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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Let's see, if a spinner is bowling tight on the stumps, how and where can you hit the ball with least risk?

Who said straight? Go to the top of the class. Straight it is, and if it is an offie, that means more mid on, than mid off, since you are playing with the turn.

So the most crucial position becomes mid on. Who do we have there? Ashish Nehra -- standing on the line. Where, twice in the past three-four overs, he has been too slow to cut off a four, and he never was fast enough to stop singles anyways.

Wouldn't you want a faster fielder there? Wouldn't you want the fielder standing up to stop the driven singles?


  • Prem
    May be SG should stand there*LOL* he will be as slow as nehra is....

    By Blogger Sriram Vanamamalai, at 10:12  

  • Nehra the oaf...misfields..india can't afford that

    By Blogger joblesscricketfan, at 10:12  

  • Prem

    Instead how abt chucking this guy out from the team , he is such an insane guy without any sense whatsoever, a bigtime loser..

    By Blogger Neelan, at 10:13  

  • Gangu is now going to real mad at Yuvi

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:14  

  • what happened with Yuvi? PLease explain, I am at work now, could see the cricket if I wanted but IT guys will make a big issue out of it:)

    By Blogger Toney, at 10:15  

  • hmm is there a twist in the tail

    By Blogger JD, at 10:16  

  • toney
    just that yuvi got a wicket :)

    By Blogger JD, at 10:17  

  • toney...Yuvi got McMillan out caught behind, thus spoiling Gangu's plans.

    By Blogger ClannZĂș, at 10:17  

  • this is their chance. pressure's on NZ, keep the fielding tight etc etc

    By Blogger Sujata, at 10:17  

  • Gee, thats a good reason for SG to get angry :)

    By Blogger Toney, at 10:18  

  • NZ looking to see off Sehwag!

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:19  

  • Old jungle saying,

    The Indians wont mind the singles !!!

    By Blogger Ramji, at 10:21  

  • Gangu can still take heart from the fact that he can bring the seamers on - spinners cant be bowling in the slog overs, na?

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:22  

  • intresting 11 overs left
    5 for yuvi and 3 for bajji
    there still might be a teeny chance for us

    By Blogger JD, at 10:22  

  • ramji - its changed to indian wont mind losing these meaningless finals.. the real one's in '07!

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:22  

  • jd, u r an optimist. but i suspect u have no chance against gangs commitment to failure.

    By Blogger JK, at 10:23  

  • tiger, SG has always been like that

    By Blogger Sujata, at 10:24  

  • Indian team needs a Mangal Pandey to revolt agains the oppresive rule of Ganguly

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:24  

  • wtf was that lingsters

    By Blogger JD, at 10:25  

  • some spamster

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:25  

  • tiger,
    i can't even see a whimper of resistance. dravid seems to be sulking and doesn't seem active in any decision making.

    By Blogger JK, at 10:26  

  • with nehra in the outfield dont expect a run out

    By Blogger Sujata, at 10:27  

  • Rd might be mad at not being the captain. Well he should be happy no one will blame him for the loss atleast..

    By Blogger Sriram Vanamamalai, at 10:27  

  • tiger- yes of course, we'll lose that in style as well, kya samjhe ? teams look to get a hat trick of wins -hum tho zara hatke hain... what say

    By Blogger Ramji, at 10:28  

  • to give gang a very very large benifit of doubt he might have been trying to get through 4-5 overs from the seamers so that the spinners then could bowl through till the end

    By Blogger JD, at 10:28  

  • harbajan has undone the pressure, and SG is dumb enough to continue with him until all the pressure is off

    By Blogger Sujata, at 10:28  

  • Can we re-bowl our first ten overs please?

    By Blogger Toney, at 10:29  

  • yuvi is certainly upto some "mischief" here!

    By Blogger cartan, at 10:29  

  • jk - Thats what even I've noticed...throughout this series Dravid has hardly been involved in any decision making.

    By Blogger ClannZĂș, at 10:29  

  • well sujata
    who else do u think should bowl?

    By Blogger JD, at 10:29  

  • if slow bowling is creating such a +ve impact, why doesnt AA, or IP or AN do a ghavri, come in off a short run and zip it thru?

    By Blogger Ramji, at 10:30  

  • wow. gangs is making even shastri seem smart.

    By Blogger JK, at 10:31  

  • now ganguly will come up with a moment of magic. Toss the ball to kaif and dravid for 3 overs of off-spin.....lol.

    By Blogger cartan, at 10:31  

  • bhajji ne aaj bhaaji nahi khayi - total flop show!

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:31  

  • jd- since we have very little choice, i'd go with agarkar. or even with ganguly...not that it matters much at this stage, NZ have won and won easily. But SG has shown the same unimaginative captaincy he always does when things don't go his way automatically...

