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Saturday, September 24, 2005

More fuel in the fire

And now -- in fact, stand by for much more of this; newspapers need to run with this story, so the next couple of days are going to be full of such quotes and stories -- the Hindustan Times suggests players are unhappy with the coach.
Just one more reason why I hope this review committee that will meet in Mumbai Tuesday cleans this whole thing up once for all -- call GC, call Saurav, call the whole darn team over and talk to each player, individually, and in detail, on the pros and cons of the team, the captain, and the coach. Get all the inputs in -- then take one decision, keeping in mind the best interests of the team; and it doesn't matter how hard that decision is, or who it impacts on.
But for Christ's sake, now that this thing is out in the open, I hope the review committee doesn't do one of those exercises the BCCI is famed for -- a neat little whitewash job, a couple of publicity pictures of smiley faces, and business again as usual.
Anyways, close to 1 am here in NY, so me for bed. See you guys tomorrow.


  • Hey, you have an excellent blog here! I'm definitely going to check in again!

    signs of a cheating spouse.

    By Blogger Love but Hate, at 00:48  

  • This must be Zaheer Khan - the lazy pig;
    even J Wright did not want him in the team.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 00:52  

  • Yeah, ZK seems a better bet. Actually, I thought it was HS first but yacrik seems to be on the money.

    By Blogger Toney, at 01:14  

  • This is an interesting article. To my knowledge, HT has been pretty neutral and objective about indian cricket in the past which makes me think that there is some truth to this article. As prem says, without speculating, the board should bring in the players also to the review meeting.

    My suspicion is that GC will probably be sacked.

    By Blogger blueboy, at 01:15  

  • Prem,
    If this is the email that GC sent, then, isnt it a good thing that this has come out in the open? What if Nair or Mahendra had the best interests of INdian cricket in mind all along and used this as the perfect opportunity to do the right thing (or force the involved people to do the right thing?). :) Why else would they want to leak this out?

    Or maybe, GC did this in frustration.

    By Blogger Toney, at 01:17  

  • I think GC probably leaked this ot make sure that whatever public sympathy SG had, is negated and come 27th review, he is in a better position than SG. But as prem said, lets wait till the players speak on GC's e-mail. we will then know what happened. But then again, we might still not get to know.

    By Blogger blueboy, at 01:23  

  • blueboy, if history is any indication, we'lll never know and nothing will happen. Lets hope history doesnt trepeat itself and the truth, whatever it may be comes out.

    By Blogger Toney, at 01:39  

  • check this out...
    a senior player has said that those whoa re against GC are those who cannot take criticism


    By Blogger Thirdman, at 01:42  

  • toney, my suspicion is that whatever comes out in the public after the 27th will probably be the half-truth. I am hoping that prem can offer some insights after the meeting based on his sources.

    By Blogger blueboy, at 02:06  

  • shyam shankar, that's an interesting way to describe the contents of the article. The article is clearly centered on how the majority of the players are unhappy with GC.
    Read below...

    Public opinion is strongly against Sourav Ganguly, but one crucial twist in the tale is still likely to save his job and bring about Greg Chappell's fall -- the team is rallying firmly behind the skipper.

    Eight to 10 of them are planning to write a letter to the board outlining their problems with the coach and, in the process, supporting Ganguly.

    Speaking to Mumbai Mirror on condition of anonymity, the players specified their problems with the Aussie coach.

    Three major reasons

    * They find Chappell dominating.

    * They are unable to handle his tough fitness regimen.

    * They say he's too harsh and in-your-face with his criticism.

    "Chappell wants to dominate and have a stranglehold on the team. And not just Ganguly but at least 10 players have had problems with him on the tour of Zimbabwe," a player told us. "You can ask anybody in the team. They'll tell you how high-handed he is. A quiet guy like VVS Laxman too was involved in a wrangle with Chappell before the test series began, and after he got the hundred in Bulawayo he almost bared it all," the player added.

    Laxman had, indeed, vented his ire after scoring a workmanlike ton at Bulawayo by saying that he was getting negative vibes in the team. Chappell is also believed to have got into an altercation with Zaheer Khan.


    Now, listen to this ...

    “But why would a captain divide his own team?

    “More so after building it with his own hands!” a player responded, taking up Ganguly’s cause.

    Another player said Chappell did not think twice before calling a spade a shovel. That has hurt the egos of his team, and most of them are now up in arms against the Australian.

