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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

SG gone

A touch strange, SG on the front foot and just waiting, bat behind pad -- that ball was short enough to go back and work away to leg, which I would have thought was the preferred shot. And with bat tucked behind pad, there was no way the umpire would have a shadow of doubt. Pity... having gotten himself in, he's gone off a soft dismissal with the job left undone.


  • hmm, gangs din't do much in this tri series. Wonder if he will keep his place in the side

    By Blogger Ridham, at 10:05  

  • ridham..one decent outing which Ind shud have won, one retired hurt...one half-decent start...going by opening standards of this series...dunno how he can be chucked on the basis of just this ?

    By Blogger worma, at 10:07  

  • No only job undone, but maybe made worse.
    The problem with such innings is that if you get out too soon before the accelerating phase, you've actually made things worse.
    Dravid is playing the same game too. Mahela did that too, but he was able to cash on it.

    By Blogger Mayank, at 10:07  

  • It is interesting to see th way SG plays. He is still far away from anywhere near back in touch.

    Let us take a hypothetical case - if India loses this match, what would the selectors do? Do they sack Dravid and switch back to Ganguly or do they let Dravid continue till Ganguly can get his touch back? Or will they opt for the more drastic - drop Ganguly altogether?

    Interesting options - but none look like solving India's problems. We need ONE GENUINE all rounder in the team to balance - but the team management has goofed in not giving JPY even a single chance not even against the WI.

    It becomes even more interesting if SRT is back!!!! Who will you drop from this team to accomodate SRT and not drop Ganguly? Yuveraj, Kaif or Dhoni? or switch back to 7 batsmen to accomodate SRT?

    By Blogger vshan, at 10:08  

  • Prem, I dont think giving Vaas 8 overs is such a bad idea. There is always Murali to come, Yuvraj struggles against spin to start off anyway. And then, they have that endless list of low-bounce spinners who keep firing it in and from previous matches, it doesnt seem like India does a great job against them.

    By Blogger Toney, at 10:08  

  • Thats it, buy time, get out...
    We just cant play like this...

    By Blogger Medium_Fast_LegSpin, at 10:08  

  • Thats it, buy time, get out...
    We just cant play like this...

    By Blogger Medium_Fast_LegSpin, at 10:08  

  • Yuvi struggling as usual against spin...

    By Blogger Jammy, at 10:11  

  • same old story...the spinners come in...start the squeeze...pile of wickets...lose by 100 runs

    Why do we always end up chasing in a final in SL!! I smell conspiracy.

    By Blogger obelix, at 10:13  

  • sourav plays bat behind pad to spinners quite a bit these days,,,,candidate for lbw...dont know why

    By Blogger ajoy, at 10:14  

  • With Sehwag departing in the 6th over, I wonder if it would have been a good idea to promote Dhoni to No.3. It might have been worth the risk. Look at it now, the re rr is back upto 5.5.

    By Blogger Toney, at 10:15  

  • whts this some one blocking prem????
    shame on u man whoever u r.

    By Blogger MAHER, at 10:15  

  • Exactly toney - Dhoni at #3 would have been the best gamble - worth risking a cheap wicket.

    By Blogger vshan, at 10:18  

  • @ worma
    I don't think SG looked convincing in any of the 3 games. His 'decent' outing was the worst as he put india under pressure. His retired hurt reflects poorly on his game, manifests his inability to overcome problems against short bowling

    By Blogger Ridham, at 10:19  

  • i just hope they dont play like they did last year here in final,,,,,,,,,,,,,team selection and most other things are done with positive thinking this time so lets hope they put up fight here

    By Blogger MAHER, at 10:22  

  • Well Well - Ganguly shud have stayed a wee bit longer I guess - or maybe he shud not have - well last time around he shud have got out earlier and not wasted dot balls - guys come on what do we want - lets figure that out?

    Maybe India has a good chance to win here as SG is out early.

    By Blogger LAWRIE, at 10:27  

  • How Ironic India goes in with 5 bowlers and gets clobbered. Now who do we blame for this? Maybe they should toss first and depending if we are chasing or setting our target we should select the team.

    Point is how much RD must be hoping he had 7 batsmen today? Because the team bowled like they only had 4 bowlers. So guys give the team credit for earlier games when we thought we were understaffed in the bowling dept. Point is we lost from winning positions. I guess we expect RD will play like he is 2-3 batsmen himself - I'm sure as he is the only one who is in form/has the calibre to do so.

    By Blogger LAWRIE, at 10:33  

  • With SG and VS we have always got a respectable start. We may credit this maore to Shewag, but then somehow with other opening stands VS does come so good of late.

    By Blogger LAWRIE, at 10:51  

  • I meant in this tri-series and "VS hasn't come good of late"

    By Blogger LAWRIE, at 10:54  

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