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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More on Chappell

In its article on the Chappell-Ganguly issue, the Age, Melbourne, quotes a former South Australia player on the coach's abilities, or lack thereof:
According to former Redback pace bowler Paul "Blocker" Wilson, Chappell did not do a good job as coach of South Australia and was not suited to the role.
Wilson said the team floundered under Chappell's leadership.
"Greg Chappell's a fantastic individual skills and batting coach, but he was a poor coach when it came to looking after a group of people," said Wilson, who left SA for the 2002-03 season to play for Western Australia and now coaches the WA women's team. "When he was with SA, a lot of guys fell by the wayside. Greg didn't seem to worry himself with a lot of the guys and they really didn't feel led. It's only now, under Wayne Phillips, that the lost ground is being recovered."
In Chappell's five seasons with SA to 2002-03, the Redbacks finished no better than fourth in the Pura Cup.

For the record, in the current season, South Australia is placed 5th in the Pura Cup.


  • there had been comments earlier by Darren Lehman about how much of a help GC was to him.
    dont recall where i read it

    this much is true though, GC has no results to prove for himself as coach unlike JW or TM

    By Blogger JD, at 12:38  

  • oh well i was wrong
    this is what lehman had to say

    "Chappell is very strong. If he has an opinion on something he will stick with it," Lehmann said.

    "He is always trying to better the side, so if he thinks something is a good move, he will do what he can to make it happen.

    "He was always strong and always good. He is supportive, but if he thinks a change should be made, then more than likely he is right."

    By Blogger JD, at 12:40  

  • prem,

    how come no one brought this up when the indian coach was being selected? why is this hue and cry about GC not being good. forget about BCCI as we cannot expect anything from this political money-making machine, but what about the journalists and tons of newspapers in India. no one had the time to sit down and put together a list of his coaching credentials? surprizing.

    now after SG gets dropped, if the performance doesn't improve, then people r going to talk about GC and how ineffective he was with his previous assignments. seems like another misguided missile launched by BCCI!!

    By Blogger Mayur, at 12:41  

  • Mudslinging all the way !!! Everyone wants a piece of the pie and what better way than to use the media...."behti ganga mein haath dhona !!!!"

    who is paul wilson? what r his credentials? r v now going to scrutinize everything that GC did in his recent past? if he was so inadequte, why hire him?

    as for ganguly, he has been good to the country IN THE PAST - lets call a spade a spade and move on - but that is apparently too much to ask for from Indian cricket officials!

    By Blogger cricket_fan, at 12:45  

  • Australians are tough cricketeers. and in their league they are up against each other.

    I do not think Chappel make a difference for South Australia.

    and here we are seeing nothing but the World Cup and almost assuming that it is ours to take if Chappel is around and 3 or 4 players are changed.

    Ian Chappel said at best a coach will make a difference of 5 %. A good defence for his brother in advance. But these things are seen only if an Indian speaks, always with a hidden agenda.

    Chappel family were so honest in their younger days at the breakfast table ( Ian's latest article) make you wonder what kind of or how bad the Gangulys wold have been to produce and bring up these boys!

    Prem, if you really want to dig, you will find more dirt for Chappel too. Do you want to?

    By Blogger CrickTip, at 12:49  

  • GC is not the one in question here. SG and the board are. The fact is GC brought something to the attention of the board and public and what did the board do? sweep it under the rug like always
    now what GC said was fact or lies, we dont know but if GC does not show results in a reasonable time frame then he should go too or for that matter if it was proved that he lied about SG and for that VVS account of things as it happened is important which was not taken

    By Blogger JD, at 12:55  

  • I can bet you that the SA team which Cappell coached would flair well against our Indian Team any day.

    By Blogger Sriram Vanamamalai, at 12:56  

  • Prem

    U are doing a wrong thing.

    How dare U say something bad about GC.

    He has taken a oath on bible to say all the truth

    Bedi says India needs GC.

    Without him we cannot play cricket. India has to close its team

    Please prem dont say anything about GC.

    There are some fenatics of GC like 'Toney' and Devatha who will come all the way to U and will hit U if U talk ill about GC

    By Blogger vijaykumar, at 13:00  

  • Oh so those people who were digging newsreports after news reports to bash Ganguly cant take a single criticism of Greg Chappell ?

