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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I told you so

There are time when you wish you didn't get a chance to say I told you so, but I told you so.. slips for Fleming, he will open his bat face, play on the rise...

He did his bit -- we did ours; by taking off the slip because at the other end, Astle was getting runs?!



  • It is at times like this that you wish Dravid was captain. Ganguly responds by removing slips and placing a defensive field (well, defensive given the field restrictions). Dravid would have forced the bowlers to change their suicidal line. Another 'final' massacre in the offing for the team.

    By Blogger JK, at 08:10  

  • Prem,
    NZ will win easily. Match is over.
    Lot of analysis will go on. Bottomline is India lacks talent.

    Beneficiaries of this series:
    MK and YS assured of places for next 2 years.
    SG will be retained as captain till WC'07.

    God Bless Indian Cricket!!!!

    By Blogger Rajg, at 08:25  

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