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Monday, September 26, 2005

Firing with a full magazine

In the Hindustan Times, Pradeep Magazine in his latest think piece attempts a summation of the situation ahead of the crucial review committee meeting.
By the way, every news report over the past couple of days refers to the 'crucial' review meeting. Why, precisely, is it crucial? It can hear Saurav; it can listen to Chappell; it can call on the manager for input; it can conceivably talk to the players (though it merits noticing that no player has thus far been summoned to appear before it -- not VVS Laxman, who is directly mentioned in Chappell's email, or Harbhajan Singh, who has emerged as attorney for the defense).
But then what? Can it take a decision to, say, sack Chappell? Nope. Can it decide to axe Ganguly? Nope. It's function, do note, is purely 'advisory' -- and even assuming the advice it gives is good, who is to say it will be followed?
Which kind of begs the question -- why, given the momentous nature of issues to be discussed, is the selection committee not sitting in?
Ooops, I forgot -- the selection committee can't take any decision either, because its own tenure ends September 30 and a new committee can be appointed only after the BCCI elections, which there is no telling when it will take place.
Bottomline? For the life of me, I can't see what in practical terms tomorrow's meeting will achieve -- except to give us the impression that something is being done.


  • Precisely - the smoke and mirror magic show that reliably continues to fool millions of fans! Wasnt this review supposed to be a review of the 2 series that just finshed? The SG-GC spat isnt even the brief of this review!

    By Blogger Tiger, at 17:50  

  • you know for the politicians we could atleast say we deserve wat we get 'cos we vote for them. with the bcci we the fans are subjecting ourselves to some kinda weird sadistic experience.

    By Blogger Narad Han, at 17:53  

  • I think they'll operate under the principle that the BCCI President can do anything he wants, and his word is law. And because the Calcutta High Court stayed the election, Mahendra is president for two more months. Unless Modi is succesful in petitioning the Supreme Court to reappoint the election monitors and order a prompt and fair election, that's where it stands.

    You notice that on Saturday Bindra presented a list of sensible election rules: a verified voter list, all challenges to be made 15 days before the election, etc. And then on Monday Mahendra dismissed all of these proposals? The Dalmiya faction is still planning to have Mahendra disallow Pawar voters, disallow Pawar's candidacy, etc. and win that way. I don't think they'll succeed, but that's what they're planning.

    By Blogger roublen, at 17:58  

  • From Ht Times: By Pradeep Magazine ” He was the coach of a South Australian side for five years. His team finished fourth among six four times and last once. This was a side that had won the championship before he joined them as a coach. This is not a track record that would inspire much confidence.
    But coaching a national side is a different ball game and from all accounts he appears to be a man in a hurry. He has created a lot of unease and even insecurity in the team and has made clear that he won't tolerate star-tantrums. His training methods are harsh and most players would be finding it hard to cope with his style of functioning.
    The problem one finds here is that instead of inspiring the team and taking them into confidence, he seems to be treating them like school kids and has created a situation of him versus the others.”
    Guys.. This is why I personally think GC's contract should be re-worked and he should given a *lifetime* appointment as Director of National Cricket Academy, Bangalore. Then by WC2011 we will have the first of hopefully many installments of a pure aryan race of indian cricketers with an aussie outlook on cricket. We will then always be in with a chance of winning all our cricketer matches year after year. And then we can all go:
    "Hail Chappell" and rush out and buy his new best selling book “Mein Kriket”!

    By Blogger Prasad, at 19:26  

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