    “It's basically how you take criticism,” a third player, who thought his colleagues were over-reacting, said. “You can work on your shortcomings rather than crib to the world that you've been targeted. Chappell does not believe in sweet-talking. He'll say things on your face and most of the players don't like that.”

    I do not think shyam sankar's summary of the article is fair. No offence, but, it is very mis leading.

    By Blogger blueboy, at 02:13  

  • The HT article may be quoting a single person. We already know Zaheer Khan is adjusting well to Greg's regime.
    It seems to me some vested interests quoting one person as many team members against the coach.

    When Greg was bing wooed, the first thought came to my mind was about his strong personality and how it would work with incompetant egomaniacs in Indian cricket team. In my mind, I don't have any doubt who is at fault.
    All this talk of Indian system is utter crap.
    If we wanted to continue in mediocrity, why make such fuss abt hiring a 'talent' as coach.
    There are plenty of Wadekars and Gaikwads to serve Azhars and Gangulys of Indian cricket world.
    Marry them with pitch doctoring, intimidating crowd behavior with bottle pelting and we are invincible at home. We can always cry foul about overseas, you know equate fast pitches with doctored pitches, silent crowd against intimidating beavior, food and what not.

    The only exp that really worked was having John Wright till the time he could not take it any more. And what a send-off we gave him.
    Did any one notice how uncharitably we acted with him at the end of his tenure?
    Just shows how professional we are!

    By Blogger Shailesh Mungikar, at 02:14  

  • shailesh, I dont agree with the bit about intimidating crowd behavior. Crowds in australia, england and west indies are way more intimidating. the bottle throwing in india happens when we lose badly. In australia, the foreigners in the crowd and on the field are specifically targeted with comments like "coolies" etc. This is a discussion by itself and without arguing on this anymore let me just say that it's your opinion and you are entitled to it.

    By Blogger blueboy, at 02:19  

  • About crowd behavior, my viewing shows unruly behavior was introduced by the sub-continent. What's the first thing you notice when seeing coverage in Eng, Aus against India. When watching coverage in India, I really have to listen hard to make out what the commentator is saying. I don't know about latest trends.

    About bottle pelting,
    1. I don't really agree with you that it happens only when we perform atrociaciously.
    2. Even then, how would it be justified.

    By Blogger Shailesh Mungikar, at 02:27  

  • PP
    Many of us(Indians) would like to bask in previous glory and expect people to nurse our egos. GC's mail has hit the nail right on the head asking all and sundry in the team to perform certain task that any professional side would do. In doing so, he has rattled so-called 'seniors' and those guys who would otherwise have taken their place for granted.

    I guess this is the right time for the board to allow him his space if they want results. If GC stays, all the players will start to toe the line. However, the only hitch, I see is:

    If JD camp wins - SG stays; if the other camp wins the election - GC stays...

    I sincerely pray that GC stays...

    By Blogger ap-dxb, at 03:06  

  • BCCI Review Committee meeting should be held in a neutral place and not Kolkata. Do you think the committee can take a decision that might involve action against Ganguly? Lets assume they get the guts, don't you trust Ganguly will go of the meeting room and rouse public passions through the media? I fear a riot like situation developing with unruly mobs going berserk and this may put GC's life (or anybody who voted for action against SG) in danger.

    If a meeting can't be arranged elsewhere by 27th, let it happen whenever it can be arranged. There is no need to rush into a crisis on 27th - if we have waited so long for the right decision, we can wait a few more days.

    By Blogger Deepak, at 03:25  

  • There are lots of things in the Chappell email that dont tally...

    But first things first...

    One with 6 yrs??? who be that...zaheer khan..eh

    And btw, seems itz been decided that ganguly gets the boot, if you are gonna believe this statement pupotedly made by Mahendra..yes the board president..

    Mahendra also confirmed that he did receive an e-mail for India coach Greg Chappell, but maintained it is confidential.
    I will put it up in the review committee meeting in Mumbai on the 27th [of September]," he said..

    I am disappointed that a confedential letter has been leaked to the media.

    Ganguly has been dividing the team and sowing the seeds of indiscipline in it, he added

    Interesting, dont u think..for the Board president to be quoted as such..

    Now. coming back to the Email from chappell..

    He says that he suggested Saurav to open. and that he never told him that sourav should step down..

    But then according to chappell, in his own words
    "I explained that, in my view, I felt we had to pick Kaif and Yuvraj following their good form in the one-day series and that Sehwag, Gambhir, Laxman and Dravid had to play".

