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Thursday, September 01, 2005

The India Paper Round

1. The news, vide this PTI curtain raiser, is that Saurav and Sehwag and fit, more or less; that the players are all getting used to the extra bounce; that the team should kick into high gear in the next game... et cetera.
Another story, also courtesy PTI, says skipper Ganguly is not contemplating any drastic revision of the batting order.
The interesting point, for me, is this bit:
New Zealand skipper Stephen Fleming has famously dubbed the coming encounter as the ‘battle of the bowlers’ and it is difficult to disagree with him given the conditions prevalent at the ground.
The pitch, if anything, has more than a tinge of grass, for Friday’s game. It is a strip which has not been used in the triseries so far and bowlers must be licking their lips in anticipation.

2. Would have been even nicer if it was five Tests -- but three it is; in any case, with England coming home to us in February for sure, the Indian team's itinerary is beginning to look interesting.
3. Uh oh, here we go -- the next 'landmark' to look forward to, to wit, SRT's 35th ODI century. I once remember asking him about this -- the criticism that he constantly plays for personal landmarks. His answer made sense then, it makes even more sense if you see it in context of this story: 'Yaar,' he said, 'you people write before every match, about this landmark, that landmark. I go out there and play, and if I get it, you say see, he played for the landmark. If I don't get it, you say see, he was so conscious of the landmark it affected his game. Have you ever heard me talk, before a game, of the landmark I am looking for?'
The interesting off shoot is that while Sahi is looking forward to the 35th century, indications are Tendulkar may not play the Super Series. Frankly, he shouldn't -- shouldn't have been picked in the first place given his fitness was in question; shouldn't risk playing when his recovery is not 100 per cent complete; most of all, should not play in a game of this nature unless he is totally, completely match-ready.
4. Nice work by Anand Vasu, in this column on the picking of Jadhav for SRT, and the larger issues of zonal selection. Everyone who has ever been a cricket correspondent has his own horror stories to tell. For instance, I began doing cricket on a regular basis in 1996. Almost the first assignment I had was this camp in Bangalore. Was down there for five days, and spent all my time at the ground. The selectors were there, and were quite happy to sit and chat for as long as you wanted to.
One particular selector was particularly friendly -- to the point where, the day before the actual team selection, he told me who would be picked, and who would not. A couple of names were surprising -- one a keeper who, wisdom of the time had it, was due the axe for cricketing and non-cricketing reasons but who, this selector said, would be picked for sure; another a 'fast bowler' no one had heard of before, and no one heard from again.
Impossible, I told the selector, pointing at the keeper's name. Arre yaar, it's a done deal, was the reply. Turns out, 'deal' was the operative word -- money reportedly changed hands, and the keeper was in.
On another occasion (I have a good reason for not naming names -- none of this can be proven, though they are facts), a selector tipped me off that a former captain, majorly out of favor, was due to make a comeback. As captain, what is more.
Rubbish, was my reaction. Really? Okay, says this selector -- tell you what, you will be there, right? Check out the watch the chairman of selectors is wearing and casually ask him where he got it. Oh, before you ask -- the player in question was in fact named captain. And the chairman of selectors at the time was in fact wearing a watch worth a year of Bill Gates' salary when he turned up for the meeting.
Righto, guys, need to get back to work, will be back later in the evening and of course, there is also the match tonight. See you around.


  • and sachin should also not play because Inzy is crying :-)

    btw Prem....I was wondering what is the level of this zonal politics NOW ? because most of the examples, and stories (like vasu, or yours) are from the times when we know it was the biggest menace in Indian cricket. Whats it like now ? Sure rediff and others would know the current situation. And if it has improved, how much has Ganguly, Wright, team management etc contributed in that ? Because even Vasu's story mentions the following as recent examples (and these sound dont indict the selection process that much)

    Recently, after a selection meeting, one selector was spotted at a domestic game, telling players from his zone, "I'm sorry, I tried my best but I could not do anything." Not long ago, a selector from another zone asked one of my colleagues whether it would be possible to "tweak" some statistics from domestic cricket, to push one particular case.

    By Blogger worma, at 13:57  

  • Prem, thanks for inside information.
    As fans we know what goes on. It is nice to hear from someone who met Indian selectors and how they deal with cricket business.