    By Blogger Oracle Guy, at 13:14  

  • JD agree with you completely.

    You have already made Chappell the Coach. Now that he has started cleaning the house, don't look at his resume again.

    The bottom line...For the betterment of Indian Cricket, Ganguly, lazyness, indiscipline lack of mental and physical fitness must go. It will surely happen before 2007.

    Once Ganguly goes, everything that's bad will go with him. Nehara won't travel with the team. Khan and Agarkar (if still there) spend more time in the gym. Yuvraj will not try to make a point after hitting a hundered and Sehwag will realize that playing for the country should be nothing different from fighting like a soldier.

    By Blogger Rahul, at 13:15  

  • >>>"I can bet you that the SA team which Cappell coached would flair well against our Indian Team any day. " <<

    Obviously, because that SA team is not coached by Chappell anymore and that Chappell is coaching the current Indian team. ;)

    By Blogger Oracle Guy, at 13:17  

  • vijaykumar,
    I didnt mean to scare you, sorry

    By Blogger Toney, at 13:24  

  • Let's wait till the fans turn the heat on Paul Wilson saying that he refused to work hard under GC, a lazy guy with attitude problems wagara wagara....chalo bhailog, suru karo !!

    By Blogger Dadagiri, at 13:35  

  • Paul Wilson has been bribed by Jaggu. he was a lazy ass who couldnt move his butt during last 5 yrs. he is the main reason why SA finished no better than 4th. PP please write couple more articles about how bad SA administration was.

    By Blogger Vick, at 13:57  

  • Am new to this blog..but its simply digusting how ppl start dissing 1 guy who has a proven record on mere hearsay of another person who may be a great batsman but was an utter misfit in the morality stakes (remember underarm) and is neither a coach cum motivator to boot.
    I think the board gave 1 final warning to Chappel today to mend his ways and we might see him getting the chop if he doesnt improve his communication skills wth the players (he has lots for the journo frnds)

    By Blogger DDirector, at 13:58  

  • Wilson's full comments in The Age can be found through this link. He makes the point that GC failed to develop young batting talent, a damning charge since this is what was supposed to be his greatest strength. He goes on to say that he was surprised that Chappell was appointed coach of India but might actually be in the right in the SG case.

    By Blogger sunki, at 15:11  

  • I'm new to this blog, but been browsing it for a while. Must say I am rather astounded by the extent to which ppl are willing to condemn a man - the most successful captain in indian cricket no less - on the basis of what one individual has to say after he's spent, what, 3 weeks of time with the team and the captain?
    If Greg is such a "uniter" as opposed to the ogre Ganguly, how come he was quizzing team members on their impressions about their captain's injury a day b4 a test match?
    If he is such a uniter, why was he trying to mess up Bhajji - oh I forgot anyone who speaks ill of St.Greg must be lying too by definition...
    Does anyone care to guess how the Ozzies would have reacted if Gavaskar became their manager, and his first act was to clash with Steve Waugh and allege the worst possible things about him that anyone can about a pro sportsman? Am I the only one who thinks that a captain who has literally built the most successful team India has ever seen deserves a little more respect and trust, to at least not have his personal integrity (not his batting form) questioned on the basis of one man's word against him? Is that the way we would like ourselves to be treated, even if we were not elite cricketers?

    Exactly how many teams have GC managed successfully - to show that his drill sergeant ways actually work with homo sapiens?
    As for GC's claims to integrity - notwithstanding the touching faith some of us Indian "fans" have reposed in that - I have one response: underarm bowling in the last over of a 1-day match.

    And all this bs about the Aussie way and how that will magically deliver the Indian team from mediocrity... seems a bit like hiring a German coach to get the Brazilian football side into shape after the 1990 World Cup. The Brazilians didn't, because they realized that football is not just about running and being fit- it's about using your skill advantages wherever they exist. The Aussies themselves sucked big time for years during the 80s and 90s, and didn't go about hiring West Indian coaches to beat their team up into becoming West Indies. Coaching is also about understanding your players, exploiting their strengths and instilling confidence in them. And it also means sometimes dealing with mercurial personalities.....

