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Friday, September 02, 2005

Official India-NZ thread!

*L* Sorry, not that I have anything against Worma's, but people seem to be scattered all over, as Yakub pointed out in a post. So hey, people's, come home to one thread, makes it easier to follow. :-)


  • Seems like Sijata's words were prophetic, would have been handy to have another slip to start off (5th over), another boundary in the over as I write this

    By Blogger Toney, at 03:54  

  • Toney, take heart, we still have our Aggi, and here he comes!

    By Blogger Sujata, at 03:56  

  • Nehra goes for 2 4s and Pathan gets replaced? brilliant!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 03:57  

  • where is everyone ? Dont seem to be many people here. And as I read Prem's post, it does look like pitch reports were way off. trying to get in to see the action.

    By Blogger worma, at 03:57  

  • Pathan taken out after 2 overs? Thought Nehra was more expensive. Any comments from guys who're watching?

    By Blogger N, at 03:58  

  • stand by for one more flying through where third slip should be. :-(

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 03:58  

  • After resting Bond and Vettori - why would NZ want to bat first ? that's crazy to say the least.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 03:58  

  • most likely Pathan will be changing ends..

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 03:59  

  • Agarkar looking impressive, maybe Pathan will bowl from the other end

    By Blogger Sujata, at 03:59  

  • After resting Bond and Vettori -rather NZ would want to have bowl first?

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:00  

  • brilliant stuff by AA

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:01  

  • From cricinfo it sounds as if he's bowling wide of off right thru.

    By Blogger N, at 04:01  

  • AA getting consistent swin in his last over, Pathan changes ends

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:02  

  • pathan changes end.. yacrik gets it right

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:02  

  • cricinfo says "Agarkar starts off with a wayward over"

    By Blogger N, at 04:02  

  • Arun Lal is a joke.

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:02  

  • pathan changes end.. yacrik gets it right!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:03  

  • it is unusual they started with Nehra instead of Pathan. My guess is both will change ends now

    By Blogger N, at 04:03  

  • Once again...Indians look so lacklustre on the field....and it is hardly 6-7 overs!

    By Blogger Jammy, at 04:03  

  • pathan is bowling too slow...he needs to up his pace

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:04  

  • mrv: agree AL is a big joke. he says this is a very imprtant match for both sides..
    then why would they rest Bond and Vettori.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:04  

  • Really bland stuff from Pathan, he can do better

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:04  

  • It's a slow pitch!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:05  

  • Uh oh, Pathan's off the boil here -- that's twice in an over he's gone down leg; unusual when he is hitting his straps.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 04:05  

  • Why is pathan straying on the leg side so often ? This is his problem...even during the days when he is in good form, tends to have an off day. happened in SL also.

    By Blogger worma, at 04:05  

  • Pathan afflicted by the AA disease , bowling both sides of the wicket

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:05  

  • yeah prem,thats what. Contrast this to a Vaas..who when in good nick, means that even if he has an off day, that would be just fewer(or no) wickets...he would still be damn tough to score off

    By Blogger worma, at 04:06  

  • unable to control the swing guys..

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:06  

  • Agarkar looking the only one likely to take a wicket

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:07  

  • there was a thread in the srilanka bangladesh match, on why vaas did not get selected to world XI

    Prem any thoughts?

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:07  

  • yes sujata, astle seems like almost giving away his wicket to every AA ball

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:08  

  • gaurav: that's a no-brainer; how many fans, and more importantly sponsors, does Vaas have?

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 04:08  

  • No early wkts today? :-(

    By Blogger N, at 04:08  

  • swing and miss - Twice!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:08  

  • how about taking pathan off and bringing in Nehra again..

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:09  

  • Any idea why they oped for Astle over Vincent? They thought he wasn't good enough just 2 matches after scoring 172?

    By Blogger N, at 04:10  

  • gaurav - yep!

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:10  

  • hehe, nice one prem! Looks like this world XI stuff is only for Indian TV audience

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:10  

  • prem, did you read Osma Samiuddin's view on the World XI team?

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:10  

  • Pathan looking good in this over so far

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:11  

  • My Willow Feed is horrible frame by frame...I am US (Washington DC)

    Am I the only one having this problem?