    On One had Gambhir has to play and
    again in his own words
    "I told him that he might like to consider opening in the Test as the middle order was going to be a tight battle with Kaif and Yuvraj demanding selection"

    Doesnt it sound like he is contradicting himself there???

    The more I read the email, the more the feeling that I get, that Chappell has as much a big ego to satisfy as Ganguly has.
    And this is not good.
    We need him, but not with this kinda attitude.
    Would be nice if Gavaskar and Co talk to him about his approach.

    Doesnt look good at all........

    By Blogger Ginkgo, at 04:03  

  • I think you are confusing betn the timelines.

    If I gather correctly, the incident where Greg suggested Ganguly move up occurred earlier than the incident when he suggested him to step down.
    In the meanwhile, lot of things happened which could have triggered this change of opinion.

    He may be a proud man, but I coundn't really fault any of his logic mentioned in his email to BCCI.

    What you could have said is, let's hear other side of the story.

    By Blogger Shailesh Mungikar, at 04:31  

  • There are two things that we have missed out. To me, SG is not someone who shies away from a fight, he has his own ways of getting beneath the skin of the opponent. His remark on arrival saying that he doesn't want the team to get involved in the controversy -- can be interpreted in two ways -- that SG isn't the one who is splitting the team and is not drumming up players to support him -- the second is he doesn't want VVS or anyone else AK, RD or XYZ to come to the review meeting to confirm what GC had mentioned in his e-mail.

    Secondly, GC isn't all that straight either -- he is super smart -- he has a clear understanding of how the system works and he knew the e-mail will find its way to the public domain before the review meeting. This way its like I meant it to keep this whole thing confidential. I was only reporting back to the board and it wasn't my intention to leak this whole thing i.e. unlike SG I don't go around telling people what goes on inside the the dressing room. Hence the comment 'not entirely surprised or something' when asked what he thought about the leaked e-mail. Now, why can't these two super smart people put the same amount of energy to find ways to take the team to the top. I guess GC understands to a large extent -- I must say better than most Indians -- how BCCI works and how to imply certain things without explicitly saying it.

    By Blogger Balaji, at 04:52  

  • There are plenty of concoted new stories in media these days. The one about 10 players being angry and thinking of writing to board is the most hilarius to say the least.

    Lets analyze some facts :
    The team in Zim when this whole fiasco started is this..

    *Sourav Ganguly - He is a party in the dispute so his writing to the board wont count.

    Rahul Dravid - He is a man who works hard and likes the process. He will lead people in the rigours of cricket and is always willing to go the extra yard. Whether he will vote for any party is doubtful but sure he would not sign on anything aginst GC.

    Virender Sehwag- He difinetly would have been pulled by GC for bad performance in one dayers.. Looking at his belly, I would assume that he will be reluctant to get up early and work hard. Dravid as a captain will not suit him in long term. So I can assume he may vote against Chappel if asked to take sides.

    Dheeraj Jadhav - I dont think he would vote for anyone in the short time he has been there. If he is forced, he would vote for Chappel as this increases his chances to be in the squad.

    VVS Laxman - He has had enough from Ganguly. No matter how some interested parties try to tell that even a cool chap like LAX was angry on this tour under GC. I am sure he want GC for the right reasons.

    Yuvraj Singh - He has been adequately praised by GC for his century in SL. However he did nothing of note in tests and has to be kicked out. In the fear of his place, he would vote for Ganguly. Ganguly also bought him with the place in tests. However as SRT returns, and kaif in fight for sopt, he has to kiss his chances goodbye. He would do anything to stir the pot.

    Mohammad Kaif - Well, injustice has been served to him by SG. Whole India knows it that he is the deserving one for the middle order spot. SRT returns so his spot is between him and Ganguly. Common sense says, he is all for GC.

    +Dinesh Karthik - Hasn't done anything in many test. Will be kicked out sooner or later for Dhoni. Being a new member and hardworking, he would most likely remain neutral unles he already joined the non-performers camp already. Not Sure.

    Anil Kumble - Ohh, he is all for GC.

    Lakshmipathy Balaji - He must be incenced that a jumper and sprayer in chief and unfit Zaheer Chutiya Khan is all there just because of SG. He will surely sign against SG.

    Zaheer Khan - Well, SG is contantly rewarding him for his wide bal way down the leg side. Inspite of his bowling fiascos, he is there because of SG. He is under the gun and rightly so. So he is all for the SG camp as that only keeps him there.