    By Blogger Rajg, at 14:03  

  • I liked the article from Anand Vasu.
    The key thing missing in all the selection process (and BCCI in geenral) is accountability. I mean, what do selectors lose if the team they select is not balanced? What matters for them is whether they have pushed their players or not. That helps them to retain their posts.
    The one critical point that anand brought up in his article in constant chopping of fringe players. How can you axe a player from a team without giving him a single match? on what basis....his performance in handling the drink bottles or gloves???
    On a second thought that question is relevant if the player was selected on his criketing skills in the first place.
    But, most of these players seem to have good cricketing talent. They have records to show in domestic. It must be really puzzling for them to find out that they have been dropped for no good reason (perhaps on the basis of their showing at nets). Don't be surprised if Jadhav is dropped withoput getting a game!

    By Blogger Anand K, at 14:06  

  • And the watch was presented to the Chairman of Selectors (whose name I cannot guess) by none other than Azhar! Right, Prem?

    By Blogger mustt_mustt, at 14:17  

  • Worma,
    See here how zonal politics could determine the outcome of certain things (restarting the discussion we had from earlier)

    We all understand your desire to not divulge names. But please tell this much, the clues that you gave point to certain OBVIOUS guys. Now, can we accept that our guesses are correct and that sometimes, the obvious answer is the right one too? :)
    By the way, your clues of 1996 and the 5 day training camp didnt leave much else to be disclosed....

    Did you have time to scan through what worma and I were talking about? I mean, zonal selection policies seem to be full of flaws. But how does CA do its job? Or is it the same case there too (where selectors favour guys from their states though there is zonal representation in the selection panel) but just that there is a better talent pool there?

    By Blogger Toney, at 14:22  

  • Sorry, I meant (where selectors favour guys from their states though there is NO zonal representation in the selection panel)

    By Blogger Toney, at 14:24  

  • Here's something to the hype factory in Eng:


    It isnt as bad as gifting plots of land to SLan test cricketers for scoring 900+ runs on the flattest pitch ever. But this shows that the media is generally the same everywhere.

    By Blogger Toney, at 14:26  

  • Azzu mian had a thing for watches

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 14:29  

  • Any guesses for who the tearaway fast bowler was? The person I have in mind ran faster than his actual bolwing speed and had something that Shoaib Akhtar had (not pace)

    By Blogger Toney, at 14:37  

  • Welcome worma, reminds me of something I heard of earlier this morning, watching Sania's post match interview when she was asked about the support.
    She said "Im lucky to be Indian, I get a lot of support whereever I go since there are Indians most everywhere, I mean theres so many of us..." :-)
    And no, just like her, I say this without any negative connotations whatsoever.

    I also notice that there is also a third name in the contributors section. Another introduction in order?

    By Blogger indiansportsfan, at 14:46  

  • toney I know the pains we have gone through because of zonal politics. I still get some of those nightmares....when I see a hint of that returning..partially responsible for my favouring Dalmia in this current BCCI setup. My question to Prem was, though, how is the situation now ? Would be great to know current situation and insights. And yeah, about CA functioning too.

    indiansportsfan thx. Yeah she sure has a supporter (not 'fan' yet) here in his remote corner of the world. And no idea mate on the other contributor, lets wait for Prem to update us.

    By Blogger worma, at 14:52  

  • In 1996, before WI tour, surprise fast bowler who was in team was Ganesh. Noel David selection in place of injured Srinath was equally fishy. Nayan Mongia was W/K.
    Abhey Kuruvilla bowled well along with VP in that series. Coach Madan Lal was also bowled in nets because there were only 3 med fast bowlers for tour.

    By Blogger Rajg, at 14:52  

  • toney in that flintoff article I like this part In the 1800s freemen were given ancient privileges and were allowed to herd their sheep on Moor Park. sounds really useful for Freddy ;-)
    But yeah, it works the same way everywhere. We have it slightly more useful when politicians etc 'felicitate' their state's successful players by way of cash

    By Blogger worma, at 14:57  

  • The "best" selections I remember (of all time ?? :-) ) are Bhupinder Singh .. and Sujith Somasunder

    By Blogger indiansportsfan, at 15:02  

  • Prem! I know you will have your reasons, but I remember your exhortation to the cricket fans on this fofum to resort to some kind of protest if things are going wrong in cricket administration. How about a journos responsibility? is it the journos responsibility to bring it out in the open without fearing about bruised relations? Now, even though it sounds like it, I am accusing you my not doing your duty coz I know you are really passionate about cricket. May be you can explain it to us, how it works, why we sholdn't be naming the guys who paid and naming the guys you took money? WHY NOT? I think it is simply criminal to play with cricket fans aspirations.
    This is not only about cricket, any sport, if it becomes a cash cow, our corrupt administrators & politicos will be ready to ruin it.