    By Blogger Suresh_SP, at 04:11  

  • Vass' bowling has been very poor is Aus compared to others in the world X1.
    Vaas: avg 37.93 at SR 78.8 in Tests - very very poor.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:12  

  • sujata, nehra pathan switch may happen soon....maybe next over

    By Blogger worma, at 04:12  

  • Yet again, vacant 3rd slip area provides a boundary, Gavaskar advocates a wide 2nd slip, wonder what happens when the edge goes b/w slip 1 and 2

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:12  

  • suresh: willow.tv seems to be fine for me

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:12  

  • From the Brearley article I linked to earlier: Vaughan's England have also challenged the shibboleth that when there is one slip he must be at first slip, and when more than one they must be adjacent to each other. It used to be considered almost sinful for the ball to go between two slips in the air, whereas it was just one of those things if it went wide of the widest slip. England are now willing to have a second slip and a fifth slip, if that is what the bowler's - or the captain's - hunch suggests.
    That's twice SF was gone at third slip, if there was one.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 04:13  

  • yacrik Akhtar's stats are poorer than that I believe ?

    By Blogger worma, at 04:13  

  • gaurav
    Thanks.. Huh I am the only one then..

    By Blogger Suresh_SP, at 04:14  

  • toney: Yeah, saw it. :-)

    Guys, am watching, but off this for about half an hour. Something to do. Back soon.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 04:14  

  • Worma- i hope so, unless SG is still banking on Pathan and 2 slips.:)

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:15  

  • On the subject of world XI, isn't Inzamam one of the best middle order bat on current form --- he also doesn't find a place

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:15  

  • ok fleming to face AA now, time to spray the ball :)

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:15  

  • Gaurav,
    Even then, it is not reason enough for pakistanis to protest out on the streets; is it that impt? Inzi "shocked and aghast", PCB complains, fans take out protest matches....

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:17  

  • Have Indians opted for the next powerplay?

    By Blogger N, at 04:18  

  • did i just hear the comm say 'ganguly still utilising 2 slippers?' is that an official term?

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:18  

  • Akhtar's Test SR: 60.1
    ODI : 19.88 / 23.6

    He has fantastic stat against Aus in Aus

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:19  

  • toney..they shud also take out protest march that Shoaib is selected :-)

    By Blogger worma, at 04:19  

  • n, yes

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:19  

  • Kiwi's have done well....Smart move to keep out Bond....SG not having too much luck with his tosses for sure

    By Blogger ilovecricket, at 04:19  

  • Yeah given the selection I don't think World XI is worth fighting for ;)

    Pakistanies have their own story, its their way to distract attention away from other burning issues

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:19  

  • n: yes they have.

    By Blogger worma, at 04:19  

  • SG takes out one of the slips

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:20  

  • surely this would be his last over

    By Blogger worma, at 04:20  

  • I think Inzi is left out because of his poor running and lack of style. his record against australia is also poor

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:20  

  • Worma,
    Looks like AA really visited this blog the other day... He seems to be trying n keeping the faith of his supporters...;-)

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:20  

  • Looks like India have to use their super sub karthik....

    I would say for today get him instead of pathan... he can atleast get a crack for 5 overs

    pathan is walking like a sick man

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:21  

  • By the way,BCCI agreed to play a test in Karachi, something the Aussies, Poms or Kiwis will never do. Wonder who Paki radicals' biggest enemy is, India or far-away Kiwis!
    Pathan seems to be off-colour today

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:21  

  • slipper?

    A low shoe that can be slipped on and off easily and usually worn indoors.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:22  

  • guys, what do you think of Pathan's length?

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:22  

  • Sujata, do you think that has been one of the criteria's in selection --- how well players have performed against australia in past?

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:22  

  • sujata, well leaving out Inzy in tests was simple, hasn't done well down under, and cant expect that to change in one match. In ODIs while his middle order batting is up there close to best, he is not a multi-utility player, and I feel they opted for those kind. Also running btw as u said, and fielding.

    Agarkar takes first one !