    Let's also realize that one season of under-performance in 1-dayers does not mean doomsday for a team. The only TEST series the team lost last season was to Aus, and that too narrowly after a test that we dominated had its last day washed out. Does anyone even talk about how England has been doing in 1-day matches? Does anyone care that they lost the series to Safrica after winning the test series, or that they lost a final to Aus before the test series? The point is - losses in 1 day matches outside of major tourneys could add up to some concern, but not to the doomsday scenario that people are bleating about constantly.

    And finally, I wish the true fans - hopefully not an extinct species, especially among the media -would now just sit back and give the team the space and peace of mind to work things out. I am probably in a minority who agree with the BCCI committee, essentially seeing this dispute as a clash of personalities, that both parties - in their own selfish interest if nothing else - need to get past. Absent clear evidence or other witnesses to back him up, GC can't be taken at his word, simply because one doesn't throw out someone who has led successfully - with multiple managers and coaches - over the past 5 years on the basis of one man's impression formed over 3 weeks. It's a simple principle any organization or sports team should stand by.

    By Blogger justafan, at 15:52  

  • Justafan:
    CAM (cant agree more)...very very well put

    By Blogger DDirector, at 15:57  

  • ddirector, justafan.

    One question to you guys... do you think SG can command a place in the side as a batsman? If not, he should go. The final objective is to see India regain top glory... if that means dumping SG and GC, then so be it.

    By Blogger Kannan, at 16:06  

  • Justafan,

    a) If the Aussies cannot stomach a Gavaskar as coach, that is their loss.

    b) There is a major difference between Bhajji's accusation and Greg's. Bhajji's is hearsay -- he says he was told what he was told by "some friends". Who? Do you realize that Laxman could have made the exact same statement?

    c) You don't have to be a "uniter" to be a coach. That is the Captain's job. On the other hand, the one thing a Captain should never be is a divider.

    d) Certainly there are good Indian coaches. Chandrakant Pandit, Sandeep Patil, et al. But what are their chances when even someone with the proven record of John Wright was eventually beaten to the ground and had to quit?

    e) Ganguly had just one coach to deal with -- John Wright. And he did best when JW was still asserting himself, and has consistently failed ever since JW gave up the fight.

    f) All that said, I agree with you, no need to panic simply because of one season's worth of crap playing. We should wait for at least two seasons' worth.

    By Blogger idlivada, at 16:09  

  • justafan:

    On that ground, Ganguly should've never been allowed to play test cricket at all when he refused to take drinks and towels when he was a 12th man. That incident when he was a newcomer showed that he expected to be treated specially and spoiled the team spirit.

    Just like Ganguly learned from that incident and never repeated it, so did Chappell after the underarm ball incident.

    If you keep talking about the past then the current issue goes nowhere.

    The sorry state of Indian Cricket is only because people try to cling on to their spot citing their golden moments in the past.

    Regarding your point on Indian Cricket skills are different than Australians and hence training method needs to be different; fitness comes first any any sport. And Ganguly is only next to Nehra (or Khan) when it comes to fitness level.

    GC has said himself that Sehwag's style must be preserved. This is just an example of him being aware of what needs to be done.

    Indian Cricket has talent but lacks the right process to shape it. That's why we have superstars in the team. Aussies record shows that there are not many super stars, but all 11 players do perform. That's because they got the process right. Sacking Taylor/Steve Waugh and even Mark Waugh and now Martin shows this process can be ruthless but effective. Basically emotions do not play any role. Their Cricket system works like a reliable machine.

    Chappell's arrival on Indian Cricket's horizon was definately going to shake things up. Don't question his goal. Just realize that this is good for Indian Cricket.

    By Blogger Rahul, at 16:28  

  • idlivada,

    a) If the Aussies cannot stomach a Gavaskar as coach, that is their loss.

    Wonder whether the Aussies will feel that way. When you use the word 'stomach', use it in the same context as justafan has used. If Gavaskar or anyone does what justafan has mentioned, then there's no question of stomaching anything. Why is it their loss? Just because he is Gavaskar? We didn't gain anything from Kapil the coach? How many people said at that time that it is India's loss? Hardly anyone because simply Kapil didn't fit in as a coach.

    b) There is a major difference between Bhajji's accusation and Greg's. Bhajji's is hearsay -- he says he was told what he was told by "some friends". Who? Do you realize that Laxman could have made the exact same statement?