    By Blogger flute, at 15:03  

  • sorry guys, I notice there are too many errors to understand in my previous post. Here is the one with corrections.

    Prem! I know you will have your reasons, but I remember your exhortation to the cricket fans on this fofum to resort to some kind of protest if things are going wrong in cricket administration. How about a journos responsibility? is it not the journos responsibility to bring it out in the open without fearing about bruised relations? Now, even though it sounds like it, I am not accusing of not doing your duty. know you are really passionate about cricket. May be you can explain it to us, how it works, why we sholdn't be naming the guys who paid and naming the guys who took money? WHY NOT? I think it is simply criminal to play with cricket fans aspirations by taking money for selection.
    This is not only about cricket, any sport, if it becomes a cash cow, our corrupt administrators & politicos will be ready to ruin it.

    By Blogger flute, at 15:09  

  • rajg, India's tour of WI was in 97 (Mar-May), just checked, so that was not it. You confused me but I think my initial guesses could be correct.

    Can anyone confirm that the Bangalore camp in 1996 was just before the team went off to SA to be humiliated 66-100??

    In that case, my guess for the fast bowler is David Johnson but am not sure of anything. Johnson, by the way, did play a test Vs Aussies (one-off, Tendulkar's debut as test captain,was it?) but other than his long hair (which was the similarity I found with Shoaib Akhtar), there was nothing impressive about him. Was this a difference in standards b/w first class and intl cricket (DJ took 10 wkts against Kerala) or was this the fast bowler?

    The keepers for that tour were Saba Karim and Mongia.

    As for the gift of a watch, wonder which former captain had a great taste in watches, suits and cars :) But once again, PREM, is the obvious answer the right one?
    I hope so, because the only other option is the only idol I have and I dare say, I'll stop watching cricket if its him.

    By Blogger Toney, at 15:15  

  • Azzu came back to be a captain a second time? When was this?

    By Blogger Tiger, at 15:20  

  • Prem,

    Can u bring somebody like player,official or reporters like harsha or any on blog some day for Q&A ?? If possible will be g8.

    u coming close,keep thinking.And yea...h if captain is not OBVIOUS i better go to other sports.

    By Blogger MAHER, at 15:21  

  • Toney,
    I believe it was the chairman of selectors who had the watch and not the captain.
    The captain made the comeback. One doesnt have to be a great fan of watches to gift an expensive one to someone else.

    By Blogger indiansportsfan, at 15:23  

  • Maher,
    So we venerate the same guy :)?

    Azhar was "given" the captaincy again after SRT "failed" during his first stint. Azhar's first series as comeback captain was the one in Dhaka where India chased 314 to win in the finals. His form was great in that series, by the way.

    The other guy who satisfies the condition as a comeback captain is SRT but then, captaincy was more or less forced on him the second time. That is why I think he can in no way be the guy who gave the "watch". This was the guy I was hoping it is not. The more I think about it, the more I feel I am right about it not being SRT.

    By Blogger Toney, at 15:27  

  • Prem,
    Why not the journalists ask these questions (about chopping of fringe players without giving them a game) to selectors, BCCI officials, BCCI honchos, commentators, Greg Chapell, Ganguly, etc? There should be a constant firing of questions! (especially when the journos have to fight hard for sensational cricket news in the off-season). I think that would achieve 2 things -
    1. The selectors would feel the heat.
    2. It would create an mass awareness.
    May be the journos have tried doing this (Prem, can you tell us) but the selectors and BCCI are too thick-skinned to be botehred by this. However, just a thought.

    By Blogger Anand K, at 15:28  

  • indiansportsfan,
    Yeah, I know it was the chairman who rcvd the watch. Part of reason why somebody should be given an exp watch is because the giver believes that this is an apt thing to give, hence my claim that the chances are, the giver likes watches too...
    I know this does not have to be true, but trying to do everything in my power to prove that it is not SRT (mmore than trying to prove that it was Azhar)

    By Blogger Toney, at 15:29  

  • So what about the fans??
    Like there were many who were fida on Azhar's wrist work (incl me) until that fixing saga came.
    What a shamefull person Azhar can be when famously he once said he is targeted b'ze of religion.They are still celebrities in their world no-matter how much we like them or not.Couple of days ago he seek police security, i mean whoever betrayes nation is biggest culprit of all then why we care them?i dont care if someone came his home for looting or whatever who the hell is he who seek protection on our countryman's tax money.
    I dono but i think there might be many other reporters who knows stories such as one prem told, but in such vast fan following media frenzy nation there is not single media man who will put up all dirt in open.there are none, so even if we know that this player is doubtable(as always we do know about certain extent) we can't do anything.