    By Blogger worma, at 04:22  

  • And Agarkar keeps my faith in him intact...for today.:)

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:22  

  • Astle flashing once too often

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:22  

  • AA gets the man who was trying hard to get back to pavillion

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:23  

  • No No... Gaurav ... how can u replace Pathan... who will score the runs later.... ( ensuring the margin of defeat is lesser)

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:23  

  • yeda: yes looks like Agarkar decide to keep us 'interested' :-)

    By Blogger worma, at 04:23  

  • Agree that Inzi and Vaas havent exactly done wonders against Aus and I personally dont have a big problem with the team except for SRT's inclusion when his fitness isnt confirmed. And in any case, it is no easy task to get 11-12 of the best in the world as a team and satisfy everyone

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:23  

  • Sujata,
    I think credit goes to AA and Astle too. Astle had been trying to get that edge several time in the past couple of overs. Astle's persistence pays off, it seems

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:25  

  • what a tactical blunder... get slow moving Astle out ... here comes Lou Vincent!
    AA should be fired.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:25  

  • toney I'm sure that Karachi decision would have come from MEA

    By Blogger worma, at 04:25  

  • I think they should get Bajji on next over & see how NZ goes about it.

    By Blogger N, at 04:25  

  • gaurav- i think so, plus the fact that they want players who have star power. Afridi entertains more than Inzi...isn't Sunny the head selector?

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:25  

  • Toney,
    Can't agree more man...

    Remember the usual media space occupied by the Bradman's best team.... etc etc

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:26  

  • MEA?

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:26  

  • and yeda on subbing pathan, lets see if Nz miss vettori with the bat...he's been doing even more than pathan this tour

    By Blogger worma, at 04:26  

  • Ministry of External Affairs = MEA (I didn't make it up, thats official ;-)

    By Blogger worma, at 04:27  

  • worma- exactly!

    Toney- the reason they want SRT, fit or not , is obvious.

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:27  

  • anyone watching in India? Is it being shown on espnstar?

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:28  

  • Sujata - yes, sunny is the head selector. But given the kind of marketing hype around the event.... players entertainment value seems to be a factor

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:28  

  • S: You need to take your cues from Sunny, Arun and co. There is no such thing as leaving the obvious unsaid. *L*

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 04:28  

  • Oh OK. I think PCB said something to the effect that BCCI's approval is on condition of approval from India's govt agencies, I wasnt aware that the MEA already gave the go-ahead. I am not a big fan of having Indians as guinea-pigs to prove something to the world

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:29  

  • fleming is in great touch...I think soon its time to get a spinner...need him to do something rash

    By Blogger worma, at 04:29  

  • Sujata,
    Where hv u been for all these days? ... R u not into full time reporting these days?

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:30  

  • Lost count of the boundaries in Nehra's over, sorry

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:30  

  • one more from fleming

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:30  

  • The pitch looking true...should be good for Sehwag and SG

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:30  

  • Prem,
    In Benaud's interview, he mentioned something about Gillespie having a problem with his action at time of delivery. Did you pick up something?

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:31  

  • As far as sehwag is concerned, pitch does not make too much of a difference

    Ganguly would hate this pitch.... he will not have any excuses today ;)

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:32  

  • Vaas - ODI Bowling against Australia, at the opposition's home:

    Avg: 31.76 Econ: 4.90 SR: 38.8

    Akthar: 19.88 / 23.6

    Clearly Akhtar is miles ahead of Vaas.
    Vaas is a home king... his medium pace gets killed.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:32  

  • Vincent getting on with the job

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:32  

  • toney I'm not sure either.....what I meant was that the decision would come from MEA, so BCCI hsa no role there. And usually the govt agencies do good work of judging the security and such aspects. Personally I also dont want cricketers to be used that way, lets hope they get it right. Even the SL tour was quite dangerous, did you read that article about Kadirgaman murder (and Indian embassadors vehicle abduction...just before the tour)

    By Blogger worma, at 04:33  

  • And Prem, Since u r back... and the game giving nothing intersting to ask rite now... why dont u share ur usual day goes on the match days ( or nights...whatever b the case)...

    Its not a Q unrelated to cric... afterall tht drives Prem's schedule for the day... Right?

