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Friday, September 02, 2005

Fair weather fans

And while you guys are waiting for the action to start, check out this piece, by Mary Ann Sieghart in the Times, in defence of fairweather sports fans. Lovely.
In my view, a game is only beautiful if it is played really well and it matters which side wins. A duff game of cricket in which England’s batting collapses — or never even gets started — is not beautiful. Nor is a scrappy 1-1 draw between Leicester City and Hull City. I appreciate that someone has to support Leicester City, but it’s not going to be me.
For sport is a thief of both time and emotional energy. If you are a tribal follower of a football or cricket team, you not only use up hours of your weekend watching them play (usually at the expense of the rest of your family), but you also waste reserves of emotional energy that could be put to better use. There are enough events in your life that are likely to depress you. Why add to them a defeat of Leicester City by Hull City?

Or as my wife once put it, if you spent half the emotional energy on me that you waste on cricket, we would have a 'real' marriage.
Or should that be


  • Prem...Or would it be right to state that the marriage has remained'real' for the simple reason that the emotional energy is being diverted to something that has no immediate impact on the family..a few broken TV screens,maybe..but nothing ,more than that ;)

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 02:17  

  • perhaps you can tell her that henceforth, you will waste half of your emotional energy that you spend on cricket on her.

    By Blogger Avinash, at 02:22  

  • Prem, A not related to this post question?
    Where is Faisal these days? Saw his articles with Ind exp for some time.... but now he is missing even from thr.

    Used to love both u guys... the way u wrote abt cricket...

    Hope he finds out the link to this blog someday... and joins us in the lively discussion

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 02:58  

  • After passionately following cricket since childhood for more than 20 years, I realized that never ever, Indian cricket team had done justice to the passion of Indian Cricket fans.

    In the modern economy the way we rate performance of a company is by
    P/E ratio. Price to earning ratio.

    If I have to come up with a P/W
    ratio i.e. Passion of supporting fans to Winnings of team, then where does Indian cricket team stands compare to other countries?

    Do compare the resident fans, Non Resident Fans, and intensity of a
    typical Fan and winning of team, with other nation's fans and
    winning.(Worth doing a web based survey)
    I guess Indian cricket team will have the worst P/W ratio. May be
    Pakistan and Bangladesh can come close.
    No matter how great individual performers we had since Sunil, Kapil,Sachin, Anil…..Indian fans deserve better winning ratio.

    Now I am on a resolution to watch cricket only when team wins 2 ODI in sequence and stop watching again when they loose 2 in sequence, till they win 2 again in sequence. That is my way of a justified P/W ratio.

    That saves a lot of emotional energy and time for me.

    Thanks, Prakash.

    By Blogger Prakash, at 03:04  

  • Thank heavens then, Prem, that I converted my wife to be equally fanatic about cricket!

    Or might that be resignation, that it is the only way to spend time together?


    By Blogger Shakeel Abedi, at 03:10  

  • Prakash, just as good as some of the govt owned companies, eh?

    By Blogger Shakeel Abedi, at 03:12  

  • SA,

    It is even worst than that. Gov owned companies and people working for them,don't get so much attention and money.

    By Blogger Prakash, at 09:34  

  • Moral of the Story

    Do no get married
    Live Fast, Die Young
    Rock'n'Roll Forever!!!

    By Blogger Rishi Gajria, at 13:54  

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