    By Blogger MAHER, at 15:36  

  • toney
    i dony think anyone will arfue with u if u leave SRT out of this

    By Blogger JD, at 15:36  

  • guys if u read prem's post carefully that captain made a comeback into the team as a captain....and sachin, for all those fearing the worst(including me), never went out of the team. Happy now ? :-)

    By Blogger worma, at 15:46  

  • jd, glad to have that reassuarance. And I dont want to say something baseless here but there had been allegations, (I think from Azhar) abt a high profile Mumbai player's wedding attendees and their gifts. That still rankles in my mind...

    Any crook will give a bunch load of crap to somehow save himself. If he was targeted because he was a Muslim, how did he become the captain? Was there a reservation policy?

    Having said that, it is the duty of the govt agencies to protect anyone, crook or saint. I wonder why no one seems to ask why the mafia is after him. Repayment of loans?? Or did Azhar request for the rest of his share for throwing matches?

    And I wouldnt blame Prem or any reporter who doesnt give out names. Their whole profession is based on such contacts and no one is going to share any secrets if they would see their names in the headlines next day, right? We, as spectators/fans can at least guess... And such allegations can bring forth the truth through proper investigation (if the investigation agency is not corrupt, any number of instances can be given to counter that sadly)

    By Blogger Toney, at 15:49  

  • worma, we all know that Sachin never went out of the team and we all know that it is not Sachin.
    But was Azhar dropped? Dont think so either, so how does that help?

    By Blogger Toney, at 15:50  

  • maher..for me its simple...i liked Azhar as a batsman, no matter what gifts he gave to whome, as long as he was playing his game honestly. I stopped liking him once he was found to have affected his on-field performance for money. And I still keep liking the talented batsman in him (whos career, in my thoughts, ended when he threw his first match..whenever it was). And I like him even more so in today's context, when I see the criteria for being a good and popular batsman has gone down so much from his times.

    By Blogger worma, at 15:51  

  • Hey, by stating a few obvious things, like the year 1996 for the fastbowler&keeper issue, Prem made us all think that the second incident must be around that period too (SRT and Azhar exchanged roles in the team during those bad years).
    But was that Prem's intention all along? To mislead us? What if the captaincy issue occured in 2005? I am shielding myself against all the salvos already :)

    By Blogger Toney, at 15:54  

  • toney when azhar became the captain of the side (after Srikanth) he was not in the team. He was re-selected and as a captain. forgetting the year....will try to google it

    By Blogger worma, at 16:00  

  • *LOL* Quit it, guys -- if it was a matter of flat out saying the names, I would, na?
    Let me put it this way -- the usual suspects are the usual suspects for a very good reason. *grin*

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 16:00  

  • Is the Sujata "Sujata Prakash of Rediff"? She used to write a few articles a long time ago...

    By Blogger Tiger, at 16:00  

  • toney,

    thought that bit about 2005.About reporters i would like if some one some day do tehelka thing.This can can create tehelka bigger then what they do in politics and atleast for some time we can get bunch of honest players.
    But i do think last few years are not that bad on selections b'ze most of players are picked up themselves.

    By Blogger MAHER, at 16:02  

  • Oh, OK!! You mean to say that Azhar, in his first stint as captain made a comeback to the team in that respect as wel??

    I dont think so. Read Prem's lines once more:

    On another occasion (I have a good reason for not naming names -- none of this can be proven, though they are facts), a selector tipped me off that a former captain, majorly out of favor, was due to make a comeback. As captain, what is more.

    The bold part shows that he had already been captain once, unlike when he replaced Srikanth as captain. Wasnt that the time when he was famously asked, "Captain banoge, mian?"

    By Blogger Toney, at 16:03  

  • Thanks Prem for confirming that the obvious choices are the right ones.
    But what about the keeper? I know Mongia had problems which surfaced later on but Saba Karim was old. Cant decide which one there..

    By Blogger Toney, at 16:05  

  • ohh...right..this is getting cryptic. I think Prem would solve it by giving us the right 'clues'

    By Blogger worma, at 16:07  

  • Prem, i posted this earlier, Is it possible.


    Can u bring somebody like player,official or reporters like harsha or any on blog some day for Q&A ?? If possible will be g8.

