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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Short stuff

Cricinfo normally plots bowlers' lengths nicely, check out the number they did on Warne the other day.
Plot Kumble today, and you will find two striking features: One -- consistently on leg and leg and middle line to left handers; two, way too short too often. One no-no is bad enough, two is way too many.


  • yep, Kumble goes back to same mistakes. No wonder Ganguly didnt pick Kumble for ODIs (ofcourse kept on saying hes a champion bowler, its a tough decison etc ;-) This was Ganguly's diggest plus, realising the ODI attitude of players. Had the guts to drop Lax after 4 centuries in a season !

    By Blogger worma, at 07:55  

  • dont know where to place this comment, so i'm sneaking it in here:)
    This tournament has been boring as a whole and the cricket has been sort of diffident and ho-hum, esp after having watching the daily miracles happening in England. And to think that they are playing a Test series there, and an ODI tourney here!

    By Blogger Avinash, at 08:20  

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