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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


And to think they make a fuss about Shah Rukh and Aamir acting! Check that one out, Nehra lands one halfway down the track, gets creamed through cover, and indicates that Kaif should have been about 6 feet taller, and equipped with a butterfly net and somehow stopped that shot. I'd vote an Oscar for that.


  • About the only way to get rid of one of them eh? Get Fleming injured

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 08:33  

  • fleming hits the ball onto his knee and seems to be in pain. maybe, ganguly can return the favor and throw the ball at his ankle and retire. india can do no worse than we are.

    By Blogger JK, at 08:34  

  • now we have a runner for fleming...look out for some quick runs here for nz...

    By Blogger arun, at 08:38  

  • I mean, does Gangs have any grey matter left, between his ears or has the chin treatment he gets when he gets to the crease robbed him of that too? When the first powerplay with three seamers went for 80 odd runs, it would seem that the if you opt for the second power play, u should at least bring in a slow bowler. The scoring rate has dipped but there is a four every over.

    By Blogger JK, at 08:50  

  • It looks like the bowlers have signed an agreement with the kiwis....you dont hit every ball for four and in exchange i will give you atleast one four every over.

    By Blogger cartan, at 08:50  

  • gangs is simply brilliant. he brings back pathan.

    By Blogger JK, at 08:52  

  • Did SG have any grey matter to lose?

    By Blogger Toney, at 08:53  

  • so.... yet another lost final.. whats new? it was expected, wasnt it?

    By Blogger Tiger, at 08:54  

  • Prem, is it a good idea to employ powerplay right now, when the NZ batsmen are making merry? By the looks of it, the match will be over well before 45th over, and we would not need powerplay 3? :-)

    By Blogger samc, at 08:54  

  • now the bowlers can blame the middle order for not getting 300 and the batsmen can blame the bowlers for not defending 276.. and Gangu can keep his place saying we won 3 out of 5 games.. 60% win record aint bad. and he gave a good start to India in the finals... etc. etc.. and dravid cant be made captain bec he flopped so miserably.. so all in all.. expect more of the same

    By Blogger Tiger, at 08:56  

  • gangs is probably wishing that he had super subbed another seamer so that he could bring him in too...after all if they scored 112 in 15 overs, that must mean that the batsmen are taking chances and a collapse is around the corner, no?

    By Blogger JK, at 08:57  

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