    By Blogger MAHER, at 16:08  

  • toney...it had to be mongia..he falls in the usual suspect category, doesnt he. And also he was the one who had the axe for 'non cricketing' reasons.....and then this must be tour of Aus in 98 when Mongia was chosen, along with Dighe..remember the whole confusion ? both went there ?

    By Blogger worma, at 16:09  

  • Worma,

    yeh toney hai jo jab tab sach na ugalva dey chodta nahin...he is good guy.

    By Blogger MAHER, at 16:10  

  • maher: Will do. This blog has a long way to go yet before it becomes the finished article.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 16:22  

  • Tiger: Yeah, the Sujata in the contriutors list is Sujata Prakash. Should be active some time soon.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 16:23  

  • anandk: Why don't journos ask questions? We do.
    See my latest post, relating to some selection issues of the past.
    The upshot was, the BCCI produced a new rule. No more questions of the chairman of the selection committee -- the secretary will read out names, and that is it.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 16:25  

  • Ah forget it, I can actually name some at least of those names.
    The selector who kindly provided me the entire team list, 24 hours before the selection process began, was Shivlal Yadav.
    The keeper in question was Nayan Mongia. And the comeback-captain was Mohammad Azharuddin.
    The only name I am not mentioning is that of a former player, captain, manager, selection committee chairman at various times. Enough? *L*
    Oh, BTW, some of you guys misunderstood me -- I did not mean that both incidents took place in 1996.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 16:27  

  • thanx 4 reply, prem

    By Blogger MAHER, at 16:28  

  • flute: who said I give a fig about bruised relations? In any case, mine with the administration is not just bruised, it is irretrievably fractured. *L*
    And my point stands -- journos have brought out all this and more. For instance, check out those archival links I posted on selection, just now.
    I'd written all this then... did anyone care? And if you like, I can dig up much more... citing chapter and worse... written at the time it was happening, read, exclaimed over, discussed, and ultimately forgotten. Which is why I sometimes wonder, or used to wonder when this was my day job, why I even bothered.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 16:30  

  • Prem,,,

    *LOL* ...had never before got this much fun here on blog.Really enjoying inspite being at work.

    U r in great form today ferget the tinge of grass.

    By Blogger MAHER, at 16:30  

  • Ooof, got to run, work calls

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 16:31  

  • LOL, any Harry Potter fans here? The various BCCI rules sound like the "Educational Decrees" in Book 5 :-)

    By Blogger indiansportsfan, at 16:44  

  • Prem, thanks for answering.
    Got the point. However, isn't there something more media could do about this blatant non-professional, non-accountable selector and selection process used by BCCI? I mean, all the followers, fans, journos, players, ex-players are fed up with this. Something needs to be done rather than just ranting!!!!
    (But again, thats just too wishful perhaps! - how can I forget the Chandrachud report and how BCCI can get away with it. BCCI can get way with anything.)

    By Blogger Anand K, at 17:01  

  • Stephen Fleming playing mind games???
    Now that we are in the final, we will use Friday's game as an opportunity to field some of the guys on the bench. The toughest call will be whether or not to play Shane. He had a devastating effect on the Indians in the last meeting and we are in two minds about giving him a break.

    However, I personally feel that it will be better to rest him, so that the Indians don't get another look at him before the final.

    If he does have a psychological hold over the Indians, it would be better to have them guessing during the main game. We will also try and give Daniel Vettori and Chris Cairns a break before the final.

    By Blogger ilovecricket, at 17:23  

  • Prem, I shot down my objections to the cricinfo article by Anand Vasu. I mean why bring up regional bias and quota selections at this occasion. He writes this in the first paragraph, "But you have to ask whether his selection to the Indian team as replacement for Sachin Tendulkar, has anything to do with all that." Anyway, here is my feedback.

    "What makes Anand Vasu think that Jadhav was not chosen on merit alone? Even the writer acknowledges that, “From all accounts Jadhav is a fine prospect”. Moreover he has been selected in the test squad before (G Gambhir made the squad as the opener instead). Then, why fly off the handle and start doubting the selection process?

    If Anand Vasu had followed Indian cricket selections (as he claims to), he would have realised that Jadhav was a serious candidate for international cricket. He featured in warm-up games prior to selection to Indian Oil Cup – where Rao (a test type player) was selected for ODIs. Perhaps Rao’s failure in the last two games dented the MANAGEMENT’S confidence in him (remember Greg Chappell was part of the selection process).