    Irfan Pathan - He has clearly favored GC in his post match conferences. Ganguly gang is there to demoralize him. He would be al for GC.

    Gautam Gambhir - He is all for GC unless pressurized by Sehwag and SG gang. Still might not sign on any letter.

    Harbhajan Singh - Owe a lot to SG. Coach might have pulled him up for his pathetic performance in ODIs. How many wickets he took. 2 in 5 matches. at what avg.. 100+. He is against the comfort zone being taken away. He is for SG.

    Ajit Agarkar - Well, GC will throw him out soon. Has an old secret to share with SG about nagma sises. Will vote for SG as a nonperformer camp member.

    Hence you see, all the non-performers except Sehwag(He is nonperformer in ODIs) are in SG' camp. Total of them 5 (SG,VS,ZK,AA,HS).

    Except Sehwag (HS abroad matches), all should be dropped anyway. SO we will have a good team(with team spirit) under Dravid and GC.

    Other guys who left after ODI series, Dhoni(will favor GC), Murli Karthik(will go overboard for favor GC), JP Yadav(May not take sides but as a good performer, he will be with GC and this is his only way tobe in the team instead of people like Agarkar or Zaheer).. Raina(New kid.. will be away from politics for now.. however logic suggests that he must be eying yuvi or SG spot in ODIs, hence will be for GC if forced to take sides).. Nehra(Oh yaa, he seems to in SG camp these days.. dont know why.. ) - So 1 out of five here

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 05:08  

  • By one of these juicy story is here


    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 05:19  

  • The latest news is Board will meet everyone in isolation.

    What a transparent board!

    and this is the first step to cool things down for now and keep rewarding non performers.

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 05:25  

  • I was frustrated with Ganguly ( posted here as anonymous, then 'S', then biz0 because of the login requirements), but on this one I think Chappel has extra issues.

    1- There is reference to the Guardian article about Ganguly's pool, I think the british have not shed their colonial attitude. There is no need to advertise that in this blog. Ganguly didn't get a servant to score all those against the brits.

    2- Greg Chappel had already an opinion against Ganguly, BBC suggests the australians had it before. This is obvious from his Srilanka comments. I had also the same opinion on Ganguly, but I would leave this to the Indian board to sort out. The Indian board is not working well, neither will work. But Greg was NOT SO INNOCENT HE ADVISED GANGULY TO BE OUT OF THE TEAM ! IT IS PERFECT THAT GANGULY SCORED BETTER THAN OTHER BATSMEN IN THAT MATCH ! This is not to suggest that Ganguly batted well.

    3- It might be a tough situation for greg chappel to not his dictats, well intentioned perhaps, run, but he is uneneccesarily poking in board politics. That is not his job. Since he took over, Ganguly had an unimpressive 50 as opener against srilanka, a century in newziland, and there has been a lot to improve upon even ignoring Ganguly. Whatever has been his obervations, it is not his duty to ask the captain to drop himself out of the team and play Yuvraj instead.

    By Blogger biz0, at 06:05  

  • century against Zimbaway, not newziland in my previous post.

    By Blogger biz0, at 06:07  

  • Banana Republic:

    To install an Indian Prime Minister, we need renunciation by an Italian.

    To unseat an Indian Cricket Captain, we need denunciation by an Australian.

    By Blogger Ravi Abhyankar, at 06:21  

  • Hello,

    It is not really related to this discussion. I am bit surprised that Amit Bhandari has not been given chance to play for India. He has a good physique and has done quite well in first class matches. It seems that he has no backer in selection committee.


    By Blogger Sanjeev, at 06:28  

  • "oh we don't like GC's coaching methods as he makes us work really hard" hah the players must be stupid to think that they wull win games without working hard. Or that they will continue to perform at the highest level without working hard. Someone drill some sense to this players. What's wrong with working hard anyway? All those lazy wankers in the Indian team - you are playing for India at the highest level and its your personal duty to work as hard as you can and win as many matches as you can cause if u do that then over 1 billion indians will be applauding you. That should be enough motivation to work hard.

    Sachin isn't where he is today by NOT working hard.

    By Blogger jgohil, at 06:35  

  • Also some of you are discreding GC's opinions cause its coming from an australian and what he is saying is nothing new. Everyone knows what is needed to be a successful team and he has selected players that are willing to do the yards. But how would you react if such opinions were cast by a former Indian cricketer?

