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Monday, August 01, 2005

The Paper Rounds -- India

One weekend, two matches -- India's first, of the new season -- and what remains in the cup are tea leaves the media is struggling to read. Check out the following stories:
1. K Shrinivas Rao, in the Indian Express, writes of the shuffle and reshuffle of the Indian batting order, quoting Greg Chappell without really delving beneath the words. Rao also talks to Sehwag about the various dancing partners he has been walking out with of late
2. Trevor Chesterfield, also in IE, looks at the West Indies team, and is for obvious reasons underwhelmed by the batting in particular.
3. The Times of India suggests that India has panicked -- the word 'panic' could well be the mot juste, IMHO, but I am not sure whether it applies to the team, or to some sections of the media. You judge. (In passing, and from a journalistic point of view, when a news report or analysis uses the first person 'I think... I feel...', it is mandatory to sign the piece with a byline -- unless 'I', in this instance, is the paper personalizing itself in the first person singular). There are a few more pieces in the paper -- and the rather amusing slug 'Hardcore cricket' -- but I'll leave it to you to follow all those slides, if you are so inclined. I personally have a problem clicking ten slides to find out the answer to the question 'Will Ganguly be allowed to open?' (allowed??!!) only to find that the answer is, at best, a definite maybe.
4. S Ram Mahesh, in the Hindu, suggests this is not the best of starts for Greg Chappell.
But in this age of instant gratification, `almost' never cuts ice. "Greg needs to have control of a lot of factors in Indian cricket," said Fernando. "But unfortunately for him, as national coach, the results need to be immediate. He'll be judged on whether India win or not."

5. In the Telegraph, LP Sahi talks to Suresh Raina and Venugopal Rao, on their backgrounds, their cricketing pedegree, and approach to the game. Sahi, on the same site, also suggests that Saurav Ganguly could open in the next game.
More to follow, in a bit, have some Monday morning work to catch up on.


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