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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How many more times...

...will Sehwag find himself in the position of erecting a platform good enough for the Petronas Towers, only for the second half of the innings to construct a thatched hut on it?


  • Definitely true, some stats on this would be interesting.

    By Blogger howzzatt, at 06:25  

  • What has happened to Kaif. He was on 40 from 43 balls and all of a sudden goes in a shell. Presently batting at 61 from 88 balls. That is a mere 21 runs from 45 balls he has faced. Instead of upping the tempo, he has along with Rao and Yuvi almost killed the momentum created by Sehwag. This match is errily reminicent of the Lanka final. The only difference being is that India is batting first right now.

    By Blogger AA, at 06:28  

  • some very tame dismmissals plus Dravid's duck has turned the tide in NZ's favor. but a scoer of 280-290 should be enough

    By Blogger Sujata, at 06:28  

  • what a spot of luck

    By Blogger Sujata, at 06:31  

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