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Monday, August 01, 2005

A place for everyone

...and everyone in his place?
K Shrinivas Rao, in this piece in the Indian Express, plays fly on the wall as Saurav Ganguly rejoins the Indian team.
It was sometime in the mid-90s that 'body language' entered the lexicon of our cricket media; pretty soon, all of us (present company included) reporting on cricket became pop psychologists adept at identifying, blindfold, a psychopath at twenty paces. (Notice how Azharuddin holds himself aloof and doesn't talk to his bowlers? How Ganguly, Dravid and Tendulkar hold midfield consultations while the captain stays away? How Tendulkar goes up and talks to his bowler after every ball? How Tendulkar was asked to field at fine leg? How Ganguly consults or does not consult X or Y?... Cricket as Rorschah and, often, our own likes and dislikes serving as prism for our individual interpretations).
It took a few chats with cricketers to realize that maybe I wasn't as good at interpreting 'body language' as I thought I was. It also gave me a healthy mistrust of the interpretations of others.
Not sure, therefore, just how much to read into all of this -- barring the key facts that Saurav is back, and Laxman is fit again. And maybe, just maybe, that SG is focussed on getting his personal form back to where it should be, without worrying about imponderables -- which, if true, is just about the best thing that could have happened.
Will take a break from this for today, and be back tomorrow... adios, guys, have a good evening.


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