    Anand Vasu states, “you can't help wondering if this might just be Jadhav's first and last tour” and he is right to an extent. He will not feature in tests because Kaif and Yuvraj Singh are ahead of him in the selections. At this stage, he must continue to press his claim and IMPROVE his skills still further (international cricket is tougher than domestic cricket). Gautam Gambhir is a good attacking player with a bright future but he too needs to show improvements - he has no hundreds against quality teams and has not played abroad for India.

    Once Anand realises that Jadhav’s selection has merit (see his opening statement), there is no need to make statements like, “there are enough names you can pull out of the hat”. It is true that he is not likely to get his chance but what do you expect? It is also true that if he may be dropped from the squad once Sachin is back or if Rao makes a big impression from here on. BUT CAN ANAND VASU EXPLAIN WHY JADHAV IS A “QUOTA SELECTION”.

    Anand continues to take a cynical view of past selection processes. That I think is missing the point. He states, “for long .. fringe players .. are picked not on performance”. He may be right. But I find it difficult to understand why he has chosen to bring this up at the selection of Jadhav. Even he concedes that Jadhav has had an impressive two season and he has made an excellent impression at Egerton (beating Mark Waugh’s records on route). Furthermore Jadhav is an excellent fielder, has a solid technique, has bundles of temperament and loves challenges (see his big scores and how he took to List A cricket for the first time in India A team!), is mature and most importantly, has caught the eye of the selectors and Greg. In fact, it was the previous selection team that promoted him for test opener's slot.

    I would agree with Anand that the selectors could be (and have been) motivated by regional considerations. But, like him, I think the system depends on the integrity of the selectors. From time to time, the selectors are well meaning but daft. It is hard to blame the selectors for failings of Balaji, Zaheer, Joginder, Mongia, etc. (Badani may have been unlucky due to injuries in the last year or so)."

    By Blogger IssaicN, at 18:06  

  • issaicn agree with you fully. Dont know why Anand brought up zonal thing with Jadhav's selection. And gave no other substantial statements on the zonal biases that work 'today' except the case of RP ahead of Balaji. And I'm not sure that GC or Saurav would have let the selectors drop Balaji had they wanted him. Yes I also remember Jadhav being impressive in the practise games before the Indian Oil cup. Am sure GC remembered him from there and reccomended him....and then the domestic record is there, as Anad also conceded.

    By Blogger worma, at 18:13  

  • ilovecricket...maybe mind games...but they may actually rest him, who knows...Oram also seems to suggest it here. Also desperately tries to snatch back the under-dogs tag for the Nz side, since thats where they feel 'comfortable' :-)

    By Blogger worma, at 18:25  

  • I see two reasons why Jadhav has been selected,
    1. There are enough guys already in the team for the middle order spot. Rao's chances hence were dim. He i am sure still wouldnt go out of the scanner as we he has good reputation. And not many players have been dropped from the team without giving them fair chances. Patel, Chopra all got enough chances.
    2. Now when they decided to pick an opener Jadhav it should be. Because he has good record in Ranji. Has been picked earlier without getting any chance.
    Dont see any conspiracy there.

    By Blogger Vick, at 19:24  

  • zonal biases that work 'today' except the case of RP ahead of Balaji.

    >>Well if there was a quata thing going and RP was selected to fill Central Zone's quota of player. Thats seems to be wrong. The current ODI team has most number of players from Central(5). Why it cant be the case that they wanna look at more options? And Balaji hasnt been dropped from more important test side.
    May be GC wanna take a look at more players to plan for long term. And RP did have good last season. So its not that he came out of no where.

    By Blogger Vick, at 19:28  

  • Prem,

    Whatever happend to Laxmi Ratan Shuckla? There are a few players I would like to see as part of the Indian Squad.
    1. Sadagopan Ramesh
    2. L Balaji
    3. Romesh Powar
    4. Murali Kartik

    Is there any chance of these blokes coming back? What do your sources tell you?

    And from Pakistan, I would love to know what happend to their tearaway Mohammed Zahid. He was great for a brief period.

    By Blogger Rishi Gajria, at 21:30  

  • Rishi:
    Ramesh is finished period. He certainly was talented but he has only himself to blame because of his screwed up attitude.
    Balaji is certainly in the scene.
    Romesh Powar, I believe should have got more chances but right now he might be over the hill.
    Murali Karthik, unless he turns in real match winning performances will always be the 3rd spinner until Kumble retires, mind you he is very talented and deserves to be in the side but it will require a very very brave captain & coach to select him in place of Bhajji or Kumble and thats why to force himself into the squad he needs a 12 wkt test match performance and not a 7-8 wkt one.

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 23:25  

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