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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The point being?

This article in the Indian Express attempts to make a point about the Australian way.
You mean the real point -- that this is not Australia -- still hasn't gotten across?


  • LOL

    By Blogger Narad Han, at 17:31  

  • Prem:

    True. We cannot become like the Australian Team overnight even though we have an Australian Coach. The cultural and social dependencies create a scenario for the players to act/play in the fashion that is the current state of affairs. Its hard to steer the Titanic in a different direction.

    The first win we have here is the universal acceptance of the requirement of a "change" in the way we are going about doing our cricket "rituals" aka Selection Process, Coaching, Batting, Fielding, Keeping.

    Now the next big step is to implement the change. How fast, how soon this change can be implemented again depends on the cultural and social dependencies we've been living in.

    While the process is/will be slow, I truely appreciate our maturity in problem identification and problem verification. There is universal clarity in this.

    However, the problem resolution is something that will take time to implement due to synergies mentioned above.

    Grass roots organizations such as stirring up discussions from intellectual individuals using media such as Prem's blog site is the right thing to do to create and orchestrate a change.

    Hopefully, the immediate resolution of an objective selection policy, not regional, is a good first step. (Who said selection is an objective process, its always subjective :-)

    For all you know we might end up with two captains, some key stars playing only One Day Internationals and others playing only Test Matches.

    No matter what happens to the Cricket Administration in India, bottom line, we need to unearth talents and nurture them upto the International standards (Flintoff, Simon Jones, Kevin P, Warne, Murali).

    Good luck India.

    By Blogger GuchuGuy, at 17:41  

  • Great article here


    By Blogger Kannan, at 18:11  

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