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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bad to worse

R Mohan sums up the state of Indian cricket today:

The national cricket team is under a cloud even in triumph, though the team they beat is the lowest of the lowly rated in Zimbabwe. The coach thinks our captain is physically and mentally unfit to lead. Our best batsman is not able to lift his bat to play strokes off a cricket ball.
There is not a single umpire from the country on ICC’s elite panel of umpires. The satellite television deal is so bad in law that it will be continually challenged in courts. Our board is in such a mess as to be unable to conduct its own annual general meeting, where the focus is on control and not cricket, on schedule. India’s opinion hardly counts in world cricket today.
Never have things come to such a pass in the national game. Do you get the feeling that the world is laughing at Indian cricket? The sequence of events has, however, been so extraordinary that we have no choice but to endure being the laughing stock. This has happened because we have certain reigning forces that are blind to anything other than self-interest. The administration as well as the captain it blindly supports are hardly bothered by the need to think nationally.


  • Its very tough. An apolitical figure like colonel might never get a chance.

    I believe he has been dedicating himself with coaching all the while unlike SG who can now coach policket.

    By Blogger J, at 14:34  

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