    By Blogger JD, at 16:07  

  • guys, there is a link on toi.com saying 'Send Hate Mail to Dravid and Chappell'. Ridiculous!!

    Only TOI can come up with some shit like that.

    By Blogger Mayur, at 16:34  

  • I am a big fan of the 5-1-5 policy.. it just keeps the batsmen and bowlers on their heels all the team. In every series go with 7 batsmen and bowlers . And pick the best 5 batsmen and bowlers on form. Even then if you dont get a result, then it just means that your top 5 batsmen or bowlers are not just not good enuf.. Identify problems and go on to find better players to replace the bunch u have..

    By Blogger sachin, at 16:46  

  • "The Verdict" on cricinfo


    totally agree with what he says

    By Blogger JD, at 16:56  

  • hey i do not know abt u guys but I think... for the last 18 months or so.... that Kumble shld retire from ODIs. His record for the last 2 years proves it that he has lost the edge in ODIs whr the batsmen can just go abt slogging or playing him as medium pacer. He is unable to do both take wkts and keep run rate down these days. Even against WI he shld have done better than 3/38 in 10 on a wearing track.
    This way we would be able to prreserve him for tests.... where he is still a great bowler... no doubts abt tht.
    Time Laxman realises that as well.... he is not upto the ODI std in terms of fitness and temprament.

    By Blogger aditya, at 17:00  

  • I do not belive we are right in blaming the batters for defeat today... its proven that chasing such a large target is nearly impossible at Premdasa esp against Murali n Vaas. even Srilanka struggles to chase thr!
    We lsot the game in the first 30 ovrs when Srilanka was allowed to get a superb start. The bowlers esp Kumble and Bhajji need to do better than that.
    One thing... I find reallyb errie similarities between todays game and the one aginst Aussies in 2003 TVS cup at Mumbai. spinners failed, one bowler (Agarkar... 1st change as well) bowled well... got Wkts..... RD forgot to bring him back for 2nd spell earlier, the Bowler took Wkts later but the horse had bolted.
    Chaisng India got off to good start, were in control at 30 ovr point..., SRT n RD batting... but chasing at 6 an over on a wearing track proved difficult.
    Same mistakes being repeated?

    By Blogger aditya, at 17:07  

  • The reasons I believe our Fast bowlers are struggling is because they do not hit the deck this days and Bowl as much Off-cutters and Leg cutters. For ex look at Kaspers bowling in SL and Mcgrath's in India last year. Srinath and Prasad were very good at that. Agarkar's comparitively better record in last 3 years esp 1st change is a result of bowling off cutters and change of pace. I think Balaji, Zaheer and even Pathan bowl too much at same pace and do not hit the deck taht hard... thgh Zaheer I believe is improving that. Mind you my comments are all based on ur comments, match reports and past exp. Can't watch these games here in Eng.
    even with spinners the prob is they have become too reliant on the faster ones for Wkts... ie bat-pad catches. they r too reluctant to flight the ball. Murali Kartik does better in this regard and shld be the 1st choice spinner in ODIs. Look at his record esp economy rate evry time he plays.

    By Blogger aditya, at 17:15  

  • testing

    By Blogger kalpana, at 22:05  

  • Adity, u r right abt our bowlers not bowling off cutters and other variations, especially on sub-continent pitches.
    One big reason why Aussies won against India was the research they did. The Aussies knew exactly the kind of bowling that had to be done. They never generated any excess pace, but they relied on these different "cutters" a lot. Unfortunately, our bowlers, who are brought up on these pitches dont seem to know how to bowl these.

    Having said that, our team was united today in defeat. The bowlers did a poor job, the fielders complemented them and the batsmen made sure that they were just as bad. 18 runs seems to be a close margin but needing 100/90balls with 8 wkts in hand, we messed it up yet again.

    By Blogger Toney, at 22:59  

  • Dravid failed again to seal his captaincy with a matchwinning knock in the final. This is the 4th time he has failed to grab his opportunity as a captain in ODIs. Earlier as a captain he missed it when he led India in the last 2 ODIs against WI when India was 2-3 down in 2002 (India lost 3-4). He could not do that in the tri-series final against Australia at Eden Gardens in 2004, then again against Pak with the series score at 2-2, Dravid couldn’t clinch it for India in the last 2 ODIs and India lost 2-4.On the contrary, Ganguly grabbed his first opportunity as captain when he got his chance with a 2nd string Indian team. His team beat Lara’s WI 2-1 in Toronto in DMC Cup and he himself was Man of the series.

    By Blogger Dennis, at 02:15  

  • Dennis, Do you want to say the series lost was due to captaincy? For the matter of context I am not fan of Dravid's captaincy. But logically the issue was bigger then just the captaincy. The issue of not able to stop repeating of last mistakes. I am sure many of the indians might be aware of this fact that no matter how good our start is no matter how good our run-rate is, we generally dont tend to take advantage of that, but we tend to build upon that..build what? build the individual inings..not the team condition..we build the individual inings by buying lot of time at the middle..dont take singles..want to hit fours ..and at the end when it looks like a good time to start hitting we give away our wickets...and the loop continues till the last wicket..or till the last over..
    The story even a kid knows..I dont know why the great 11 players dont know.

    By Blogger Medium_Fast_LegSpin, at 06:09  

  • Prem....

    was out of viewing for a while and was just reading up ....Was wondering why on earth would some one want to shut u up (i mean prevent u from posting comments)a rival blogger hoping for more hits once ur down perhaps ???
    ur bosses wanting u to get more work done ?
    Jus offering some suggestions so u could move ur investigation in that direction if needed...
    but good to see u in action

    By Blogger kalpana, at 08:29  

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