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Friday, September 23, 2005

Bring on the Bournvita

Two very interesting stories in the Telegraph; in one, LP Sahi vents a bit on the recent AGM that wasn't, and the enormous sums spent on the non-event.
That the Board spent lakhs over the two days, without discussing even one item on the agenda, tells its own pathetic tale.

And then there's another one, that recaps what the various principals in the drama had to say.
Since two full days were wasted, all of us were tired and had prior commitments

That is Raj Singh. And from Pawar, this:
Moreover, all of us were tired at the end of the day.

Right, so we know you guys were tired -- but what exactly were you doing that tired you out?
Here's another fun quote, that tells you how hard the BCCI works:
All matters of importance and the ones, which need immediate attention, were taken up today. The Challenger Trophy hosts have been asked to make their own arrangements regarding TV and sponsorship in case the Board failed to finalise them.

Love this style of functioning -- all important decisions are taken by telling subsidiary bodies to go do their own thing since we don't have time for all this nonsense just now. Cool -- and I now understand just how everyone became so tired -- is a damn strenuous business, passing the onus, or the buck.


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    By Blogger TS, at 19:12  

  • Cricket items were not on agenda. I don't understand, why CAG or some Indian govt org cannot audit this stupid board.
    I know CAG can be manipulated...but, there maybe one odd sincere officer who can spill these politicos activities.

    GOI should conduct audit of BCCI.

    By Blogger Rajg, at 19:17  

  • ooh, Lalit Modi has such a suspicious mind:


    The move for adjournment came from Dalmiya as he wants to have control over the TV rights."

    This man is too honest for Indian cricket;) I think Modi was the only one who didn't want to adjourn? Hopefully, they'll take it to the supreme court, the court will take the case, and this whole thing will get resolved ASAP.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19:24  

  • I think they were tired out, because they spent the whole two days trying to shove the horse to that water and force him to drink, i.e. trying to force Mahendra to stop stalling and hold the bloody election. They spent all of Sunday trying to prevent the Calcutta High Court from postponing the election: they failed.

    The two Calcutta judges, for whatever reason, issued a stay on the election, and disallowed the two observers from monitoring the election. So from that point on the fairness and timeliness of the election depended on whether Suhas Chandra Sen was an honest and sensible man. They didn't know for sure, so they decided to accept the postponement.

    I agree with Lalit Modi. They shouldn't have postponed. If Dalmiya is going to screw you, they should have forced it out in the open now, rather than waiting two months.

    I think at this point they should take the issue of observers and fair election rules to the Supreme Court.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19:35  

  • Boredom and having absolutely so sense of job responsibility whatsoever apparently tires faster than hard work. Dalmiya's pet phrase was "accountability" on the part of the coach and players? And yet the lack of accountability that exudes from the man himself, as well as the board he overtly runs, is infuriating for the fans.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 19:38  

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