    Correction, not everything that Bhajji said is hearsay. You need to go and read that again. The one part that was hearsay was the one about creating rift between RD and Bhajji. HT has published reports where many players talked anonymously (for obvious reasons) complaining about GC and those were not hearsay.

    c) You don't have to be a "uniter" to be a coach. That is the Captain's job. On the other hand, the one thing a Captain should never be is a divider.

    Who said that the coach's job is not to unite the team and keep it together? Where did you learn such things about that being captain's job? Are you suggesting that it is ok for the coach to be a divider? Bhajji claimed that Ganguly has built this team up, how can he divide the team? One report claims that as many as 8 out of 10 players were complaining about GC. So who is in the 'other' camp? What divide GC is talking about really?

    d) Certainly there are good Indian coaches. Chandrakant Pandit, Sandeep Patil, et al. But what are their chances when even someone with the proven record of John Wright was eventually beaten to the ground and had to quit?

    Wright had a pretty decent record. If GC can achieve even half of what JW achieved, then I'll call him successful. Sure, JW had issues in the later part of his tenure, but he also made up his mind to go back to NZ because of his family. He is yet to take any assignement.

    By Blogger Dadagiri, at 16:31  

  • Rahul,
    One question for you. GC's underarm incident can be proved. Do you have anything to support your claim that SG indeed refused to carry drinks? Alleged reports don't count. SG has always denied that incident. You know what...it has nothing to with GC or his vision for Indian cricket. If another guy has wrote a similar email dissing SG, fans like you still would have lapped it up. Why? That's because it is against SG. This thing about GC's stature (someone told me about it yesterday) is all crap. It's all about SG and how much you guys hate him. Period.

    By Blogger Dadagiri, at 16:36  

  • DadaGiri,

    I'm not against Ganguly. Also I'm no fan of Chappell either.

    Why would I and many others feel that Chappell just spoke their mind about Ganguly?

    We as a die hard Cricket fan (just like you) want Indian Cricket to shine and sincerely feel that Ganguly cannot take us their as he is dead as player.

    For that matter I hate Tendulkar as well because he has always kept quiet on serious issues on Indian Cricket bring fully aware of those when he could have formed a powerful lobby of players just like what Imran did for Pak.

    Don't get us wrong. Ganguly's days are over and that's the only reason he should go.

    By Blogger Rahul, at 16:44  

  • dadaguru,

    you are putting words into my mouth that were never emitted from that orifice..

    a) I don't care what the Aussies think.

    b) Sure, many players have complained about the fact that GC has man management problems. But that is not what I was talking about, and I see anyway that you acknowledge the main point, which was about the whole "he tried to cause a rift between me and RD" nonsense.

    c) never said coach should be a divider. only that it is not his job to be a uniter. if someone is failing miserably (e.g., Laxman in the ODIs), the captain should try to be supportive on the pitch (like SG did for Tendulkar at Melbourne .. good old days). the coach should try to correct any technical problems at the nets, but it is also the coach's prerogative to say "ok, this isn't working, this guy can't handle this job."

    d) ahh.. I miss JW.

    By Blogger idlivada, at 16:58  

  • Rahul,
    It's one thing to say that SG is a deadwood and you want him to go and quite another to believe in every word that GC has said in his email. If you are regular here, you will find even the die hard SG supporter is saying that SG's days are numbered and he has an uphill task compared to GC because his each and every performance will be under severe scrutiny and now even more after this BIG incident.

    I can sit down and have beers with those well wishers of Indian cricket, but I can't tolerate people who believe every words of GC without even hearing the other side of the story and in the process rubbishing all other players too saying they have got complaints against GC because they don't like hard work.

    All these because of comments of one great ex-cricketer who has just taken over the team two months ago? His words are so vital that they are willing to forget the 10 years of contribution of SG and 4-5 years of contribution of other players? Don't they think they deserve better? I have no problem if someone says that Bhajji or SG should be dropped because of his performance. But Bhajji has been called uneducated and unsophisticated on this blog (although the poster later apologized) only because he came in support of SG. Is that fair?

