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Monday, September 26, 2005

How will the cat jump?

The review committee has one wild card -- Jagmohan Dalmiya, who holds no post that justifies his presence, but is there anyway as pater familias. This story, by LP Sahi in the Telegraph, could indicate which way his thoughts are tending:
“Our priority is to ensure that the image of Indian cricket doesn’t suffer any more. Yet, if the divide can’t be bridged, the option of removing both is bound to be considered. It’s also possible only one could be done away with,” a well-placed source told The Telegraph on the eve of the review meeting in Mumbai.
The source added: “Much, of course, will depend on how the captain and coach put forward their views on Tuesday.… The contents of Chappell’s e-mail (to the BCCI) are known, let’s see what Sourav has to say...”

That's the operative part of the email. Here's another part, offered up sans comment:
Indeed, the e-mail could boomerang, particularly the bit about the three-dayer in Mutare when Sourav came off for treatment of his right elbow before resuming and scoring 46.
That portion reads: “The next day I enquired of a number of players as to what they had thought of Sourav’s retirement. The universal response was...”
Chappell accused Sourav of dividing the team, but he himself was divisive. And, should a coach go around seeking an opinion on the captain, thereby belittling him?
Intriguingly, Chappell didn’t mark a copy of his e-mail to Choudhary, he simply informed him after it was sent.
Given that the e-mail runs into thousands of words, somebody has to ask whether the coach was preparing for the second and final Test (Harare) or trying to finish Sourav’s career.
The e-mail, as is known, was sent before the fake patch-up in Harare. Even a “genuine” one will need very special adhesive.

Um. Strictly off tangent -- I appear to have, in course of my working day today, read thousands of words on Indian cricket, and posted easily a thousand plus of my own. I hope like hell my bosses are not going to turn around and ask me whether I spent any time at all on the work I am supposed to be doing; the only thing I could possibly say in my defense is, hey, I type fast.


  • we wuv ya prem.

    By Blogger Narad Han, at 17:59  

  • if that helps any.

    By Blogger Narad Han, at 17:59  

  • hmmm Prem, I use the same excuse when some friends tell me how I can post so regularly (in the past when i did multiple posts during a week)! I will point them to your blog from now on ;)

    By Blogger anantha, at 21:08  

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