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Monday, September 26, 2005

Revisionist history

Was working, but figured this particular development needed a brief return to blog. In South Africa, even Harry Potter's legendary appeal has proved unequal to a ghost story: The legend of Hansie Cronje. Here's a sampler:
The book's thrust is that Cronje took the rap for others who were also implicated in matchfixing.
It suggests Cronje was delivered to the authorities by Indian gambling denizens to punish him after he refused to act in accordance with their wishes.

Must read this book -- if only to find out why this poor chappie, victimised by the heartless Indian betting mafia and the police (who are even more heartless, witness the way they continue to hound the likes of Herschelle Gibbs and Nicky Boje), blubbered all over live television, confessing he had taken money to throw games and saying greed got the better of him.
Oh I forgot -- he didn't say any such thing, the words merely seemed to be emanating from him; our bookies are highly skilled ventriloquists, didn't you know?
Righto, folks, till tomorrow.


  • Going by the mood of taking the 'Australian way'..don't be surprised if this link is flooded with posts which implicate the Delhi Police...and exonerate the honourable and saintly 'white' Hansie.
    Most Indian now seems taken to go the Australian way...I wonder..why it reminds me of an Aesops fable...about the Crow who tries to be like a peacock!
    ...Can't we stop entertaining the Aussies?..Its a serious request.....our Indian credibility is at stake.

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 01:20  

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