    By Blogger jgohil, at 06:37  

  • if you are working hard on your game, fitness wise as well as putting extra effort in ironing out your weaknesses, then in the end you become a much more confident player. With that confidence that player becomes mentally fit. It is that mental strength that's needed to win crucial games as well as finals that has eluding has so often. We all know ZK chokes in the finals and plays crap and if he had worked on his game, ironed out his weaknessses he would have gotten the confidence to become mentally strong and he would be prepared to handle pressure games. So ZK work your ass of mate. But the dude is lazy. Give him some Aloo Parantha.

    By Blogger jgohil, at 06:41  

  • Prem...as I have been saying this right from the time this 'leak' broke out (check my comments here, this isn't just a GC vs SG issue anymore. And that all the player's opinions needs to be sorted out. And this should be a combined group forum, minus SG and GC where moderators like Sahstri and Sunny sit down with the playes, and sort out the differences, the real issues etc...and prepare their 'reccomendations' to the committee on behalf of the players.

    Because even if we assume that SG goes, I believe some problems do remain in the team. And having got this wonderful opurtunity via the leak...why not use it to the fullest.

    Btw, on whats really going to happen....umm...I think there are chances that JD may be right, for a change. If this email was really sent before the second test (or the truce) then isn't there a likelihood that the truce was brokered in knowledge of the facts disclosed here (and maybe both sides of the the issues raised out here)?

    Although, if that truce is maintained, to me it looks difficult that GC would be able to maitain the 'all-is-now-well' front that he and SG offered for media consumption.

    By Blogger worma, at 07:03  

  • Check this out:

    Bhajji to SG's rescue.

    By Blogger Prasad, at 08:21  

  • JGohil, Yacrick, Don't you think GC is more suited to coach an under 19 Indian team so he can make look Indian but play like ausssies...then we may actually win WC2011. I think GC has little chance of changing the set ways of players who learnt things one way all their life. Its like asking you to learn and write a chinese bestseller in six months.

    By Blogger Prasad, at 08:29  

  • This is regarding the comments by Bhajji. This just shows his stupidity.

    When the other players (incl. "involved" parties like RD, Lax et al) chose not to speak to media (and thus avoid stirring up the plot further), Bhajji comes out and takes a public stand.

    He would do well keep his *** shut, and convey his "feelings" to the review committee, if asked.

    By Blogger ram_vxx, at 08:37  

  • This is regarding the comments by Bhajji. This just shows his stupidity.

    When the other players (incl. "involved" parties like RD, Lax et al) chose not to speak to media (and thus avoid stirring up the plot further), Bhajji comes out and takes a public stand.

    He would do well keep his *** shut, and convey his "feelings" to the review committee, if asked.

    By Blogger ram_vxx, at 08:37  

  • I have always thought that the previous management had spoilt young players. The failures of the team in the finals of ODI and crunch tests had shown the Indian seniors in poor light. The message from this was that something had to be done. Even seniors without exception will eventually be replaced. The issue is how to get the best out of the young players and to decide whether the seniors were worth keeping in the team or should opportunities be given to younger players.

    This is Greg’s job. I believe the changes need to widespread. Good attitude from players is essential. For example Indian ground fielding, running between wickets, wicket-keeping etc were sub-standard. Work in this area was long overdue. It means players having to comply with rigorous training regimes; or be dropped if that does not work.

    Pathan and Balaji showed excellent attitude in their willingness to work hard on fitness, adjusting their actions, seeking and taking on board new thinking and applying that to their bowling. It was about measuring themselves against international bowlers and hoping to give India a chance to win games on a consistent basis. Whilst Kaif and Yuvraj had always wanted to be senior batsmen, the message for them was that hard work was required to achieve this goal. Perhaps there was the added pressure of replacements (Rao and Raina) were waiting in the wings. Being in the team is not a guarantee that the players will develop their skills and become good international players. It is interesting to note that new talent -Gambhir, Dhoni, Pathan and Balaji- has produced better results than the favoured ones - Nehra, Zaheer, Agarkar, Kaif and Yuvraj.

    By Blogger IssaicN, at 11:58  

  • I fully agree with the Committee of Performers (COP) and Committee of Non Performers argument (CONP). It is clear that as a member of CONP, Bajji is worries about his place in the team, if SG goes. So, the dog that does not know to bite is barking now. Grow up bow-bow Bajji.

    By Blogger vskblore, at 06:45  

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