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Friday, September 30, 2005

Damn! Stubbed my toe.

In between work, was trawling for some info Rahul Mehra needed; and look what I stumbled on.
No, don't bother reading the whole thing -- the scary part is right at the end. (And if you are wondering why there have been no updates, the reason is simple -- once reporters latched on to the BCCI's financial statements as a ready source of good stories, the board promptly put it under wraps; Mehra, for instance, has been trying for four years to get hold of the accounts of more recent years, without luck.)


  • I knew things were bad, but the figures proposed in the article are downright absurd! Just think how much better things could be if funds were properly allocated to improve cricket around the nation rather than filling the bellies of those greedy SOBs. What boggles the mind is how that much money can be spent on such few meetings. Of course, I'm making the dangerous assumption that the Board is spending the money and not pocketing it.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 06:28  

  • Prem,
    I am not familiar with the Indian judicial system, but what are the possible remedies from a successful PIL action?

    By Blogger Sahir, at 06:33  

  • Prem,
    If I remember correctly, a review of player's performance in ODIs should have taken place on 27th. In fact a 3 day review meeting is what I remember. What happened to that? So we will lose one more ODI series and the board will schedule another review, which wont take place...

    By Blogger Thirdman, at 09:10  

  • prem,

    i remember reading this article. very good article, but is this reason (journos questioning BCCI on their spending) why BCCI stopped releasing financial details?

    if yes, then i am curious about why they care if someone like u raises these issues. there is definitely some gafla here (for sure) but is there any other reasons for not releasing the details.

    on the other hand, being a private organization, they must be playing income taxes. don't they? so they know what they r doing, but just making a point to not release them!! can the income tax department or the government release these details?

    By Blogger Mayur, at 12:11  

  • Prem,
    I looked at the news article that listed the points Mehra has raised in his response to the request from court on what he expects BCCI to do.
    At some point BCCI will respond point by point.
    Based on what was in the article, and I am sure it was only a minuscule portion of the whole response, I have a feeling that BCCI will be able to counter each of the points.
    Basically a lot of what should be done for the game of cricket by the governing bodies is embodied into their constitutions and bylaws. The key is lack of execution and rampant manipulation. BCCI will counter they are doing all of this, give examples and walk away.

    So, in spite of all the effort by Mehra, based on that one news article, I am not sure BCCI can be cornered. Hope I am wrong.
    Is there more detailed stuff available somewhere?

    By Blogger TK_, at 17:16  

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