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:33  

  • toney: I suspect what RB was talking about was his tendency to stutter into his delivery stride... if you look at Gillespie at his best, he has this beautiful extension -- picture perfect delivery stride. Something's been wrong in England, his front leg is not stretching as smooth, and long, as at his best. If there is anything else wrong, sorry, didnt pick it.
    Independent once ran this great pic of Dizzy in his delivery stride... they used it long, over more than half a page. You could use it to teach fast bowling with.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 04:33  

  • Prem, LOL

    Yakub- I was never into full time reporting, and had been busy for some time. I was content to sit back and watch the game but Prem has this knack of making me write.:)

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:34  

  • yacrik I was talking of tests, Vaas better than Akhtar there, didn't know about the ODIs.

    By Blogger worma, at 04:34  

  • Guys watching...you think this is a 300 pitch?

    By Blogger N, at 04:35  

  • Ok folks, see you all later, right now it's harvesting time for NZ. Hopefully Indian batting will come good and Worma can say ' I told you so' to me...:)

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:36  

  • Hope guys got proof , pudding etc etc. Tope 5 reasons why AA is bowling well.

    1. Bond and vettori have been rested and so its 2nd string NZ team
    2. NZ is no good a team
    3. Pitch is swinging only from this end ( pathan swung it so much in his 1st 2 overs that he himself swung out of the attack)
    4. NZ is tactically making sure AA plays the final and the they can hit him
    5. AA has learnt black magic(voodoooo) , he used it till date on a few of his fans and selectors now he is using it against NZ batters
    He may get hit for 20 runs next over and let us criticize him for that but when he does well appreciate it rather than back handed forehanded off handed remarks

    P.S as I type this he is smashed for a four by Lou:-(

    By Blogger Avinash, at 04:36  

  • take care sujata, see you later.... I hope you are not using this break to get some good omen for team india ;)

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:37  

  • Sujata,
    Prem has the knack of getting cricket alive in many people...

    His Panix station was the one which got me hooked up badly... and now this blog eats up so much of my time.....

    Can't even complain u see

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:38  

  • hey Sujata...I'm not an Indian batting fan ;-)

    By Blogger worma, at 04:38  

  • Avinash,
    For a huge AA supporterm you seem to have some valid points abt his bowling today, even if in jest

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:39  

  • wow! the nicest thing about that last lou vincent shot was that little, almost unnoticed shimmy... just a halfstep to leg, and look how much room he created to drive on the up through cover. immaculate technique

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 04:39  

  • Avinash,
    LOL.... but point 4 may still make some sense.... :-)

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:40  

  • One interesting thing from the ashes telecast, I don't know if anyone else noticed -

    when the bowler comes on to bowl his name is shown written on the grass perpendicular to the runup.

    I guess they are using some kind of laser projection

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:40  

  • Thankx toney i say it as i see it, Prem is AN fully fit. Last match 3 overs this match he is off target any clue anyone

    By Blogger Avinash, at 04:41  

  • Awesome fielding

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:41  

  • Ah, great stuff -- Agarkar in the field; perfect pick up, spin and throw.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 04:41  

  • Prem...looks like very true pitch...wouldn't be surprised if we see Dhoni walk out early. Lets see how much we are chasing.

    And agarkar gets one more !!! runout though

    By Blogger worma, at 04:41  

  • Harsha just summed it up with AA's run-out- When he gets going, he's a good cricketer.
    No prizes for guessing what happens the other 80% of the time

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:41  

  • AA takes another one, this time thru a direct hit....

    Harsha Bhogle --- "Once he gets going, he's a good cricketer to have..."

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:42  

  • gaurav - they need more than a good omen. To quote a friend of mine who is fond of saying this dialogue whenever Indian batting collapses, " They need to hear the cracking sound of The Whip"...whatever...bya.:)

    Hey, and I want all you AA dissers to cringe! lol

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:42  

  • Even in Tests Akhtar looks good to me.

    Vaas: 210.1 overs 16 wickets at SR 78.8 and 1 5-for
    Shoaib: 170.3 overs 17 wickets at SR 60.1 2 5-for

    Remember in Tests wickets matter - less overs, more wickets is good!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:42  

  • I told you guys voooodooooooooo !!!!