    Not sure whether you have been around in the past week or so, but I can tell you that most of these people were asking for SG's head based on one email from GC. So kindly don't speak for everyone by saying 'us'. Your line of thinking may be different, but I know how the others have reacted in the past week or so.

    By Blogger Dadagiri, at 17:01  

  • Idlivada and others,

    I guess what I am questioning is the "lynchmob" mentality that is on this blog and elsewhere among certain sections of fans and media. Principles that many of us would like to be applied to ourselves - like not being condemned on hearsay, being held innocent till proved guilty must apply to cricketers as well.
    I think it's absurd to suggest a coach doesn't need to "unite".
    So exactly how is collecting other players' opinion on whether the captain is injured or not less hearsay than Bhajji hearing coach's comments about himself from a teammate?
    It's also disturbing to see the extent to which our teammembers are held in poor regard by "fans". They are lazy, don't want to work, just want to diss their coach. Here's an alternative explanation: perhaps many of them have allegiance to their captain, for standing up for them and backing them up in the past, and also out of the camaraderie that comes from pulling together through the ups and downs of adversities and victories. Real teams are often born that way, and when certain members of such teams go thru a slump, the rest may try to form a cocoon of protection. This is kind of true for the Aus team too - which is why folks like Ponting and Warne have been immensely supportive publicly of the Dizzies and the Martyns. Now this can be carried too far, and Martyn has been since dropped, but just to assume that Bhajji or anyone else is supporting Ganguly out of a desire to not stay fit, as many are suggesting, is way out of line in my view.
    Lastly, it's a smart, but vacuous response to say that we shld just wait for them to suck for another season. Seriously, maybe we shld before we consign the team to the dustbin. After all, we didn't lose our shirt waiting for decades before the team could win somewhat consistently abroad - waiting for 20 years before we (again) reached the finals of the WC, 23 years before we won a test match in Aus, uncountable years before we won a test series in Pakistan, and so on. And since it was more or less the same lazy, no-good bunch of do-nothings playing under Public Enemy No.1 that rewarded our patience, maybe our patience will bear fruit once again.

    By Blogger justafan, at 17:25  

  • justafan,

    Yes, you have a point about "sourav being just sourav" hearsay. OK, but that was followed up by the Laxman episode. What price that?

    just so you know, I have been a keen supporter of Ganguly the player until the SL series. He was one of the few people supposedly with match practice under their belts, but he went ahead and failed miserably anyway. And, to be honest, the kind of politicking that was detailed in GC's email made narrative sense -- I've seen that sort of backbiting quite a lot, and not just among Indians.

    As for coaches doing the uniting thing, we'll just have to chalk it up to semantics and agree to amicably disagree.

    But answer me this: it is all well and good to say that there is a lynch mob out to hang poor Ganguly, but do note, he is not quite a damsel in distress -- he has big guns firing for him, and doing quite well too. In all this brouhaha, one point is being missed -- before the first Test it was quite well accepted by everybody (just peruse some of Prem's posts from around that time) that he was out the door, that it was all but certain he would no longer be captain when Sri Lanka showed up. And now? Can you imagine the uproar that would arise if he is not? I just wish he showed the same tactical awareness on a cricket field as he seems to show off it.

    By Blogger idlivada, at 18:32  

  • Dadagiri,

    I don't know what criteria others are using to get Ganguly out, the 6 points the email stresses about Ganguly are absolutely valid and me and my friends have talked about them even before this incident. And always ended our discussion with conclusion "Ganguly is lazy, has attitude issues and is a burden on the team. However, he will never give way for others and somwhow needs to be kicked out".

    Whether it's this blog or some other blog, it doesn't matter. The email from Chappell only echoed these sentiments of many people like me. That's 'us' for me.

    Anyway, there has been truce #2. Chappell is unmoved and all eyes are on SG to get things right. I'm if not happy, OK with this situation.

    Year 2006 will surely end SG's career one way or the other. But the earlier the better.

    By Blogger Rahul, at 19:11  

  • The following make for an interesting read (perhaps you have seen this already):
    http://www.chappellway.com/Images/Uploads/Change Cricket Coaching Model.doc
    http://www.chappellway.com/Images/Uploads/Chappell impressed with Sehwag.doc

    By Blogger ishii, at 19:49  

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