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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rahul Mehra update

For those who have been following Delhi-based advocate Rahul Mehra's ongoing legal battle aimed at introducing accountability into the BCCI's functioning, an update: At a hearing earlier this month, Mehra contended that many issues that occured after the filing of his original petition, in 2000, have necessitated a revision.
The High Court has agreed, and given him leave to enlarge the scope of his earlier PIL and bring in issues that have developed subsequently. He will, as before, tap into journalists, ex-players and such for information and insight, and update his PIL shortly. More, as this particular situation develops.


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  • kudos to the man and his efforts. I thik Rahul Mehra would be remembered long after today, when the BCCI finally acquires some kind of professionalism. I wish the rest of us were as good as this guy in fighting for what we believe in.

    By Blogger Toney, at 12:31  

  • Our courts are funny. There have been 5 yrs since this guy filled the case and they are still discussing it. :))

    By Blogger Vick, at 12:38  

  • i am willing to contribute if he needs money to fight the case..let us know prem

    By Blogger tombaan, at 12:43  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Toney, at 12:52  

  • tombaan, can you contribute towards my cause too? :)

    By Blogger Toney, at 12:52  

  • Prem: Would you help support a signature drive to send a message to the BCCI? Since the BCCI cares a hoot about the fans, but will grovel before sponsors if their money flow may be impacted, I am thinking a protest letter to the sponsors may jolt them to, hopefully, awaken the BCCI.

    I am thinking of doing so on a personal basis and a couple of other guys wanted to sign the letter to register their displeasure too. (See comments in the earlier Chappel post.. the liar one.)

    I could draft the letter. If you offer to post it on the blog so other readers may sign it, that would be great (well, not sure if the google blog has such a feature).

    Either way, appreciate if you could let us know if the blog will host the signature drive. Thanks a ton!

    By Blogger saum, at 13:03  

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