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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Urn -- Guardian

1. Mike Selvey suggests the odds are on England to take the Ashes -- but warns, too, that there could be many more twists in the tale.
2. There have been many theories about what's going wrong with this Australian side. Gideon Haigh adds one more: Ennui. Could the Aussies simply be tired of winning?
A good but not great Australian slow bowler called David Sincock once explained why he had retired young in the 60s to pursue different interests. It was not the travel, the training or cricket's relatively poor rewards at the time. What ground him down was the repetition. Having dismissed a batsman, he could not see much point in trying to dismiss him again the following week.

3. Given recent results, it was just a matter of time (I mean, India not so long ago made similar claims on the strength of having fought the Aussies to a standstill Down Under). So finally, Mathew Hoggard's gone and said what many seem to be thinking -- that this England side is the Australia of the future.
"The side we've got at the moment is capable of going on and doing some great things and being the Australia of the last 10 years," he said. "I think we can still improve. We're looking bright for the future."
You know what I can't wait for? England versus India -- at home. If I have to hold a gun to someone's head, I hope to travel back home for that series.
More updates, from other media outlets, coming your way shortly...


  • England V India is a lip-smacking contest, IF the real England turn up. Will they, like the days of old, suddenly fall sick and send a half-fit team to India? Will home-sick Harmison and Flintoff travel? Is the lure of the Rupee to be made in India stronger than the fear/perception of Delhi Belly and Indian dust and grime?

    By Blogger ze rambler, at 01:39  

  • Sure, Prem...thats the big 'un. Eng in India. But for more recent clues I would be verry interested in Eng in Pak also. More than the SA v Aus series due at the same time (not bad eh?)

    What I would like to hear from you is an assesment of this English team, as we have seen it now. Sure maybe after the final test, or if you see fit enough, then now. Eager to see what you think of them as a team, and also highlight on certain cornerstone individuals if this team (like the Aus team 'has' those cornerstones)...and who much they rely on their cornerstones for surging ahead.

    What d'ya think ?

    By Blogger worma, at 03:13  

  • Eng vs India is going to be humdinger of a series next year. Can't wait for it to start.

    I am looking forward to our test matches in Zimbabwe too in a way coz want to see what Chappell does with the team. I hope he doesn't tinker too much like the way he has with the odi team.

    By Blogger Blabber Guy, at 07:20  

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