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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Off tangent

Two stories related to sports news caught my attention on a day the Indian cricket media appears to have little of real worth to say. Off topic for this blog yes, but you guys need to see these two stories: The first, is about Soma Biswas and Sushmita Roy, gold and silver medallists at the recent Asian Track and Field Championships. Guess how they travelled home; take a guess, too, what mode of transport the likes of IOC chief Suresh Kalmadi normally prefers?
The second relates to the national weightlifters, and the punitive action they faced for not turning up in time for a dope test. It's a different matter that the national weightlifters have consistently disgraced themselves on this score; more so after the association in its wisdom hired a bunch of out of work Russian coaches who, eager to produce results, filled the lifters up with everything that could be swallowed, or injected.
The thing here though is, it is the WFI's responsibility to get its athletes to venues on time -- whether for a tournament, or for dope tests, or any other official reason at all. It fails in that duty, it is fined, it promptly passes the fine on to the lifters themselves.
The WFI then announced that the defaulters were barred from participating in the trials held for the two forthcoming international competitions — the upcoming Asian Weightlifting Meet in Dubai and the Commonwealth meet in Melbourne next month.
That, says Dora, is because the WFI ‘‘wanted to be teach the lifters a lesson’’.
However, sources in the sport say there’s another reason for the ban: Had the lifters participated abroad, they would have tested positive. And that would have drawn a ban on the federation itself.

Makes me wonder -- just what does the WFI then take responsibility for? It is not responsible for performance. Not for punctuality. Not for providing good training facilities. Not for keeping its athletes clean. So why does the body need to exist, anyways?


  • Prem: I think we should also consider (maybe Rediff's sports columnist) to come up with a blog with all of India's sporting heros (other than cricket). We can see so many heroic tales but none of them get that much attention. I am sure a blog on the "other" sports would also serve atleast a reminder to the sporting public of India that there are sports other than Cricket.

    For example, Mahesh Bhupathi...the guy has been playing so well in tennis but in the recent Sania Mania, his truimph in the US Open is not that big a news-item than that of Sania's 4th round exit. Its not a level playing field, you see...

    Hence, I feel we require a Sports Blog-just like your Sight Screen - so that it can highlight these sportspeople's achievements.

    By Blogger madhugr, at 01:28  

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