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Monday, September 26, 2005

Hitting where it hurts

Here's a story on NDTV.com that ties in with something I heard over the weekend. The existing sponsorship contract for the national cricket team is nearing its completion date -- and unlike in past years, big-ticket sponsors have been rather lukewarm about bidding for the rights. And that tells you better than anything else can the state to which the administration, with some help from the players, has reduced cricket.
Another interesting point to note is this:
Meanwhile, Zee Sports have signed a Rs 275 crore deal to telecast all football in India for the next 10 years. The contract comes at a time when Indian cricket has hit its ultimate low.

Even football, run by an ancient body headed by the ageing Priya Ranjan Das Munshi, has managed to get domestic fixtures covered; Indian cricket, meanwhile, has no such luck; despite frequent noises, there are yet no moves to ensure coverage of Ranji games.
But I can't really blame the BCCI on this one; it is a function purely of time. See, end September is normally when new office bearers are chosen. By the time the various court cases are sorted out, it is late October or early November. The newly elected board has to then spend the next six, seven months rewarding those who voted for them and punishing those who didn't. By the time this is done, we are into July-August -- which means the officials have to get busy lining up votes for the next election cycle. Given this, it's unrealistic of you guys to expect the administration to find time to think of domestic cricket and suchlike irrelevancies, sheesh.


  • L.P. Sahi says that there will be patch up..


    By Blogger Dementor, at 17:34  

  • I wish cric fans don't go to stadium to watch these jokers play games. That day is not too far....

    Then, JD will move on...becos of lack of money.

    By Blogger Rajg, at 17:35  

  • If LP says, no doubt, things have been worked out in the bars.

    By Blogger Rajg, at 17:36  

  • we've been talkin of boycottin a ODI.

    By Blogger Narad Han, at 17:39  

  • From L.P.Sahi's article :
    "The e-mail, as is known, was sent before the fake patch-up in Harare. Even a “genuine” one will need very special adhesive"

    So much for the backstabbing and character questioning of Chappel. It was Sahi who worte the "you can know the character of the person who sends an email after the patch up", ha ha ha

    By Blogger Dementor, at 17:40  

  • And this from Times of India. Dalmiya to Duck...

    By Blogger Dementor, at 17:43  

  • Prem,

    How about this? What will happen if the new sponsor links the sponsorship amount to the team's performance? I mean, BCCI would get 1 crore per match if India's winning percentage is 50-60%, and 3 crores if it is above 70? Of course, if it is below 40%, the sponsor gets its logo displayed for free!

    By Blogger samc, at 09:20  

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