    By Blogger Sujata, at 10:34  

  • I have a feeling that SRT might make a comeback as a captain sooner or later..

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:34  

  • Hmm, 44 from 39 balls, two tight overs in a row is all we need

    By Blogger Toney, at 10:35  

  • ONE improvement in India is the reduction in number of noballs and wides.. but if Zaheer comes back into the team..

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:36  

  • the spinners are the only reason we have not lost yet and bajji had 1 bad over

    By Blogger JD, at 10:36  

  • at least zaheer strikes early and manages to get you a wicket or two...in SA he was simply superb.

    By Blogger Sujata, at 10:37  

  • sujata, u r 2 kind. 'unimaginative captaincy' is being too kind to gangs. almost everyone agreed that after the 10th over, that slow bowlers should have been introduced (not just here but even shastri and gavaskar). so this is not hindsight. it was common sense.

    By Blogger JK, at 10:37  

  • I think Yuvraj should be used more with his kind of bowling especially in the sub-continent. He bowls without any sort of pace which makes him difficult to slog at. Gives us another option in the middle overs.

    By Blogger ClannZĂș, at 10:37  

  • we need someone to bowl 3 more overs

    By Blogger JD, at 10:37  

  • finally, dravid takes over.

    By Blogger JK, at 10:38  

  • lol- ganguly has run off

    By Blogger Sujata, at 10:38  

  • and now why is gangu off the field - I dont have sound ?

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:38  

  • catain of the ship is running away. Gags is upto his drama

    By Blogger jaiho, at 10:38  

  • i think ganguly should bowl now. It is his responsibility to bail us out now. If he gets whacked...well.....additional reason to kick him out!

    By Blogger cartan, at 10:38  

  • Seems like SG has a problem with his contact lenses?

    By Blogger Toney, at 10:38  

  • Gangu can now claim - he brought India to brink of victory and Dravid screwed up at the end

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:38  

  • he can blame the defeat on Dravid

    By Blogger jaiho, at 10:39  

  • bhajji is really hopeless today

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:39  

  • To suggest that Ganguly has run-off is really really cheap.

    By Blogger Oracle Guy, at 10:39  

  • SG Supporters can now calim his contact lenses were a problem for him to not to see things properly.... *L*

    By Blogger Sriram Vanamamalai, at 10:40  

  • hahahaa

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:40  

  • Hope he comes back.

    By Blogger Oracle Guy, at 10:40  

  • khel khatam paisa hajam..

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:40  

  • jk, what can i say, it's rude to call SG a moron. now bhaji's giving away 6's...

    ok folks can't see more of this, I'm off, looking 'forward' to the next series...

    By Blogger Sujata, at 10:41  

  • When Tight overs needed Bhajji bowls NZ to victory

    By Blogger Sriram Vanamamalai, at 10:41  

  • tiger, ha that was a really funny comment about SG and dravid!

    By Blogger Sujata, at 10:42  

  • sujata - u must be an eternal optimist! looking forward!!

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:42  

  • You are looking forward to Victory or defeat in the next series Sujata? bacuse If you cant see by the way they are playing you will get more of the same

    By Blogger Sriram Vanamamalai, at 10:42  

  • tiger, the forward was in italics..*g*

    By Blogger Sujata, at 10:42  

  • there's still hope, mate. All we have to do is bowl 5 tight overs:)

    By the way, can SG play against the Indian bowlers? We seem to have a habit of getting all out-of-form batsmen into world beaters. Or is it beyond that stage too?

    By Blogger Toney, at 10:43  

  • press conference gags would say I did my work The team failed me.

    By Blogger jaiho, at 10:44  

  • wah! wide first ball

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:45  

  • Gangu back on field? why?

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:45  

  • sriram, we indians watch no matter what...are we dumb or what?

    By Blogger Sujata, at 10:46  

  • thank god Sg would say that jaiho. What if he says i tried to beat the team (Indian team) and I succeeded.

    By Blogger Sriram Vanamamalai, at 10:46  

  • Sujata You have a point there. Indians must be the ideal picture for optimism. We never give up on this bunch of losers do we?

    By Blogger Sriram Vanamamalai, at 10:47  

  • Isnt it time for Bhajji to be dumped.. he is still in the team for this 2001 showing.. Raina wudnt have done much worse than him

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:47  

  • Looks like a fight is on guys between the players to see who performs badly and gets out of the team.....

    By Blogger Sriram Vanamamalai, at 10:50  

  • that proves it.. dravid is mad at Gangu!

    By Blogger Tiger, at 10:51  

  • Sujata - That's called sticking through thick and thin. IF you think we are dumb, imagine the plight of English fans. At least we reach the finals.

    By Blogger Oracle Guy, at 10:56  

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