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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's hotting up

LP Sahi in the Telegraph talks of a move, supposedly by the Sharad Pawar faction, to get the Indian team manager back home in time for the voting.
Curiouser and curioser, this -- assuming said manager got this fax Tuesday evening, how could he possibly have arrived in Ranchi by the time of the voting Thursday? And what good would he do sitting in Ranchi, how would he influence the election one way or the other? Can't puzzle this one out, frankly.


  • Mortgage Rates Up Across the Board
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    By Blogger Mandy, at 23:29  

  • mandy,
    thanks a lot.. i wouldnt have slept happily if i hadnt seen you message about mortgage rates on a cricket blog.. thats the place i am looking for to know the latest interest rates hikes despite katrina and the other finance stuff.. can you enlighten me on how much SRT is paying for his new house in bandra and has SG taken a loan and is he negotiating the rates again in view of getting fired from his job..
    please give us a detailed report..

    By Blogger criclogic, at 00:23  

  • A different perspective by Sudhakar.....unbiased reading is the need of the hour


    Good work Sudhakar

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 01:41  

  • Prem,

    You've got to turn word verification on for comments so you can weed out (to a great extent) those spam comments.

    Makes it much easier on readers. And less annoying for authors.

    By Blogger RPM, at 01:56  

  • Prem...On the Flintoff issue.Why are we reacting so much to this?Should not the Delhi police,DDCA et al, ignore this and get on with life.

    What has not been reported cannot be actioned upon!! Simple logic,isn't it.

    One thing is certain...Flintoff has put his autobiography on "Auto Sale". No need for any marketing strategies and cost.

    Maybe a lesson there for our industrialists also on... How to get yr product presold irrespective of the quality

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 02:33  

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