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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Field settings

I presume the Indian think tank has better things to do than read blogs... so not sure why I am posting this here, but I do believe the only way India will win this against a seemingly endless batting line up is early wickets. For which, one immediate thought would be, swing in another slip, a touch wider, for Fleming who has this penchant for opening the bat face and playing square, also for trying to drive off the back foot on the rise. Be very surprised if in the first five, six overs, you dont see more than one edge going in that direction.


  • Prem, How i do wish we could somehow get the team mamagement to go over some of the discussion that takes place on this blog. I think the discussions in here must be far more constructive than those that happen within the team. Otherwise, how do you explain Rao being sent ahead of Dhoni/Pathan? I think its an opportunity lost today to really bat NZ out of the game and make their long batting line up redundant.

    By Blogger Harsha, at 07:59  

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