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Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Urn -- August 4 update

1. In the Guardian, Lawrence Booth on Marcus Trescothick, the man who made hay while McGrath was away. Richard Williams finds cause for celebration in the run a ball partnership between Flintoff and Pietersen. Gideon Haigh suggests that the way the Aussies toiled in the field today is a foretaste of life after McGrath. And Mike Selvey goes the whole hog, celebrating the revival of Team England.
2. And now to the Independent, where Jon Culley applauds a "breathtaking exhibition of batting power"; Angus Fraser suggests Flintoff and Pietersen have breathed new life into the series; and Culley, again, gives his take on the McGrath injury and its disastrous impact on Australia.
3. Mathew Pryor, in the Times, takes a look at warm up injuries and their fatal consequences to team chances in context of you know who, and provides an interesting check list of such casualties down the years; Christopher Martin-Jenkins eavesdrops as a former England skipper, watching Michael Vaughan's dismissal, believes England lost the Ashes right there; Richard Hobson believes Flintoff's aggression has put Australia on the back foot.
4. In the Telegraph, Geoffrey Boycott suggests England is 100 runs short on the first innings; Simon Hughes likens the McGrath-less Aussie attack to a smorgasbord England tucked into; the paper's other Simon, Briggs, says Edgbaston has re-lit Freddy Flintoff's fire; and Derek Pringle says England has, hold your breath, rekindled the Ashes (Is that the 7th, or 8th, piece that uses that phrase?) with its batting of the day.
Martin Johnson is as triumphant as the rest, only more humorously so
It is hard to know quite how to describe England's batting yesterday, but suffice to say that when all the power in the ground temporarily failed during the lunch break, it was presumably caused by a fatal overload inside the electronic scoreboard. England 132 for one, with only one session played and 27 overs bowled, was fuse-blowing and mind-blowing at the same time.
And then there is this
Not even Warne could halt the onslaught. On average, Warne claims to have invented at least one secret-weapon delivery per series, giving them fancy names like "zooter" and "slider", and sure enough he was promising us a new one before this Test. He has yet to reveal it officially, but on yesterday's evidence it may be the one that swings in, dips, spins viciously, hits the middle of Flintoff's bat and ends up underneath the covers behind the far sightscreen.

I hate raining on this parade -- and I must say I am actually hoping like heck England take it to the Aussies in this series, if only because I'd like to watch a great contest -- but all of this is sounding a touch like the hosannas sung after the first day of the Lord's Test, only that time it was Harmison and company who were igniting the Ashes.
Reminds me of this first line in the recipe for rabbit stew: First catch the rabbit.


  • the english media and team are eerily similar in some aspects to their indian counterparts; one victory and the media goes gaga over the team a defeat never fails to bring on doomsday predictions.

    By Blogger JD, at 00:23  

  • Totally, the only difference being England media doesnt even wait for a positive result. One seemingly good day is enough for them -- and if Aus takes this game away, god, they will be doubly vicious at the end of it all

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 00:50  

  • I can't believe that the media hype on the day 1 of this test. After all Eng managed a just about score of 400 odd..com'on without mcgrath on a sluggish pitch 550-600 should be what they should be aiming for..and I think thats exactly whats gonna happen. If the Aussies find their feet..its gonna be a couple of long days for the English from here. Resembles the Melbourne test for me..where Shewag scored 194....lets wait and watch .

    And hey Prem..great job man..this have become my fav cricket info 'ground' now..crickinfo has moved to the second place now..:-). Keep it going bro

    By Blogger raj, at 01:22  

  • Today proved that whatever Eng side may be, they are definitely not no 2 in terms of batting. I know more than one other side who would have scored more than the 400 odd Eng managed against this Aus side on this pitch. I've never seen a side throw away so many good starts against..even against Aus...in recent times !

    Btw, that recipe book sounds damn interesting Prem :-)

    By Blogger worma, at 04:17  

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