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Friday, August 26, 2005

Power play on schedule

No-brainer, that one... second power play taken on the trot. Funny... since this newfangled gadget was introduced, never yet saw a game where there was some thinking for the captain to do on when to introduce his power plays... almost all the games so far under the new rules, the bowling captains took them in one lump.


  • Hi Prem,

    Apropos power plays - I think one will see captains using them separately only when their bowlers are being whacked around: when they feel the need to spread the field and stop the boundaries. One might want to wait for a grafter to come in before giving him that five overs of restrictions.

    I think another usage might be in order to unsettle the batsman - 5 overs with and without power plays alternatively for 30 overs, and the batsman will have to keep adjusting to whether there are fielding restrictions, or not.

    I saw 'Iqbal' yesterday. A cliched storyline, but had quite a few brilliant one liners every once in a while. Someone was telling me that Shreyas Talpade was a Ranji level bowler. True? Certainly has a decent bowling action. *grin*
    Nice film.

    By Blogger Nikhil Pahwa, at 22:16  

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