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Monday, September 26, 2005

Please define compromise?

Ex-players, says this story, are increasingly speaking out in favor of a compromise. Sample quote:
Chetan Chauhan puts it pithily: β€˜β€˜The captain and the coach are two pillars of a team. Remove one and the team will fall on itself. Anything other than a compromise will have a negative impact.’’

Reminds me of this friend who, while discussing marital relations, once made a rather pithy remark on 'compromise' as it applies to marriage: 'It's like this -- I want to go to the movies, he wants to go to the sports bar, so we compromise and both go to the park where we can sit under a tree, feeling miserable but happy the other person is miserable too'.


  • Prem

    Ive had a similar day , read thousands of words and opinions about Indian Cricket all day . Wonder if its going to be of any use as I sit helpless , No say or part to play in whatever is goin on . But then each time I think " That was the last last time I read about the controversy ", I come back looking for more comments . I'm sure most of the passionate fans we have on this forum had a similar day OUT

    best wishes

    By Blogger Adi, at 18:25  

  • Here's another Raj Singh Classic .


    Still remember reading it a few years back and the minor furore it caused amongst the '83 team members

    By Blogger Adi, at 18:27  

  • Prem, whats your take about tomorrow? I guess as you pointed out, the meeting tomorrow is unlikely to take any major decision because it cannot and it only recommend. Whats your gut feel on the decision?

    By Blogger Harsha, at 18:42  

  • Compromise may not be a bad thing. Chappell has already publicly stated that he is OK with continuing to work with Ganguly -- this after the email (who knows how much of it he really meant, but at least he said it). And if Ganguly plays as a regular middle-order bat (or an opener) without the burdens of captaincy, maybe he will find his form again and that will be a good thing. The big issue here is whether the intra-team politicking will explode in such a situation. There is one reason it may not: if Ganguly is demoted from the captaincy, the players may read that as an endorsement of the coach, at least in a lukewarm way. And, being grown men and professionals (you may start laughing now), they will choose to concentrate on the game rather than sniping and backbiting.

    By Blogger idlivada, at 18:42  

  • Prem

    It's only people like us who are really interetsted in India doing well in Cricket. That is not what drives the Board and sundry e.g. dalmiya, ranbir singh, nair, etc. Their main goal is ego satisfaction, power, money, and longevity in their roles. Anyone who thinks that they will act professionally and do what's best for cricket must be living in someone's paradise!! Professionalism and Indian cricket don't go together - if that was true we won't have so many committees and no definition of what these committees are suppposed to be accountable for. Milliosn of words wil be spoken and written but Indian cricket will never change because of the lousy set up and gutter level administrators we have and now on top the politicians are queueing up ((Pawar, Jaitley et al) to muddy the waters further. Indian cricket lives in a world of 'compromises' that do not help cricket. The ills of the administrators seem to be spreading to the players as well. With the team so allegedly polarised and the captain and coach not seeing eye to eye, any solution that keeps either of them in place is not ideal but that's what we will still end up. I bet my bottom dollar that no decision will be taken after today's review committee meeting though there are very high expectations from everyone around. The decision will be based on the 'deal' that has been struck between JD and Pawar. It has nothing to do with cricket!!

    By Blogger rambam64, at 19:42  

  • A compromise will only work if ganguly is given clear indication that chances of him regaining the captaincy are close to zero. And he has to earn his place in the team.

    Greg Chapell also has to be censured.

    I do not think any other solution is politically viable to the ruling mafia. Unless JD comes up with a masterstroke and muddles water even more.

    By Blogger Amit, at 22:02  

  • well said Prem. Chetan Chauhan and all the other losers of that generation should just shut up. This is the new India, we want to be the best and we will work for it. No compromise crap - we need progress. Funny to think that I used to worship all these "loser mentality" cricketers when I was younger ! Get with program Team India - shape up or shape out

    By Blogger MM, at 22:15  

  • Hey prem ,
    Don't compare maritial relation with cricket .If compromise is not there in marriage , then there will be 90% divorces and no relation would stand for long time .
    Coming to cricket , it is better to drop both the idiots Ganguly and Chappel for the sake of Indian Cricket

    By Blogger krishnachaitanya, at 01:16  

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