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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Points to ponder

Will leave you with a Rajaraman column on my way out the door -- work, truckloads of it, beckon, will get back with Ashes and such later in my day.


  • Not much here, sort of series report, except the point made in the headline that perhaps GC experimented too soon. But nothing in the article to suggest why he feels so, and what would have been better. Another typical report pointing out problems, without their take on the possible solutions.

    By Blogger worma, at 14:34  

  • hi prem,

    good morning........

    rajaraman made exactly same points as u did earlier
    BTW do u think rao/raina/yadav were the best selections after all??
    i would have like rayadu inst rao and D mongia inst raina.rayadu has allready impressed everybody while mongia looks faily good with both bat and ball in counties.I am afraid as these players sometimes feedles away after 2-3 season and then they gets chance to when no one expecting they fails and argument comes out then is they were overrated.they should be be given chance when they are shining.i think they hurried on Raina while JPY as he didn't got chance so now he must be carried on to zimbabwe.

    By Blogger MAHER, at 14:40  

  • Prem,,

    will u be disappointed if VVS is dropped now??
    Dont u think his time has gone in ODIs??? lot of people shows their sympathies to him while he's dropped but how long he can play only b'ze he has scored those 100s against Aussies??Everytime its his stature that carries him i guess he got enough chances after World Cup and now he himself should retire from ODIS.

    By Blogger MAHER, at 14:46  

  • maher: *Only* because of that innings against the Aussies in 2001?
    Firstly, I don't use Test performance to pick one day squads, or vice versa for that matter -- when I suggested Laxman should make the team for Sri Lanka, I was thinking more of his last ODI innings on foreign soil -- a 107, if I remember right, at the Gaddaffi Stadium that won India the game, and the series.
    He had a poor home series against Pakistan to follow; bit difficult to hold that against him, though, since who in that series really came good?
    And yes, I love the way he bats. All that said, after watching him in SL -- not his batting form, so much as his fitness, his mobility, his general energy levels -- I agree that he may have reached his use-by date where the shorter form of the game is concerned.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 15:16  

  • Indian Oil 2005 (SL, July- Aug)
    Name .. Modified Av.(appr) Outs Usage sr?
    Y Singh ... 46.2 ... 4 ok
    M Kaif ..... 44.7 ... 4 ok
    R Dravid ... 39.3 ... 4 ok
    IK Pathan ... 34.6 ... 2 under
    MS Dhoni ... 33.0 ... 3 under
    V Sehwag ... 28.6 ... 5 ok
    Z Khan ..... 27.5 ... 2 ok
    Y Venu Rao ... 25.7 ... 1 n/c <------- PROBLEM SR (51)
    SC Ganguly ... 24.6 ... 2 over <------- PROBLEM SR (47)
    Harbhajan ... 14.6 ... 2 ok
    S Raina ... 12.5 ... 3 over?
    Laxman ... 10.1 ... 2 over <------- PROBLEM SR (53)

    Name --- Inn -Econ -Eff ER -SR power - Quota - Opinion
    A Nehra --- 5 -- 4.12 -- 3.7 -- 1.12 --- 0.96 -- brilliant
    Harbhajan -4 -- 4.02 -- 5.0 -- 0.80 --- 0.98 -- v good
    I Pathan --- 5 -- 4.41 -- 5.5 -- 0.81 --- 0.92 -- good
    A Kumble -2 --- 5.10 -- 5.9 -- 0.87 --- 1.00 -- n/c
    Z Khan ---- 4 -- 4.08 --- 6.6 -- 0.62 --- 0.97 -- good er
    L Balaji ---- 1 -- 4.80 -- 6.8 -- 0.71 --- 1.00 -- n/c
    V Sehwag --5 -- 5.53 -- 7.8 -- 0.71 --- 0.60 -- indifferent

    Poor fielders: Nehra, Z Khan, Ganguly and Laxman
    Excellent fielders: Kaif, Y Singh, Raina.
    Potential to impress: Pathan, H Singh, Dravid, V Rao, Dhoni, etc

    Rao: want to see him get quick runs... if so, adopt for ODIs
    Raina: want him to score more.. if he can, perhaps use in the top four for a while.
    Look at new bats (leave out Gambhir): Badani, Niraj Patel, D Jadhav (solid, perhaps slow)
    Look at new bowlers and all rounders... ideally not medium pacers with little else to offer (batting/fielding).
    ... ideally a tall, accurate, PACE bowler, who can hit the seam, cut.
    > RP Singh, VRV Singh?, Manuf Patel?, ......; J Sharma? (wait till he shows speed, Elite performance), G Singh?, ............

    NEXT SERIES 15 + 1, for ODIs

    Sehwag, D Jadhav, Raina?, Dravid, Y Singh, Kaif, Dhoni, Pathan, Z Khan, Nehra, H Singh,
    N Patel, M Kartik (or Ramkumar), New Pacer (RP Singh??, etc), ?? Best Bowling Allrounder (JP Yadav?).

    Spare: Balaji or Agarkar .... Option: V Rao in place of a batsman, if the management backs him for ODIs.

    The team has excellent fielders: Jadhav, Raina, Y Singh, Kaif, N Patel, Dhoni (who can/ must do significantly better).

    By Blogger IssaicN, at 15:38  

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