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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I wonder what it is with Hyderabad batsmen, that they all manage to make the drive off the front foot a thing of beauty, and no one else can? That drive by Kaif was a lesson in the art of gentle persuasion. Amazing touch, you would think that was a single tops. VVS, Azhar, Kaif... they all do this, like no one else can


  • Prem, Kaif is from UP remember...!

    By Blogger mohd iqbal, at 05:01  

  • I agree Prem.....Hyderabadi batsmen do have class written all over when they drive off the front foot....And its wonderful to watch Kaif...an Allehabadi....doing the same...

    By Blogger Biju, at 05:02  

  • Prem...Kaif is from UP

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 05:02  

  • Kaif is hyderabadi? no no no! he is UPite..

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 05:02  

  • talk about lean patch- Prem is on one at the moment!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 05:03  

  • Prem
    Kaif from Hyderabad !! Isn't he from Lucknow all along? Mohd Kaif and Mohd Saidf .. the 2 brothers have been the UP guys for long..

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 05:04  

  • maybe something to do with the place's name....all ending with bad.....Hyderabad and Allehabad

    By Blogger Biju, at 05:08  

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