    By Blogger Avinash, at 04:45  

  • worma: totally. been a while since we saw one with bounce this even.
    Makes me wonder if the balance power play is not going to be a problem -- the Kiwis have a bunch of strokeplayers lined up here on... the more you delay it, the more the chances of opening the game up for the opposition. The slog, PLUS five field restriction overs in the middle, could prove a bit much.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 04:45  

  • I'd like to see Kaif open with Sehwag today. Dhoni is good at 5, and Yuvraj at 4. Kaif can take singles easily..

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:45  

  • AA has got his mojo working.

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:46  

  • taken power play, which seems right

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:47  

  • Oh good for Ganguly... he's getting those five overs in before the real rush begins

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 04:47  

  • Prem,
    The runrate now doesn't suggest power play now... I agree .. the risk is thr... but thr is no harm trying to slow things down a bit now... and then squeeze it somewhere arnd 30 overs..

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:47  

  • sujata, u seemed to have put off your break, mesmerized by that thing called AA?

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:47  

  • Prem:
    SG heard you. 3rd power play ON

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:48  

  • Sujata, Greg Chapell thought he could sound that whip himself... but targetted the wrong guy (SRT)

    He needs to learn to target the crack to those who need it *L*

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:49  

  • dravid misses a run out.... such a simple chance

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:50  

  • Dravid and Gangully having a chat!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:50  

  • shit that was a bad miss by RD

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:50  

  • sujata sure Dhoni down below is better...he can be moved up if we have a big target...and maybe an early loss. But about Yuv below Dhoni regularly, I am not that sure. Yuv is still better taking singles(when playing normal) and grinding out than Dhoni..basically situation based. Am not a big Dhoni fan yet.

    By Blogger worma, at 04:50  

  • What was Dhoni doing?

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:51  

  • Gaurav, what do u mean, GC targetted SRT??

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:51  

  • toney: Don't you remember his statements about tendulkar being past his prime just after becoming the coach

    I believe that was one of the big things that prompted SRT to go for operation

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:52  

  • Wonder why Gambhir is not in the team... he looks way better than Rao.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 04:52  

  • yacrik akhtar avg 43 and vaas 38 in test bowling down under. Ok anyway, close call, but Akhtar is not even selected in their national team (and same reasons apply for World Series match)....moreover Vaas is in good form.

    By Blogger worma, at 04:52  

  • Vincent is playing like *Baagha* from Lagaan :)

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:53  

  • Did we see enough of Rao to make that call>
    Gaurav, dont think so. SRT would def have needed the surgery, with the problem recurring

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:54  

  • I think its high time they got Bajji to bowl at these 2 guys. He should've been on once Fleming got out

    By Blogger N, at 04:54  

  • Funny thing about that comment Gaurav referred to: In february, viv richards said the same thing; earlier, wright said pretty much the same thing. then, wonder of wonders, sachin said the same thing -- i am getting older, plus there are injuries, i cant be the same sachin. (errr... during the pak tour, I said the same thing too) no fuss. but then GC came along and said the same thing -- and suddenly it is a full blown conspiracy theory?

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 04:54  

  • runs coming in torrents here, ugh!! Hope its the same pitch for the afternoon too :)

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:54  

  • here's the link to the article on rediff


    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:55  

  • yes prem,we discussed here that GC statement was innocuous and taken out of context, and that Sachin also says exactly same about himself. But KD said different thing, remember :-) ?

    By Blogger worma, at 04:56  

  • Another ro!!! Oh my God, is today the day that Nonstradamus predicted??

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:57  

  • Prem you are right, GC did not need any particularly clever insight to observe that about SRT

    However someone saying that about the country's leading batter... just after taking up the coach's job... doesn't sound great

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:57  

  • ok yuv fielding like that is surely good 'signs' for the team !!!...

    By Blogger worma, at 04:57  

  • PREM,
    19 runs in 2 overs !!
    Looks like Vincent is trying to make the best use of ur suggestion of powerplay... He is on ... and on for now .. :-)

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:58  

  • gaurav: that's may, right? here's a link from april: http://www.deccanherald.com/deccanherald/apr232005/sports1834112005422.asp

    “He is now more into a fortifying role and not flamboyant. But you must respect that he has grown older. He can't always fulfil the things expected of him.”

