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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Aha, the next circus

Didn't realize there was a Challenger series coming up. Last time around, the Challengers were so badly marketed, the stadia went 3/4th empty, television coverage was desultory at best, the whole event turned into a no-show. This time round, it is the Punjab Cricket Association, read IS Bindra, who seems to be pulling out all stops to make a domestic cricket tournament a commercially viable proposition.


  • Hey I Bindra dn PCA is launching their own tv channel to telecast this event? Dont you think that would be nice?

    By Blogger Vick, at 17:17  

  • vick, I told you the guy wasn't a communist;) Will willow tv (or sportingstreams) be showing the matches?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17:37  

  • wow!! bindra is showing the path again...... there is no reason for this cricket crazy country to not watch the top stars in action...... hope this becomes a regular affair

    By Blogger Mayur, at 17:39  

  • well roublen his idea of starting a cricket channel by BCCI was very communist. Something what all Indian Babus like to do. Ohh private sector is weak in this sector, not satishfying US chalo let US start doing same thing. Doesnt matter we have TONS of other REAL things to do. Which is what pissed me off.
    So now all you guys wanna watch the domestic games? One where one of the team for sure will have Ganguly as captain? That after swearing whole morning that you are gonna boycott indian cricket. See thats why BCCI dont care about fans :))

    By Blogger Vick, at 17:50  

  • I agree with vick. There is no need to spend money for infrastructure that already exists. The BCCI should get into a 5yr/10yr deal with ESPN/Star or Zee sports or Sony...or whatever (please please EXCLUDE DD Sports.. ). Once you start telecasting domestic games, the interest level will increase and the normal viewers will be able to look at the performances of the upcoming players, not to mention the huge amounts of money the BCCI will earn.

    I wonder why JD did not think of this..there is so much moolah in this.

    By Blogger Pings, at 18:52  

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