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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Urn -- Independent

One recurring point of criticism against the BCCI is that it spends far too much money, time and effort in playing political games, and not enough of each of those commodities in developing -- from the ground up -- a winning team. (Heck, if recent events are an indication, it doesn't spend any effort in ensuring that the team it does have -- mostly by virtue of our penchant for playing cricket on the streets and sidewalks, and working our way up from there -- gets to the venue of its next match on time!
Maybe it should. And maybe the way to convince it to focus on grassroots development (and, among other things, a team selection and nurturing process free of interference from on high) is to point out that the financial rewards are greatest when your team acquires that world beater tag.
Vide this story in the Independent, which suggests that England cricket expects to be richer to the tune of 20 million pounds, thanks to the Ashes heroics of Vaughan and his men.
Yet the unprecedented public interest in the national team - 8.4 million people watched the climax of the fourth Test at Trent Bridge on Sunday - has created a profitable market for DVDs, replica kits and computer games. Longer-term, and more lucrative, commercial deals, including licensing agreements for England merchandise, are in the pipeline, while future overseas broadcasting deals are being negotiated.


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