    That is Sir Viv

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 04:58  

  • Gaurav,
    never said that GC never said all those things. Doesnt mean that SRT had the surgery to prove GC wrong. SRT had the surgery because he needed it

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:58  

  • WOW...
    Has GC been making the players go through some innovative fielding drills and stuff? Never seen this kind of fielding by the indian team.

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 04:59  

  • Toney, GC comments => surgery is probably far fetched.... but it surely did hurt tendulkar

    By Blogger gaurav, at 04:59  

  • Holy Cow what great fielding!

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 04:59  

  • toney, how did you know? every time I want to leave a wicket falls.:)

    worma- I'm not a Dhoni fan either. But as an opener he is worse. His technique is kinda atrocious and not fit to face the opening bowlers.

    By Blogger Sujata, at 04:59  

  • I get the impression that the team is 'looking' better in the field....some background work, pep-talks etc going on in the background....that Yuv runout was similar to what we used to have in "good 'ol times"

    By Blogger worma, at 05:00  

  • So two brilliant wkts for the fielders!! What was GC's pep talk today? "If you dont hit the stumps, I hit you"

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:01  

  • sujata...sure his technique is not suitable...but when we have to gamble on a low chance game (290-300+ chase) then thats a risk worth taking....he can surely di what Vincent doing here...most of it...esp the hit over 'keeper

    By Blogger worma, at 05:02  

  • worma, that YS ro was as good as it gets, even with Jonty

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:02  

  • toney yeah...replays show it was brilliant...almost fluke-ish :-)

    By Blogger worma, at 05:03  

  • Either Agarkar or Nehra should go out and make a way for Karthik as substitute...

    There is one problem with Nehra if he doesnt get a start he is good for nothing..

    Seems pathan lost his inswinger for the match!

    Overall seems to be an off day for the bowlers..
    Dont know feels like harbhajan would be again the same old story today big mouth small performance...

    By Blogger Medium_Fast_LegSpin, at 05:04  

  • Prem, thanks for the link

    What do you think? Is the surgery going to give a new lease of form to Sachin?

    By Blogger gaurav, at 05:04  

  • worma: In Tests wicket taking ability is more important than run control.
    In the last Ashes Test at Manchester, they could have easily given away another 50 runs
    for 1 wicket. But could not get the wicket. Since Akhtat has a much better
    strike rate (more wickets in less deliveries) than Vass, his stat look much
    better in Tests.

    Anyway reasonable people can disagree there...

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 05:04  

  • fluke or hrs of practice paying rich dividends :)? Or YS proving to somebody that he still has the hunger?

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:04  

  • I think its a good strategy to leave Bond out of this match. This way, Indians will not have a look at him during the match and he can still pick up bunch of wickets in the finals

    By Blogger madhugr, at 05:04  

  • S? You need to 'want to leave' every ten minutes or so... best chance we have of finishing this fast. *g*

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 05:05  

  • Didn't I say Sujata is trying to get some good omen for team India *L*

    By Blogger gaurav, at 05:06  

  • worma- I don't have that faith in his batting. But it'll be interesting to see how he copes if he does open today.

    By Blogger Sujata, at 05:07  

  • Dont think Bond comes under the category of mystery Chinaman bowler, whom the Kiwis dont show-off except in v impt matches. I think, unless Bond has an injury risk, no reason why NZ shouldnt have played him.

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:07  

  • yacrik...you're right..tho close call...lets take it in some other thread..match seems to be getting interesting !

    By Blogger worma, at 05:08  

  • Prem, I was just about to say I'm leaving...*g*

    By Blogger Sujata, at 05:08  

  • gaurav: Look at it this way... if you were injured, you would be less than 100 percent. So anything that gets you back physically 100 per cent is to the good, right? For the rest, it depends on (a) how complete the cure is and how much SRT can trust his elbow (players coming back sometimes tend to nurse the injured body part, and it shows in their game) and (b) how good, thorough, his prep is before he plays again, in terms of match prep. After a lay off this long, be a while before the hands, feet and eyes all move in tandem.

