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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More reviews, more committee

News is, vide NDTV, that coach Chappell and captain Ganguly will face the review committee all over again, at the end of the ODI series at home against Sri Lanka and South Africa.
Indian cricket has come to a pretty pass, if the two seniormost members of the actual team -- its leader, and the head of its back-room staff -- are no better than truant schoolboys who need to be periodically hauled before the headmaster.


  • what's amazing to me is how they managed to completely deep-six the laxman incident. In just two days, they've managed to create the impression that bringing up the topic is impolite and boorish, like mentioning a fart in a car.

    The Mumbai Mirror has another story with the headline "Well Swept, BCCI!"


    "First it was Chappell’s turn. The Australian spent an hour explaining his side of the story to the Review Committee, which included former India captains Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri and Srinivas Venkatraghavan.

    Gavaskar, sources said, had a few questions up his sleeve for Chappell.

    When it was Ganguly’s turn, Shastri took over and asked a few tough questions. The India skipper, who had come well prepared for the occasion, distributed a six-page letter to all the members. "

    By Blogger roublen, at 22:51  

  • and do you notice all the leaks favor Ganguly, and that no one has yet leaked an account of what Chappell said at the meeting? It just shows that Dalmiya is shameless, he knows he can do anything, leak anything he wants, and nobody will do a darn thing to him. In that regard, check out Mahendra classic response to the question of who leaked the email.

    By Blogger roublen, at 23:06  

  • Looks like BCCI is a leaking organization. It seems they don't have proper sanitation facilities in their offices.

    It is obvious that somebody who is a BCCI official, who is in favour of Ganguly, (if not precisely Dalmiya) is leaking all these news. They would have announced at the media conference itself, about the decisions like review of selection committee members appointment on a merit basis, re-review of the 2 men after the 2 series, 2 captain theory etc. Instead, they chose to leak all these through media.

    By Blogger devatha, at 23:16  

  • roublen:

    Well said about leaks favoring SG. Definetly it is Dalmiya / SG combo at work. What more can you expect from Dalmiya?

    Press is finding it very easy to gets its hands on what SG said in the meeting. Despite the media gag reports about what actually transpired during the BCCI review committee meeting suggest that Ganguly was impressive while defending his case. Wow... What description!!

    Now how come the same press is finding it hard to gather even one bit of information on what GC said in the meeting!! Very strange...

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 23:34  

  • NDTV says: If Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi can make it work then so can these two.

    They conviniently forget that before they separated, they were #1 pair. After they came back, they hardly got any seed and could not stay together for long. Would this be the way SG and GC will stick together?

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 23:36  

  • GC should call it quits and let the great dalmiya-ganguly and phunking! spineless Sunny G and the whole gutter on indian cricket takeover...mint money...win ones in a while...if they care...generate arollocing bank account...Why bother when there is no will to top...SG is so quick to jump to his defense ..But can't step down for his absymal performance....while the great sachin tendulkar wants to keep everything in the gutter room...balls to every ram , suresh..and ganesh...
    the whole indian systems stinks...and we have a billion to content with!!!

    By Blogger rajan, at 00:12  

  • and in case you are wondering what is the australian way, this article gives a good insight...


    The Aussies know they have a problem and are adressing it...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 04:34  

  • WOW Saurabh, actually using the A tours to mould players, picking people based on actual CURRENT performance. I guess that's just the Australin way, you understand ofcourse yaar that this won't work in India.

    By Blogger Gopalblog, at 08:46  

  • There is no point in having this review committee after every 2 series, if infact this committee does nothing. The way they conducted the SG-GC issue, was a shame. I never expected this from a person of the stature of Sunny G. What is the point of people talking about India need to be the best, if the players themselves are not willing to put the hard yards. I feel, SG should have been asked to take a fitness ( bleep ) test like they do for all other countries to prove that he is innocent. I guess, I am still in dream world as far as Indian cricket is concerned. Most of them are stagnated. People like HS, ZK VVS etc, all these guys they play only when conditions suit them. They don't adjust, experiment etc. When the coach tries to make them work hard to take them to the next level, they complain. Plainly, these guys think there is nobody to replace them. Especially, HS who needs to be replaced with someone else for some period to show that indiscipline cannot be tolerated. I am really ashamed to be an Indian supporter. Let's see what this 3 man selection panel, that everybody says will be performance oriented, does.

    By Blogger sv, at 09:02  

  • The question that needs to be asked is where was Ganguly when Chappell went out to toss with the opposing captain? Now, we all selfconfessed Ganguly baiters are aware of his penchant for being late. Did Ganguly mean during his testimony that Chappell asked him to stay in the pavilion while he went out to toss with the opposing captain? Seems unlikely...

    Moreover, Ganguly is said to have felt humiliated coz of this!!! does he ever feel or know that the legions of indian cricket fans feel the same way when the top cricketing sides know & believe that the Indian captain is a sitting duck...

    Shame on him and our stupid cricket administrators!!

    By Blogger Lalith Pasupuleti, at 10:14  

  • India's next test series are v/s PAK and then v/s ENG. Rest all are ODIs.

    SG's (lack of) performace in ODIs will not be enough either to save him or knock him out. I hope first Akhtar and then Flintoff wipes him off in the tests. That will surely signal the end of him as a cricketer.

    I wrote yesterday about Ganguly earlier in his career refusing to take drinks on the ground as a 12th man and someone said there was no proof of it. The only proof I have is some people at high level took it seriously and Ganguly was gone off the team for a long time after that.

    Another incident is few years ago, to regain his (everlost) form, he decided to play a warmup game against the visiting team playing for Delhi (not his home team). This was arranged specially for him. And this sucker instead of staying with the team stayed in 5-start hotel !!

    Third one is shuffling Tendulkar's position in ODIs when the team was in England.

    How about so many occasions when you know so clearly that he is batting only to get a 100? How about getting out of the next ball after reaching one of the ugliest of 100s in the last tour? And how about getting caught behind (again) after facing 50 balls in the next game?

    How about the endless match reports that slam clueless field settings and bowling changes at a crucial point in the game?

    And do you believe that a strong throw is a better quality of Tendulkar than his sharp cricketing brain to keep him on third man or long on positions ?

    Ganguly's 'best captain ever' stats also do not reveal the facts.
    The 4+ years since he took over the captaincy, the team itself was maturing. Plus BCCI was so shocked with the fixing scandal that they did many things right with a new coach, trainer, and also with selection. Ganguly benfitted from that.

    Ganguly at the best is a player of a level who plays 50-60 tests and retires. He has already crossed that line.

    There is no doubt that he loves to lead and play politics. Obviuosly the next step for him to either take politics on a full time basis or become a BCCI official.

    By Blogger Rahul, at 10:57  

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