    Oh lovely shot that... immaculate footwork.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 05:08  

  • harbajan comes under the hammer

    By Blogger gaurav, at 05:08  

  • Do you guys think this NZ attack is pretty much 1-dimensional?..and even with a supersub they have just 6 bowling options (incl. Styris)!!!

    By Blogger N, at 05:08  

  • How is this possible? Sourav Ganguly in Deccan Herald -

    "If we bat first, he will be in the eleven, if we bowl first, most likely he (venugopala rao) will be the super sub."

    I dont think super-subs are selected after the toss is won/lost.

    Prem: Please comment.


    By Blogger madhugr, at 05:08  

  • "I think who is going to be captain, and I am sure that is going to be decided very shortly, should be made clear. It’s good to be clear, whether it’s me or Rahul. It’s good for both of us, and good for the team also."

    - Ganguly in Deccan Herald interview

    By Blogger Alex Pandian, at 05:08  

  • Hmmm...Lets see if Bhajji can come back after the six or not

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 05:09  

  • madhugr, whan makes you think the Indians would "see" bond if he played this game.

    Reminds me of an old joke.

    After Bedi faced an entire Holding over, his partner came up to him and said "well left" to which Bedi replied "Sala, he was trying to dupe me. I knew all along he wasn't releasing the ball"

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 05:09  

  • sujata, even if we chase a big one, i dont think he would open, maybe one down if we loose an early wicket. But I feel he can do well here, with the pitch being quite true, and Bond also not there. Meanwhile Bhajji had a good start...

    By Blogger worma, at 05:10  

  • 6

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 05:10  

  • madhu: that one beats me. You have to name your xi, and your supersub, *before* the toss. Donno if SG was thinking of something else when he spoke to the reporter, or the reporter got it wrong.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 05:10  

  • My God, bowled

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:11  

  • Abhay,
    AN leaving wud make more sense for today (AA can bat better, if needed)... But knowing SG's ways of leading and trusting... I wud b surprised if he gets Karthik in.

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 05:11  

  • LOL, wahi

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:12  

  • *LOL* I swear I never saw anything like that in a long time. I mean, what precisely was that shot intended to do? The good thing about the Kiwis here is, on a pitch where they had the bowling at their mercy, they are going out of their way to help.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 05:12  

  • Or Ganguly has been too occupied with his own form/position to worry about the details behind the Supersub rules..

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 05:12  

  • Indians really in the mood to hit stumps, one way or the other

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:12  

  • This is good bowling from JP, sticking to basics -- line and length.... its been a long time India team did that

    By Blogger gaurav, at 05:13  

  • dreadful shot by marshall...lets see how deep Nz can bat this time....they looked to take the same route against Zim...and didnt last the distance

    By Blogger worma, at 05:13  

  • Iam duty bound to stay and leave once more...

    By Blogger Sujata, at 05:13  

  • Yes, I am awake and watching.
    Avinash is almost talking on my behalf.

    Since Prem is around , I want to ask him to explain - what is this big fuss about Agarkar the most expensive and most inconsistant bowler?

    Lifetime economy rate:

    AA 5.08
    Nehra 4.77 and
    Khan 4.89

    In a spell of 10 overs this is about 2 runs Is this such a big deal? and what about few extra runs that AA scores over Nehra and Khan. Does that count for anything?

    India has direct hit 10 in 100 and 5 times the batsman has made his ground. In two attempt, AA has two runouts, one from deep! Go figure the knowledgeable critiques.

    By Blogger CrickTip, at 05:13  

  • Instead of 115/2, its 115/4 because of excellent fielding.
    GC certainly doing his homework.

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 05:14  

  • I honestly dont believe that SG doesnt know the supersub rules. I am sure the reporter made a mistake.
    Having said that, I heard some funny things abt the Indians not kowing the Super6 rules for WC99 (Srinath??). How was that ever possible? Were they all illiterate?

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:14  

  • S, you r doing a great job at that :)

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:15  

  • sujata...can you 'target' your 'leaving' towards McMillan somehow ?

    By Blogger worma, at 05:15  

  • It could be that SG meant by if we win the toss and bat => If we intend to bat first on winning the toss

    By Blogger gaurav, at 05:16  

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